Top 10 Ways To Celebrate Easter At Home In Hong Kong 2022

Egg-Hunts, Decor, Games, And More

2022 Apr 01 - 2022 Apr 18

Hop your way to a fantastic Easter this year! Bunnies, chocolates, and Easter eggs – there is so much to get egg-cited for! And although the restrictions may be relaxing, celebrating from the comfort of your home can be a perfect, stress-free way to enjoy the occasion while maximizing quality time with the family. Here are Little Steps’ top tips to celebrate Easter at home!

Easter 2022: Sunday, April 17, 2022

More Easter Fun In Hong Kong?

When: Easter 2021!
  • EGG-HUNT AT HOME: Unique Egg Hunt Ideas In Hong Kong

    Classic egg-hunts are a must for the kids. The good thing about chocolates or little goodies hidden in tiny eggs is that they can find their way to a myriad of awesome hiding spots even in the smallest of apartments. Watch the excitement while kids wake up to a surprise morning activity on Easter day. Add a little variation to the classic hunt by turning your egg hunt into a treasure hunt – with the first egg providing written clues to the next. The final egg can reveal a treasure of your choice.

  • ATTEND A VIRTUAL EGG HUNT: Virtual Egg Hunts In Hong Kong

    Travel bans and mandatory quarantines may have us temporarily separated from family and friends abroad, however, you can still link up through a fun virtual egg-hunt together. Gather with cousins and friends online and check out our guide on how to host the most fabulous virtual Easter egg hunt!

    View our 'How To Host A Virtual Egg-Hunt' here.

  • EASTER CRAFTS: DIY Easter Fun In Hong Kong

    Just around the time of most major holidays, the lead-up time can be twice as fun as Easter, itself. Stimulate your little bunnies with our Little Steps Pinterest Board for an array of cute Easter ideas to do at home. Eco-friendly families will also love our video on DIY Natural Easter Egg Dye – an easy recipe for kids!


    Let the stress melt away and opt for a gourmet Easter brunch delivered straight to your table. For premium cold cuts, antipasti and ready-to-eat delights, check out South Stream Market for a fantastic spread. Feather & Bone also has Easter treats ready for takeaway like a tender lamb, hot cross buns, gourmet spreads, BBQ packs, and premium L’Atelier du Chocolat’s Easter Eggs that you can order in-stores and online. The eShop at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong offers amazing pastries and takeaway tea sets that would be a perfect addition to your Easter Brunch spread.

  • LIVE-STREAM AN EASTER SERVICE: Youtube And Streamed Services In Hong Kong

    Within the scope of our new norms are live-streamed events – for wedding ceremonies, concerts, and even church services. St. John’s Cathedral in Central offers live-streamed Sunday services regularly. St. Teresa’s church also conducts their Sunday mass live via webcast from the Adoration Chapel. There are also plenty more options around the globe should you like to catch a service from abroad.

  • DÉCOR AND PARTY SUPPLIES: Shop For Easter Decor In Hong Kong

    Create an atmosphere of celebration at home with easy DIY décor ideas on Pinterest or store-bought party supplies. Party Time has tons of items that will take your Easter party to the next level. They also carry cute plush chick Easter baskets for your little ones to fill with all their goodies. Swoon Soiree has gorgeous Easter party fun - click here!  Freshen up the table with their artificial grass table runner, then place small toy chicks around the dishes to create an atmosphere of Spring.

  • EASTER GAMES: Fun Easter Games In Hong Kong

    Get your younger ones active and hop around with some fun Easter games! Incorporate balloons that can be blown up and decorated, just like an egg, with permanent markers and stickers.

    Use your balloon egg for games like “Chicken Run”, where you wedge the “egg” between your knees and waddle across the room faster than your kid! Try “Not to drop the egg” by giving each family member their balloon while seeing who can keep it in the air the longest. Or wiggle away at a bunny dance-off as you pass the balloon to one another. Get creative and have fun with it.

  • BUNNY MOVIES: Awesome NetFlix Bunny And Easter Movies To Watch

    There are tons of great Bunny movies that can help you wrap up the evening for a perfect final touch to your Easter celebrations. Have hot cocoa with a little chocolate bunny while unwinding with some of our favorites, such as “Hop” for the little rock-stars in your life, “Peter Rabbit” for those who enjoy a little cheekiness, and “Rise of the Guardians” where the Easter Bunny along with a few other guardians team up to protect children’s innocence.

    Easter Movies, Netflix.

  • GARDENING AND FLOWERS: Pick Up Some Blooms For Easter In Hong Kong's Flower Market

    Gardening is a lovely way to welcome in the Spring along with the idea of a 'fresh start'. Although many of us in Hong Kong may not have gardens, there are plenty of plants that can grow well indoors such as the snake plant which also has air-purifying properties, rubber figs, or the lucky bamboo. Or opt to grow mint and basil leaves where the kids can excitedly help add to your next dish! Or infuse your home with blooming flowers from the Flower Market at Mong Kok for a fresh take on Easter.

  • DRESS UP: Easter Dresses And Clothing In Hong Kong

    Just because you're home doesn't mean you can't have a little dress-up fun. Set the tone for a fabulous Easter afternoon with some cute outfits for the kids!  Click here for our guide on kids' formalwear and here for our popular kids' clothing guide!

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