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Singing Classes And Lessons For Kids In Singapore

Pop + Classical + Opera

Singing Lessons For Kids In Singapore

Singing is a great way for kids to express themselves. Whether they see themselves as the next Justin Bieber or Katy Perry, or they just want to improve their vocal skills for the school choir, there are plenty of good singing schools out there. Little Steps has practiced our scales in many a studio to find you the best singing classes in Singapore.

  • Little Girl Singing

    Centre Stage: Singing Classes And Lessons For Kids In Singapore

    If you constantly have the Glee! soundtrack on repeat in your home, here’s a way to redirect your teeny-tiny bopper’s passion into reality. Providing not only a wide range of singing, acting and dancing classes for children and adults, Centre Stage’s kids programs are considered to be among the best on the island for prepping your mini pop-princess.


    Centre Stage School of the Arts, Block 15 Woking Road, Singapore 138694, +65 6732 7211, [email protected]www.centre-stage.com

  • Kids Performing Singing Classes In Singapore

    Kids Performing: Singing Classes And Lessons For Kids In Singapore

    Kids Performing™ Academy of the Arts is a school developing children in the art of performing. Courses in performance training include singing, dancing, acting and stage performances. Kids Performing™ also creates and produces young artistes and groups for performances. As well as drama there are jazz, music and dance classes.


    Kids Performing, www.kidsperforming.com/

  • Musical Monkeys Singing Classes In Singapore

    Musical Monkeys: Singing Classes And Lessons For Kids In Singapore

    Musical Monkeys is for young kids under 5 years old together with their parents/ guardian. They sing and dance together with the kids and work on playing different musical instruments. With the “Instrument of the Week” they also experiment with different sounds and musical instruments from all over the world. The bubbles and parachute is always a highlight for the kids. It’s a great way to meet other parents, too! They also host birthday, Halloween and Christmas parties.


    Musical Monkeys, www.musicalmonkeys.sg

  • Boy Singing

    The Vocal Studio: Singing Classes And Lessons For Kids In Singapore

    The Vocal Studio Singapore specializes in Private Vocal Tuition for all ages of students as young as 7 years old and up to 100 years young! The Vocal Studio Singapore can help you find your inner voice. Whether you’re looking to improve your voice or ready to record a song, the team will get you hitting the right notes.


    The Vocal Studio, 20 Kramat Lane, #02-11, United House, Singapore, www.thevocalstudiosingapore.com/

  • Millet Music Singing Classes In Singapore

    Millet Music: Singing Classes And Lessons For Kids In Singapore

    At Millet Kiddies they offer singing lessons that incorporate learning Chinese too. This course stimulates children’s creativity through music and enriching activities, incorporating learning of the Chinese language into the activities that allows the development of both the left and right brain, bringing about a holistic learning experience which will also be enjoyable for young kids.


    Millet Music, 131 East Coast Road #02-01 Singapore 428816, +65 64402345, www.milletmusic.com.sg

  • Boy Playing Guitar

    Thunder Rock School: Singing Classes And Lessons For Kids In Singapore

    Thunder Rock School can show you the way to discovering your own voice. Through their music lessons, they will not only teach you how to sing like Mariah, Katy, or Bono - they will teach you how to sing like, the best version of you. Learn how to touch others with your own voice by grasping essential vocal techniques. Impress people by mastering your own singing style.


    Thunder Rock School, 227A Upper Thomson Road, Singapore, +65 6456 8722 and 43 East Coast Road, Second Floor, Singapore 428764, +65 6348 7203; www.thunderrockschool.com

  • The Singing Loft Singing Classes In Singapore

    The Singing Loft: Singing Classes And Lessons For Kids In Singapore

    Kids sing at The Singing Loft, is a course designed to help your little ones to develop more than just musical skills. There are many benefits that include self-discovery, memory, coordination skills, artistic and creative skills. If you’ve got a kiddo who displays a passion towards music, or would wish to learn more about music, this course helps your child to not only be musically-trained, but to also boost their brain power and build their confidence.


    The Singing Loft, 65 Killiney Road, #03-01, Singapore 239524, [email protected], +65 6235 5734; www.thesingingloft.com

  • Vocalogy Singing Classes In Singapore

    Vocalogy: Singing Classes And Lessons For Kids In Singapore

    They provide vocal coaching and voice teaching services on a private-basis in all pop singing styles, musical theater and classical singing. They teach both pop and classical singing, sometimes in the same class to strengthen the whole voice. Classes are charged at, SG$55 for a 30minute class; SG$80 for a 45minute class and SG$100 for a 1-hour long class.


    Vocalogy, 327 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 259715; www.singaporesingingteacher.com

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