The Keys Academy Holiday Camps In Singapore (Expired)

November & December 2016

Enrol the kids into one of these super cool camps this Christmas holiday. The Keys Academy offers unique and innovative camps that will enrich creativity, exercise critical thinking skills, showcase presentation skills, and spark your child’s interest in various subjects such as astronomy, robotics, coding, physics, architecture, 3D design, and more! There are a wide selection of camps to choose from including CSI for budding investigators, Spy Master for James Bond wannabees and F1 Challenge if you fancy yourself as the next Lewis Hamilton. Sign them up today as they’re sure to sell out quickly.

Camps run from November 21 to December 23, please check online to see when your camp runs.

SPACE ROBOTS – 4-5 years old

Step aside Elon Musk! Kids aged 4-5 navigate Dash robots through space, use WeDos to dodge asteroids, program their way through deep space. Kids will learn engineering and design of robotics including mechanics, sensors, and coding. They will also learn about advances in rockets, possibility of travel to Mars, and the challenges of deep space travel.

F1 CHALLENGE – 6-8 years old

Can you be the next Lewis Hamilton racing in their replica design of the Singapore Street Circuit? Learn about the design of a F1 car: lightweight, stability, and aerodynamics. Design your own F1 car shell using AutoDesk 123D, 3D-print it using our in-house 3D printer and attach it to a remote control unit. Create the F1 car of your dreams and race it against your friends. Kids will learn engineering and design of robotics including mechanics, sensors, and coding. They will also learn how aerodynamics and stability help make the F1 car go faster and safer.

LITTLE ARCHITECTS – 6 -8 years old

Grand designs in buildings and landmarks astound us, from the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, to the Eiffel tower and the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Understand what makes these structures amazing and breath-taking. Learn to design similar structures on computer-aided software. Students get to see their designs reproduced in scale model through 3D printing. Students will learn architecture and design skills through analysis of unique structures around the world, both modern and ancient. They will also learn to use the Autodesk123D software to design their dream homes and structure.


Kids aged 6-8 solve their very own mystery using science and forensic skills, and then must prove their case as a lawyer arguing in front of a jury. They will learn biochemistry, forensics, fingerprinting and DNA analysis. They will also learn reason and debate, secrets of great lawyers, presentation skills.

DREAM MACHINES – 9-12 years old

The trebuchet. The Da Vinci revolving bridge. The land chariot. These are some of the inventions by geniuses before us. Your child will design and build these inventions from the original blueprints using Lego technics and experiment with improving the designs. Can your child surpass these geniuses? Join in this camp to find out. Kids will learn engineering and design of medieval inventions through hands-on construction. They will also understand design innovation through quantitative experiments of their designs.

SPY MASTER – 9-12 years old

James Bond. Mission Impossible. The Bourne Identity. We have all wondered at some point in our lives if we could experience the cloak and dagger life of a spy. Now your child can, at our camp. Learn cyphers, dead-drops and surveillance techniques. Construct elaborate traps to stop their rivals. Pick combination locks to retrieve secret documents. You child can be the ultimate spy master. Kids will learn surveillance, evasion and secret messaging. They will also use math to understand coding and encryption methods.

SPACE ODYSSEY – 9-12 years old

Is space the final frontier? Not if your child takes this holiday camp. Have your child installed as the next NASA director as he / she learns astronomy, aerodynamics and robot programming. Learn about our solar system. Launch a self-designed rocket ship to escape gravity and glide back to Earth. Rendezvous with the International Space Station. Launch probes to explore the unknown, from the rough terrain to Mars, to the gaseous depths of Jupiter and the deep waters of Europa. Using EV3 programming, students design an autonomous, modular spacecraft. They will learn about the different planetary characteristics in our solar system and the potential dangers to space explorers.

MARS ROBOT – 9-12 years old

After a Martian storm damaged your equipment, you must use logic and programming skills to rebuild your Martian Lander and survive the next storm. Students will learn basic block programming using Lego robotics, and will also get an introduction to ethics philosophy. Using EV3 programming, students design a robot with a gyro-bot, and color & ultrasonic sensors. Kids will discover if robots learn? What makes us human? Students will consider Alan Turing’s question of what defines artificial intelligence, Isaac Asimov’s three rules of robotics, and utilitarianism as a philosophy for programming.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

From Robots to Racing Cars, from Space to Spies, and more...what is not to love about these awesome workshops available for kids this holiday time?

Who It's Perfect For:

Curious kids who want to learn and explore new skills while having fun over their holidays!

What Else:​

Each camp runs Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm, and costs SG$690 per student (inclusive of GST). Price includes lunch, teaching materials and 1 field trip. Camps run from November 21 to December 23, please check online to see when your camp runs.

Additional Info:​

The Keys Academy,

331 North Bridge Road, Odeon Towers Level 2, Singapore 188720



Camps run from November 21 to December 23, please check online to see when your camp runs.

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