Exciting news!  Many parents in Hong Kong have searched high and low for a donut shop.  Good news, J.CO Donuts & Coffee has arrived bringing with it a delicious culture of pairing premium soft, buttery donuts with quality brewed Italian coffee.  Based in Indonesia and already taking Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore by storm, J.CO Donuts & Coffee is now making its Hong Kong debut on Hennessy Road, Wan Chai this mid-December.

The donuts at J.CO are unlike any other, featuring a collection of fluffy donuts made with high-quality ingredients and bearing some downright quirky names. J.CO signatures include the most-wanted donut Al Capone, a white chocolate ring donut encrusted with toasted almonds; Sugar Ice, a classic donut sprinkled lightly with icing sugar; and the White Desert with its sweet & creamy kaya filling topped with coconut flakes. There’s even a glitzy, celebrity studded line-up of donuts including Avocado DiCaprio, a delightful combination of avocado and chocolate crunch; a strawberry & cream cheesy Berry Spears; Jackie Chunk, a nutty, chocolate rendition; and Blueberrymore, a delicious donut with blueberry and cream cheese.

Assorted/Regular Donuts

1 pc – HK$15

2 dozen – HK$88

1 dozen – HK$148

2 dozen – HK$258


24 pcs – HK$98