Best Mindfulness Classes For Kids In Singapore

Teaching The Kids About Meditation, Yoga, Mindfulness

Mindfulness is about being present in the moment and aware of all that is happening around you. More so now than ever, this has been the buzzword among parents and educational institutions. Why? Because in a fast-paced city such as ours, learning to take a step back, being aware of your surroundings, is an especially useful skill in coping with stress and anxiety.

How is this applicable to our kids? According to many specialists in the field, mindfulness needs to be role modeled by parents. When parents are more attuned to what their kids are thinking and feeling, it deepens family relationships and enables their and their kids’ social interactions to be positive and respectful. Plus, teaching children to practice mindfulness can help them to reduce stress and improve concentration. Here’s our choice selection of classes and workshops that’ll benefit both you and the kiddos as you begin your mindfulness journey.

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  • THE OPEN CENTRE: Turf Club Road *Best Mindfulness Classes For Kids In Singapore

    Mindfulness And Resilient Camps For Kids

    The Open Centre offers various programs on mindfulness, resilience, social-emotional learning, creative arts, and more. The group’s vision is to deliver mindfulness and related programs in a professional, grounded, and ethical way to individuals, organizations, and communities. Besides running Mindfulness & Resilience Camps for children aged 6 to 12 during the school holidays, they've also got a 12-week The Resilient Child Program which teaches children social and emotional learning skills.

    The Open Centre, 100 Turf Club Road (Horse City) #01-02B
    Singapore 287992, www.theopencentre.com.sg

  • CANVASS KIDS: Binjai Park *Best Mindfulness Classes For Kids In Singapore

    Mindfulness And Art Combined!

    Canvass Kids provides a great platform for the young ones to practise mindfulness through art, storytelling, and movement exercises. Their Movement, Art, and Mindfulness class for kids aged 4 to 9 and 9 to 14 encourages children and youth to sketch freely to hone their non-verbal skills while bringing about inner balance and self-awareness. A progress report is provided after the first class to highlight initial observations so that you can also track your child's progress.

    Canvass Kids Movement Art Mindfulness, 5A Binjai Park, Singapore 589820, www.canvass.com.sg

  • THE ART OF LIVING: Race Course Road *Best Mindfulness Classes For Kids In Singapore

    Hone A Healthy Mind Via Fun And Engaging Methods

    The Art of Living has a SKY Kids program which aims to bring to bring out the best in your child by equipping them with the essential life skills. The SKY Kids program is catered to children aged 8 to 12, and through the process they'll be learning how to release stress and negative emotion, strengthen human values and social skills, boost concentration and memory, and more. These are taught through breathing techniques, games, yoga, and creative projects, among other effective methods. All this not only builds your child's confidence and allows their natural talents to emerge, but also nurtures the skills needed for navigating relationships.

    The Art Of Living, 433 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218679, www.artofliving.org

  • BRAHM CENTRE: Tampines *Best Mindfulness Classes For Kids In Singapore

    Enquire For Upcoming Sessions For Kids

    In Brahm Centre's Mindfulness for Kids parent-child program, children learn how to steady themselves and respond rather than react to situations, while parents learn how thinking processes impact children’s emotions and body state, as well as how mindfulness can support their children in all activities and relationships. There will also be short mindfulness meditation practices, plus fun-filled activities and games to introduce mindfulness concepts. It's great to have parents learn alongisde their kids, and can help strengthen the bond as you go on this mindfulness journey together.

    Brahm Centre, 473 Tampines Street 43, #01-94, Singapore 520473,  www.brahmcentre.com/mindfulness-for-kids

  • GROWTH MINDSET: Paya Lebar *Best Mindfulness Classes For Kids In Singapore

    Learning Life Skills In A Positive Way

    Growth Mindset's aim is to to create a generation of change makers who are equipped with the necessary life skills to thrive in this world. However, they do not believe in doing it the stressful way via memorization or frantic drills, and instead use examples of real-life scenarios that can pique children's curiosity and motivate them to find out more. They encourage experimenting, allow both success and failure, and also encourage the young ones to figure things out. They also teach children how to communicate their ideas clearly and persuasively. Growth Mindset offers various courses that focus on different skillsets, and their upcoming list of courses can be found on their website.

    Growth Mindset, 140 Paya Lebar Rd, #02-07 AZ@Paya Lebar, Singapore 409015, www.growthmindset.com.sg

  • LEARNING VENTURES: Mountbatten *Best Mindfulness Classes For Kids In Singapore

    Mindfulness Courses For Different Age Groups

    Learning Ventures offers mindfulness courses for kids as young as the kindy years. In this course, they introduce them to mindfulness as a series of ‘superpowers’. Children learn about their mindful bodies, mindful listening, mindful breathing, and mindful movement. Through art and other activities, they are led to develop attention and to nurture kindness and compassion for themselves and their friends. Each session is 30 minutes long with options for an 8-week course and a year-long course. They also have a C.A.R.E program for primary and lower secondary school kids to cultivate resilience and life skills so that they can thrive.

    Learning Ventureswww.lv.commontown.net/lv/#/mindfulness

  • REDEFINE WELLNESS: Beach Road *Best Mindfulness Classes For Kids In Singapore

    Mindfulness Classes To Build Resilience

    ReDefine Wellness provides meditation classes for kids which aim to teach children the tools needed to build self confidence, focus, and treat themselves and others with appreciation. During the class, kids will be focusing on meditation, kid-friendly yoga and breathing practices, mindful games, and exercises that explore emotional intelligence and compassion cultivation. Teaching little ones how to be mindful not only increases their ability to self-regulate their emotions, but also improves empathy and and their awareness of others. This program is suitable for children aged 7 to 12.

    ReDefine Wellness, 333B Beach Rd, Level 3, Singapore 199563, www.redefinewellness.asia

  • MINDFUL SPACE: Winstedt Road *Best Mindfulness Classes For Kids In Singapore

    Yoga & Aerial Yoga For Kids

    Check out Mindful Space's Weekly Kids Mindfulness + Yoga + Aerial Class. Breathwork improves children's ability to self-regulate, stay calm and centered. Mindful movements helps to improve children’s ability to stay focused and build a growth mindset of "I can do it". Yoga with positive affirmations also develops a child's confidence and resilience especially when it comes to balancing - the value of stability before mobility in real life. Since this is a physical activity, the young ones can also have fun during the process.

    Mindful Space, 10 Winstedt Rd, Block A, 02-02, Singapore 227977, www.mindfulspace.com.sg

  • KADAMPA MEDITATION CENTRE SINGAPORE: Chinatown *Best Mindfulness Classes For Kids In Singapore

    Gentle Meditation Classes For Kids

    Kadampa Meditation Centre Singapore occasionally conducts children's meditation classes, and they are recommended for kids aged 6 to 10. The sessions aim to develop positive qualities in kids via meditation, by exploring topics like love, compassion, patience, and more. It'll also encourage them to cherish others and learn problem-solving skills and how to keep a happy and peaceful heart. The classes include gentle meditations, short teaching, engaging activities for kids, as well as discussions related to the young ones' everyday experience. Do note that all kids have to be accompanied by an adult.

    Kadampa Meditation Centre Singapore, 18B Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089125, www.nkt-kmc-singapore.org

  • POSITIVE FOCUS: Online * Best Mindfulness Classes For Kids In Singapore

    'Positive Me' Series For Kids And Teens

    Through mindful listening and breathing, positive communication, brain balancing exercises, and more, the 'Positive Me' series for tots and older kids are specially tailored for parents and their kids to work together towards a positive outcome. Kids aged 3 to 12 can learn to develop positive attitudes and behaviors, while teens aged 13 to 18 are geared towards strengthening their awareness of the connection between mind, body, thoughts, and emotions.

    Positive Focus, 111 North Bridge Rd. Peninsula Plaza #27-01/02 Singapore 570166, www.positivefocus.com.sg

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