Visit The Big Eight Dinosaurs At The Hong Kong Science Museum

Visit Dinos Now - November 16, 2022

2022 Jul 20 - 2022 Nov 16

Big Eight DInosaurs At Hong Kong Science Museum

Hot off the press! Dinos continue to roam Hong Kong.  This time, you can visit The Big Eight at The Hong Kong Science Museum’s new exhibition geared toward dino fans big and small.

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The scoop?

  • Hong Kong Science Museum will present a unique landmark dinosaur exhibition, showcasing eight of the most iconic creatures from the ‘Golden Age of Dinosaurs’ together for the first time!  Come say hello to TyrannosaurusTriceratopsSpinosaurusAllosaurusHesperosaurusDiplodocusHatzegopteryx and a baby sauropod.
  • The exhibition includes original fossil material, some of the most complete fossil skeletons in the world, world-class artwork, cutting-edge 3D renderings, and the first scientifically accurate reconstructions of the world’s largest predatory dinosaur and the world’s largest flying creature.
When: Now – November 16, 2022

Where To Find It:​

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