22 Most Affordable International Schools In Singapore (Under SG$20,000/Year)

Top-Notch Budget-Friendly Education Under SG$20,000/Year


Although your children’s education is the best and ultimately priceless investment into their expansive futures, your family shouldn’t suffer financially over it in the present. Yes, school fees for international schools here can range up to SG$50,000 and more, but Singapore’s international education offer is rich and diverse, innovative and flexible. Thanks to these incredible budget-friendly schools that aim to make world-class education low-cost and available to all, we didn’t even have to settle for half of the abovementioned sum when compiling this guide – here are our top 10+ picks of affordable international schools in Singapore with annual fees below SG$20,000.

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Please note that not all listed fees include one-time (admission, registration, assessment, etc.), optional, and extra fees (lunch, bus, materials, field trips, etc.) – but also that many of these schools do offer sibling and other discounts. Use this guide as a starting point and refer to school websites and provided links for the most accurate and up-to-date info!

  • GIIS-Affordable-International-Schools-Singapore


    Affordable International Schools In Singapore

    Among parents, GIIS is the preferred international school choice in Singapore. This is due to their pioneering state-of-the-art, NextGen campuses and a holistic approach. The school caters to learners from kindergarten to high school, and in turn, they keep besting themselves with spectacular results in IB and CBSE examinations year in, year out! GIIS offers a wide range of curricula – PYP, IB Diploma, Cambridge IGCSE, Chinese-English Bilingual Program, even Global Montessori at the pre-school level.

    All this considered, GIIS is unbelievably – intentionally and transparently – affordable, with fees starting at SG$18,894! See the fee structure here.

    GIIS, +65 9631 600, admissions.sg@globalindianschool.org, singapore.globalindianschool.org

    SMART Campus, 27 Punggol Field Walk, Singapore 828649

    East Coast Campus, 82 Cheviot Hill, Singapore 459663

  • OWIS-Affordable-International-Schools-Singapore

    ONE WORLD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (OWIS): School fees start at SG$ 17,970!

    Affordable International Schools In Singapore

    OWIS is loudly and proudly all-inclusive and diverse – and we are delighted to add that it is also affordable! The school offers the IB PYP, IGCSE and IB Diploma curricula with a Chinese-English Bilingual Program for Grades 1-5, sticking with world-class international educational standards while leading with kindness and emphasizing multiculturality in their school community.

    School fees start at SG$ 17,970! See all fees and discounts here.

    OWIS, +65 6914 6700, admissions@owis.org, three locations, www.owis.org

  • Middleton-International-School-Affordable-International-Schools-Singapore

    MIDDLETON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL: Fees differ for the two campuses but start at SG$15,762.

    Affordable International Schools In Singapore

    Part of EtonHouse International Education Group, this incredible school is dedicated to academic rigor and affordability, finding ways to lower operating costs through developing economies of scale and affordable rentals instead. It offers a unique curriculum – a blend of international and local learning outcomes achieved through an inquiry-led approach. Middleton International School offers learning pathways from Nursery 2 to Grade 10 and will launch its Cambridge International A-Level qualifications program for Grades 11 and 12 in 2023.

    Fees differ for the two campuses but start at SG$15,762. Find out more about fees here and here!

    Middleton International School, www.middleton.edu.sg

    Tampines Campus, 2 Tampines Street 92, Singapore 528889, +65 6636 1155, tampines@middleton.edu.sg

    Upper Bukit Timah Campus, 215 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 588184, +65 6875 0089, enquiry@middleton.edu.sg

  • Invictus-Affordable-International-Schools-Singapore

    INVICTUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL: Fees are payable over 5 installments and start at SG$17,000.

    Affordable International Schools In Singapore

    Since its inception, Invictus has prioritized and pioneered accessibility and affordability, something the school is able to continuously offer while maintaining the highest quality of education by utilizing existing facilities in the community and partnering with external service providers. Moreover, the school has recently upgraded its campuses to include additional and cutting-edge learning spaces! Invictus teaches kids to take ownership of their learning through the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for Primary and the IMYC, IGSCE, and Cambridge International A-Levels for Secondary.

    Fees are payable over 5 installments and start at SG$17,000. Find out everything you need to know here!

    Invictus International School, info@invictus.edu.sg, www.invictus.edu.sg

    Dempsey Campus, 73 Loewen Road, #01-21, Singapore 248843, +65 6259 3877

    Centrium Campus, 320 Serangoon Road, Singapore 218108, +65 6271 6088

  • KBH-Affordable-International-Schools-Singapore

    KNIGHTSBRIDGE HOUSE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL: Fees are payable in 5 installments and start at SG$12,000

    Affordable International Schools In Singapore

    This lovely multicultural and collaborative school offers the IPC to students from Prep to Grade 6, using the IPC as the core of their academic program and infusing it with the best practices of the English National Curriculum and Singapore Maths standards. Their campuses are Reggio Emilia-inspired with bright and modern classrooms and collaborative spaces. Also note that Knightsbridge is planning to launch Knightsbridge House Family, a virtual extension of Knightsbridge House International School for international homeschooling and a home-based learning experience – learn more here!

    Fees are payable in 5 installments and start at SG$12,000. Learn more about fees at Knightsbridge House here!

    Knightsbridge House International School, +65 8028 3177, admissions@kbh.edu.sg, www.kbh.edu.sg

    Sentosa Campus, 31 Ocean Way, #01 - 15, Singapore 098375

    River Valley Campus, Connection One (Tower 4) 02- 15, 167 Bukit Merah Central, Singapore 150167

  • 5-Steps-Academy-Affordable-International-Schools-Singapore

    5 STEPS ACADEMY: Fees are payable monthly at SG$1800/month

    Affordable International Schools In Singapore

    5 Steps Academy is the only accelerated learning record-breaking international school in Singapore. In Primary, the school follows the evidence-based 5 Steps System that implements the latest research on memory and developmental psychology to maximize learning efficiency and allow students to progress at their own comfortable pace – resulting in no stress for slow thinkers and no time wasted for gifted students. Amazingly, their students advance 2-3 times faster than their peers. In Grades 11 and 12, students can choose between the US and Cambridge curricula!

    Delightfully, 5Steps says NO to registration, admission, material, holiday fees, and deposits, setting a new standard for transparency in this area. Fees are payable monthly at SG$1800/month. Learn more here!

    5 Steps Academy, East Coast campus: 143 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428833, +65 8655 0005, admissions@5steps.academy, 5steps.academy

  • Razum-Affordable-International-Schools-Singapore

    RAZUM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL:Annual fees are payable in 9 instalments and range from SG$14,900 to SG$18,500

    Affordable International Schools In Singapore

    Razum is a small, community-based school that offers the IPC curriculum for students aged 5 to 12 years old and combines it with Singapore Math and English. Like at 5 Steps Academy, the school day at Razum International School is only 4 hours long – making learning more efficient and allowing students to dedicate their time and attention to extra-curricular activities (the fee will depend on whether you make your own timetable or have extra-curricular activities 5 days a week).

    Annual fees are payable in 9 installments and range from SG$14,900 to SG$18,500. See your options and the details here!

    Razum International School, 1 Kay Siang Rd, Singapore 248922, +65 69745700, hello@razum.edu.sg, www.razum.edu.sg

  • TLS-Academy-Affordable-International-Schools-Singapore

    TLS ACADEMY: Annual fees set at SG$12,960 and paid in 6 installments

    Affordable International Schools In Singapore

    TLS Academy adopts the Accelerated Christian Education Curriculum, one underpinned by a philosophy of individualized, biblical-based education. The school combines academic training with the building of wisdom, allowing students to master each area at their own optimum pace and rate of achievement before proceeding to the next. Affordability is a point of pride for TLS Academy – they believe every student deserves the best!

    TLS Academy makes good on its promise of affordability with annual fees set at SG$12,960 and paid in 6 installments. Learn more here!

    TLS Academy, 10 Winstedt Road, Blk A #02-04, Singapore 227977, +65 6836 0061, rodney@tlsacademy.org, www.tlsacademy.org

  • Heritage-Academy-Affordable-International-Schools-Singapore

    HERITAGE ACADEMY: Fees at Heritage Academy start at only SG$6,600!

    Affordable International Schools In Singapore

    Like TLS Academy, Heritage offers the ACE curriculum, also known as The School of Tomorrow, i.e. the American High School Diploma for Grades 1 to 12. This small, unique school places students at suitable levels through diagnostic tests, yet uses controlled, motivated learning and guidance to lead them to attain mastery with a high minimum passing mark of 80%.

    As affordable as it gets, fees at Heritage Academy start at only SG$6,600! See the whole fee structure for Heritage Academy here.

    Heritage Academy, various locations, +65 9382 5753, www.heritageacademy.com.sg

  • HFSE-Affordable-International-Schools-Singapore

    HAPPY FAMILY SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE (HFSE): Fee consists of monthly payments that amount to SG$7,500

    Affordable International Schools In Singapore

    Made by ex-pats for ex-pat families, this unique school is at its core a strong support system for ex-pat families. HFSE uses a self-developed integrated curriculum for Primary and Secondary levels that caters to all nationalities and combines syllabi from Singapore, the Philippines, and other countries, while courses on Languages, Social Studies, Arts, Values Education, Christian Living are integrated into the academic program.

    Incredibly affordable, the fee consists of monthly payments that amount to SG$7,500. Learn more here!

    HFSE International School, 231 Mountbatten Centre, Building D Level 2, Singapore 397999, +65 6451 0080, enquiry@hfse.edu.sg, hfse.edu.sg

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