The Coronavirus has promoted families all over Hong Kong to go to extra lengths to stay extra healthy and look for immunity boosting and protection products for both kids and adults in Hong Kong. Little Steps has rounded up some of the best places to buy hand sanitizer, Vitamin C, Tea Tree oil, face masks, and Lysol spray in Hong Kong. Stay safe!

Where To Buy Hand Sanitizer In Hong KongNote, many are out of stock but keep checking!

Mothercare Hong Kong

U Buy Hong Kong

Live Healthy



*Many recommend using nail polish removal as a supplement for hand sanitizer if you do not have any.

*Homemade hand sanitizer recipe: witch hazel + water + lemon + lavender + peppermint + clove if any + tea tree


Where To Buy Vitamin C In Hong Kong:

Pure Liposomal Vitamin C Liquid Drops

Childlife Vitamin C

Animal Parade Vitamin C

Lipo Spheric Vitamin C


Where To Buy Immune System Boosters For Kids And Adults:

Dr. Dunner Sambu Guard

Chicken Bone Broth Tumeric

Super Diet Seve

Elderberry Juice


Probiotics and Other Supplements


Where To Buy Face Masks In Hong Kong:

Click here for our full round-up on where to buy face masks in Hong Kong


Where To Buy Tea Tree Oil In Hong Kong:

Food For Life

O Green HK

Live Healthy

Bonjour Hong Kong

Young Living

The Body Shop