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Singing classes and lessons for kids in Singapore Little Steps Asia

Singing is an excellent way for your children to express themselves. Whether they want to be on the next talent show,  yearn to be the next Billy Eilish or Harry Styles, or are content with singing in the shower and want to improve their vocal skills for school productions, there is a host of tuneful singing schools across Singapore.

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It’s well known that singing has many benefits, particularly if encouraged when your children are small. Songs contain a vast range of words and topics, so singing songs is a great way to build a new vocabulary in young children. Children will learn about language structure through grammar, sentence construction, and using verbs and adjectives. Teachers have used songs for decades as a tool to help children learn how to count and the world around them. Singing is known to cause hormonal changes and regulate oxytocin, immunoglobulin A, and endorphins, improving the immune system’s function and increasing feelings of happiness. It’s also an excellent exercise for respiratory muscles and optimizes breathing. Kids love to sing along to songs, and listening and learning the words will strengthen your little one’s auditory memory and develop keen hearing skills.

Singing should be a joyful activity and one that gives kids a sense of joy and accomplishment, which will boost their self-confidence, which, in turn, will encourage them to use their voices and express themselves freely.

Little Steps has explored the treble and the bass throughout the city for the best singing classes for your kids.

  • MADDspae singing classes and lessons for kids in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    MADDspace: Singing Classes For Kids In Singapore

    MADD About Music, Art, Drama, And Dance

    The MADD space is for children over three interested in Music, Art, Drama, and Dance. It’s their mission to educate, develop and inspire their students to excel in various disciplines of performing arts. The coaches are keen to promote self-confidence, humility, mutual respect, and discipline to help form their unique character and work hand in hand with you to create confident individuals who will shine on stage and throughout life. If your wannabe rockstar wants to sing in the choir, Acappella group, a pop group, practice theater, or even record covers or their own song in purpose-built studios, there is something for everyone. Kids can choose from leisure-based singing classes or a structured approach and are encouraged to expose themselves to various music genres such as Chinese pop, sultry jazz, and music across the ages. Parents can look forward to annual recitals, termly showcases, and Instagram, Facebook and TikTok Live sessions.

    MADDspace The Orchard, 2 Orchard Link, #02-27, #05-01, Singapore | MADDspace The Chevrons, 48 Boon Lay Way, #01-17, Singapore, +65 6802 4072, info@maddspace.com.sg,  https://www.maddspace.com.sg/

  • Centre Stage School of Arts singing classes and lessons for kids in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Centre Stage School of the Arts: Singing Classes For Kids In Singapore


    Glee! fans will love Centre Stage! Centre Stage encourages kids from three and a half to teens to enjoy being part of the magical world of musical theatre or pop stardom. The experienced team takes your children on a journey of stage performance, including a wide range of singing, acting, and dancing. During school holidays, your kids can explore drama, music, movement, and arts and crafts through various week-long programs. The kid's programs are considered some of the finest in Singapore for bringing out their aspiring pop star and inner prima donna.

    Centre Stage School of the Arts, Block 15 Woking Road, Singapore 138694, +65 6732 7211, info@centre-stage.comhttps://centre-stage.com/home/

  • MindChamps Académie Of Stars singing classes and lessons for kids in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    MindChamps Académie Of Stars: Singing Classes For Kids In Singapore

    A Star Is Born

    MindChamps Académie of Stars is Singapore’s premier performing arts school. The school is dedicated to developing a path for kids interested in performing on the big stage. The MindChamps Académie of Stars offers a unique learning environment that champions your courageous tot’s burgeoning talent and progresses the overall development of their character. The school boasts a talent management division that represents Singapore’s finest talents across the art scene and connects them to the global entertainment industry. The MindChamps Académie of Stars is where your star is born. Courses in performance training include singing, dancing, acting, and stage performances.

    MindChamps Académie of Stars, 6 Raffles Boulevard, #04 – 100 Marina Square, Singapore, +65 9114 3218, mcais@mindchamps.org, https://academieofstars.mindchamps.org/

  • Millet Music singing classes and lessons for kids in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Musical Monkeys: Singing Classes For Kids In Singapore

    Instrument Of The Week

    Musical Monkeys is for parents and their young kids under five years old. Under the guidance of your tutor, you’ll sing and dance with your little one and learn how to play different musical instruments. Musical Monkeys supports the holistic development of your child’s senses and intelligence, gross and fine motor skills, social and emotional skills, language, and creativity. You'll have lots of fun singing musical stories with various props, pom poms, scarves, body percussion, bubbles, and parachutes. Your tutor will choose an 'instrument of the week' so you can explore the different sounds and discover different equipment from around the world. Musical Monkeys is an excellent way for kids and parents to connect. They also host birthday, Halloween, and Christmas parties.

    Musical Monkeys, 66 Toh Tuck Road, #08-15 The Highgate, Singapore,+65 9008 0417,  musical.monkeys@hotmail.comwww.musicalmonkeys.sg

  • Millet Music singing classes and lessons for kids in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Millet Music: Singing Classes For Kids In Singapore

    Learn Chinese And Sing!

    Millet Kiddies offer singing lessons that incorporate learning the complex Chinese language too. The courses stimulate children’s creativity through music and enriching activities, allowing the development of the left and the right brain. The pioneering course is one of a kind in Singapore and provides holistic fun-filled learning experiences for all budding youngsters. Madame Boon, the school's language specialist, is the MOE-Approved directing teacher for the Children’s Theatre Performing Arts of Singapore People’s Association with over 25 years of experience formulating the children’s music performance and education syllabus and teaching speech and drama classes.

    Millet Music, 362 Joo Chiat Road, #02-01 Singapore, +65 6440 2345, enquiries@milletmusic.com.sg, http://www.milletmusic.com.sg/

  • Thunder Rock School singing classes and lessons for kids in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Thunder Rock School: Singing Classes For Kids In Singapore

    More Than Just Learning Music

    Thunder Rock School is a place of passion, fun, learning, and creation. Thunder Rock School will develop your child to become a stage performer, encourage them to discover their unique voice, and teach them essential vocal techniques to impress their own audiences. They can teach your little one to sing like Adele, Katy Perry, or Bruno Mars, but ultimately with their voice and confidence. Coaches will guide various age groups through the skills that will enable them to forge a satisfying hobby or a possible music career. They will encourage freedom and imagination for the best musical journey and a strong foundation that could lead them to record their work or perform live in one of the many venues across Singapore. Contact them for a free trial lesson.

    Thunder Rock School, 227A Upper Thomson Road, Singapore, +65 6456 8722, info@thunderrockschool.com, https://www.thunderrockschool.com/courses-vocals

  • The Singing Loft singing classes and lessons for kids in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    The Singing Loft: Singing Classes For Kids In Singapore

    Adaptive Voice Conditioning®

    The Singing Loft believes that exemplary vocal techniques enable students to have conscious control over an involuntary muscle system. The lessons are fully customized to accommodate all students regardless of age, background, and performance experience. They use their unique Adaptive Voice Conditioning® pedagogy and Somatic Voicework™ methods based on the natural physiological laws of voice function. The courses will help your child develop musically, build confidence, and boost brain power. Later, outstanding students can join the artiste development course for support in songwriting, music arrangement, studio production, and releasing original songs.

    The Singing Loft, 65 Killiney Road, #03-01, Singapore, +65 6235 5734, enquiries@TheSingingLoft.com, https://www.thesingingloft.com/

  • Parkland Music Institute singing classes and lessons for kids in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Parkland Music Institute: Singing Classes For Kids In Singapore

    Next Generation Singers

    The multi-award-winning Parkland Music Institute nurtures the next generation of musically-gifted children. With over 100 teachers who have themselves graduated from world-class music institutions, including the US, Japan, and Hong Kong. The institute offers vocal classes for kids between two and a half and eight years old. The classes will help children gain self-confidence and study music theory, sight reading, song selection, hearing training, and vocal cord care. Parkland also helps students enter various public competitions and arrange entry into the Royal Conservatory of Music, Trinity College London, and Rockschool examinations.

    Parkland Music Institute, numerous locations across Singapore, Room 2502, Cable TV Tower, 9 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan, Singapore +65 2362 0578, event@parklandmusic.com.hk, https://www.parklandmusic.com.hk/en/music-course/kids-sing-train/

  • Nousound Academy singing classes and lessons for kids in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Nousound Academy: Singing Classes For Kids In Singapore

    Discovering The Inner Voice

    The Nousound teaching approach is fun and in a relaxed learning environment where kids can develop their music skills while having a super time! The tutors understand that traditional music lessons can teach children how to be great soloists. Nousound encourages expression and making music together and equips them with the confidence and skills to play in a musical ensemble. The signature Nousound ensemble classes give kids valuable hands-on experiences in learning how to play in a band. Allow the Nousound team to help channel your child’s inner Beyonce or Bruno Mars.

    Nousound Academy, 81 Clemenceau Avenue #03-12 UE Square, Singapore, +65 6970 7875, hello@nousound.com, https://nousound.com/vocals

  • Creative Hearts Center For Performing Arts singing classes and lessons for kids in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Creative Hearts Center For Performing Arts: Singing Classes For Kids In Singapore

    Sing Their Hearts Out

    Creative Hearts offers singing classes to kids who want to sing until their hearts are content, whether they prefer pop songs, Disney tunes, Broadway favorites, all-time classics, or folk songs from around the world. Children will also learn sight-singing and aural musicianship. The Glee!-inspired show choir allows your little one to sing and dance to current hits and pop songs from their hero-status artists such as Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, and Bruno Mars. For kids wanting to take their singing to the next level, the tutors will help them prepare for auditions, performances, competitions, and exams.

    Creative Hearts Center For Performing Arts, 2 Pandan Valley #01-200 Singapore, +65 8767 9761, info@creativehearts.sg, https://www.creativehearts.sg/Programs

  • The Happy Vocalist singing classes and lessons for kids in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    The Happy Vocalist: Singing Classes For Kids In Singapore

    Private Lessons

    Research shows that singing and music lessons for kids greatly expedite their cognitive development. It's known that kids who attend music lessons read faster, have a higher IQ, and do better at school. If you and your kids are looking for dedicated private singing teachers, the Happy Vocalist team can help you! You can arrange lessons with the coach to fit your busy schedule. Private tutorials allow the teacher to focus the entire lesson on your child according to their learning abilities. The customized lesson plans incorporate pop, Chinese and classical signing. They also have various lessons for piano, violin, cello, and guitar.

    The Happy Vocalist, various locations around Singapore, https://thehappyvocalist.com/contact/

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