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How to Choose a Preschool In Hong Kong That Suits Your Child Best?

Tips by ITS

If you are reading this, you have put aside the baby books and have graduated to researching children’s education in Hong Kong.

While it seems like it was just yesterday that you were holding a baby in your arms, your child will soon be ready for pre-school, and the big decision needs to be made.

With so many pre-schooling options available, we have brought in the experts to help guide you.  The Little Steps Education Partner, ITS, offers excellent tips on choosing a pre-school in Hong Kong.

The first step is to make an appointment to visit and evaluate the schools you are considering for your child.  Only you can decide on the most important factors in choosing a school for your child.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​


Location and Hours 

*  A School's Philosophy: Some pre-schools offer specific educational goals and criteria that are determined by a specific approach to early childhood education. Other schools do not have a specific approach but have their own personal "philosophy".

Emphasis on Academic Skills

Parent Involvement

Teacher’s Qualifications




Who It's Perfect For:


1.  Do not let relatives, colleagues or friends convince you to send your child to a school that is beyond your financial means or that will cause stress due to the hours or academic approach.

2.  Do not underestimate your instinct. Go with your gut feeling and decide what school is best for your child because what suits one child may well not suit another.

What Else:​


Full List Of Preschools in Hong Kong, Click here!

Additional Info:​


ITS Education

The Unique Hong Kong & Singapore Schools Guide, Click here for a discount perk and ordering info.

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