6 Unique Life Skills, Special Needs, Individual Differences Summer Camps For For Kids In Hong Kong

Specialized Summer Camps Around Hong Kong For Children

Life Skills, Special Needs, Individual Differences Summer Camps For For Kids In Hong Kong

We’ve curated a list of seven exceptional summer camps in Hong Kong that teach children unique life skills, such as social interaction, emotional regulation, meditation, and confidence-building. This summer, every child, including those with diverse needs, can find enrichment in a variety of summer camp experiences. Understanding that the idea of a summer camp can be overwhelming for some parents, it’s comforting to know that there are camps designed to support children of all abilities. These camps offer a supportive environment where your child can thrive and have a memorable summer. Let your child experience the excitement and personal growth that comes from a well-suited summer camp.

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  • HKFC CRUSADERS: Special Needs Kids Summer Camps In Hong Kong *Happy Valley

    Special Needs Football Summer Camp For Ages 7+ Years

    Does your special needs child, boy or girl, love football? If yes, enroll them this summer in the dedicated Football Coaching Programme - HKFC Crusaders. HKFC Crusaders is part of the HKFC Junior Soccer Programme under the Hong Kong Football Club and has been operating for over 10 years. It’s a football coaching program aimed at players with special needs. Little Steps loves that the coaching sessions offer young SEN players a safe and fun environment in which to enjoy and improve their football skills. The training will enhance your child’s motor skills and fitness, as well as greatly enhance their self-esteem and social skills.

    They offer coaching from Level 1- and Level 2-qualified coaches, as well as other volunteers, for kids with special needs. Coaching is available for a variety of ability levels, from age 7 and up. Contact Head Coach, Nigel R. Merritt, to discuss pricing and dates for coaching this summer. Let your SEN child try their HKFC Crusaders football program this summer, and you may find you’ve scored a goal!

    HKFC Crusaders, 3 Sports Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong, info@hkfcjuniorsoccer.com, www.hkfcjuniorsoccer.com

  • KIDNETIC: Special Needs Kids Summer Camps In Hong Kong *Kowloon Bay

    LINKSGYM Summer Camps For Ages 3+ Years

    Kidnetic, located in Kowloon Bay, offers an area of 7,000 sq. ft with a full set of professional gymnastics equipment (FIG certified) imported from Europe. Enroll your SEN child in the LINKSGYM classes this summer to provide them with a positive sports experience together with holistic development. They cater to kids from ages 3 years and up. Your child will enjoy gymnastics-based training in a safe, pleasant, and ideal training environment. A qualified coaching team will ensure your child thrives from their experience at Kidnetic.

    We love this summer option for SEN children as gymnastics has been proven to be beneficial to children with special learning needs. It assists with strengthening their vestibular and proprioceptive systems, improves their body and limb coordination, strengthens their motor planning, increases the strength and control of body movement by improving postural stability and muscle tone, facilitates the development of coordination of two sides of the body, and aids in balancing skills. And what child wouldn’t love diving into an extra-large private sponge pool? Classes run for 45 minutes with 6 children max per class. Contact Kidnetic for dates and pricing of their summer LINKSGYM classes.

    Kidnetic, Unit 4, Level 7, MegaBox, 38 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 2153 1033, enquiry@kidnetic-sports.com, www.kidnetic-sports.com

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