Cocktail Delivery Service Right To Your Door

Tell Camellia Brings Social Distance Drinking To You!

With these lockdown measures, having a drink with friends seems very far away, but Tell Camellia can bring that Saturday night experience to your front door!

This novel idea of cocktail delivery comes from the co-founders, Sandeep Hathiramani and Gagan Gurung, stalwarts of the Hong Kong bar scene. Tell Camellia, whose name originates from the Camellia Sinensis – the Latin name for the tea plant – have distilled their menu down for a select list of bottled cocktails. These incredible goodies are HK$250 for 200ml and HK$500 for 500ml.

Their mixologists have come up with a unique twist on classic cocktails – tea! Starting off with traditional cocktail classics, Tell Camellia has added their own touch to create interesting new flavors such as the Oolong Old-Fashioned, the Darjeeling Negroni, and the Matcha Martini. Make sure to try their signature drinks, like the “tea-tails” which fills the palate with the tastes of pineapple, cha yen tea, elderflower, and gin. Or try “Australia”, which features yalangi rain tea, Tim Tams, clarified strawberry, and whiskey!

Both the classic cocktail and “tea-tail” bottles hold around 2-4 serves. They also provide the “T-Tonic”, which are teas distilled into gin for around 4-8 serves and include flavors such as Mango and Strawberry to Chocolate and Banana.

This exciting hideaway of a bar, located on the historic Pottinger Street in Central, but with lockdown measures being tight, we best take full advantage of their love for innovative cocktails without leaving the couch!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Innovative and diverse tea-based cocktails to lift your spirits by drinking some spirits!

Who It's Perfect For:

A great treat for the parents after the kids have gone to bed.

What Else:​

Deliveries can be arranged through FacebookInstagram or email

Where To Find It:​

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