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Raising Awareness About Trauma With Safe Circle Singapore

Through Complimentary Talks And Workshops


Seven local agencies that focus on community-based mental health services for children and youth – Acceset, Boys’ Town, Campus PSY, Caregivers Alliance Limited, Limitless, Singapore Association for Mental Health, and Singapore Children’s Society – have come together to launch Safe Circle. Aligned around a shared vision of creating a safe, nurturing, and trauma-informed community, Safe Circle provides training via complimentary talks and workshops for those who want to give a helping hand, empowering them to be more trauma-informed, to better support trauma survivors.

Trauma is a commonly overlooked aspect of one’s mental wellbeing and is more prevalent than we think. It comes in many forms (be it physical or emotional), and can be inflicted and manifested in a variety of ways that even the sufferer may not be aware of.

In a study by the Ministry of Social and Family Development, there has been an increase in the number of child protection cases investigated over the years. When children are exposed to events or situations that may cause trauma, they experience Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE). Without trauma education, it can be difficult to identify ACEs, particularly since most events tend to happen behind closed doors, or since the harmful effects of trauma can sometimes only manifest in adulthood. People who have had an ACE are more likely to develop mental illnesses and physical diseases in later adulthood.

At Safe Circle, the collective aims to help families by providing them with the essential parenting skills and coping mechanisms to prevent any potential ACE for a child. As well, they will equip teachers, parents, social service professionals, and young adults with knowledge and skills via workshops so that they are attuned to the needs of their students, children, clients, and peers, and are able to provide support to those suffering from psychological distress. During these complimentary workshops, attendees will learn to identify trauma, understand how it may impact an individual, as well as how they can support a trauma survivor in their sphere of influence.

Complimentary workshops take place on a regular basis. To sign up for these complimentary workshops, or find out more, visit www.safecircle.sg or @safecircle.sg on Instagram.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

With trauma being commonly overlooked, Safe Circle empowers and equips the community with knowledge of trauma so that we are able to integrate trauma-informed care into our work and life.

Who It's Perfect For:

Teachers, parents, caregivers, social service professionals as well as young adults.

What Else:​

In addition, as part of the educational approach, Safe Circle also provides an ACEs quiz on the website to help the community better understand and identify ACEs and the effects they may have on the individuals. For those looking to share more about trauma and trauma-informed care within their community, there is also an option to organize and arrange for a talk where a speaker can be part of your event and sharing sessions.

Where To Find It:​

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