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Boosting Children’s Language Skills With Malvern Forest-Beach School

Little Steps Facebook Live With Malvern College Pre-School

Malvern Forest Beach School Hong Kong

We all want our children to appreciate nature, and Malvern College Pre-School (MCPS) is the only pre-school in Hong Kong to offer a forest-beach school. Aware of the benefits of getting out and about in nature, they recently launched a new program, Forest-Beach School Nature Explorers, to the wider community and not just students at MCPS!

Classes are open to students up to 7 years old and you can sign up here for their upcoming open days!

Our Facebook Live interview with Jacqueline McNalty, Head of Preschools at MCPS, Claire Jones, Forest-Beach School Leader and Virginia Lao, Mandarin Co-Ordinator, will enlighten you on all things forest-beach school and how learning Mandarin in a relaxed, fun environment benefits children.

These are the main points of the Facebook Live interview.

Malvern’s outdoor education programmes

  • MCPS teaches literacy and math while connecting children with the great outdoors
  • Children enjoy paddling in the sea, looking in bug viewing pots and at the natural world around them while learning about how to protect their environment
  • Children can bring an adult so it’s a great opportunity to make memories – and parents can learn too!

Forest-Beach School Nature Explorers

  • Benefits of being outside include getting Vitamin D and sunlight, while being physical leads to better sleep
  • Children can enjoy getting messy making mud pies, take part in construction play and go bug hunting
  • Creates a love and connectedness with nature at this crucial early years stage

Mandarin focus: boosting language skills outdoors 

  • Language can develop better in a less informal atmosphere like forest-beach school
  • Children can build up nature-related vocabulary both in Mandarin and English
  • There’s a focus on open-ended questions to encourage children to think critically
  • Children don’t need any Mandarin experience prior to joining the program

Help your child enjoy the great outdoors – and learn Mandarin while doing it – with MCPS! Attend the open days in late September and early October to find out more.


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