For those fashionistas looking to design their own maternity wardrobe, a trip to Shenzhen might be in order! Pop on the MTR and head to Shenzhen for a day of maternity design it yourself fun!

Stephanie has tons of experience in creating maternity tailored clothing. The first step when creating your own is to select a style, and there are plenty to choose from. A few suggestions are:

*  The aa9 which a beautiful flowing maxi-dress, perfect for any occasion.

*  The aa4 is over the knee length, wide short sleeves with a v-cut. A great dress for the office, professional yet comfortable.

*  For something a little more glamorous, check out a12. Ideal for when you cannot hide your baby bump; but still want to shine at the event.

Stephany also has some killer female suits, if your bump isn’t too prominent, these suits are something else. Get a few statement suits in vibrant colors suit 33 in fuschia or tone it down with a cool grey as shown in suit 27.

Are you a bit of a designer yourself, bring your own designs or photos and she will take care of the rest!

Be sure to put together photo printouts of all your designs. Shenzhen is great for solids fabrics and easy to follow designs. For example, Angelina Jolie’s pregnancy wardrobe is an easy one to copy as the designs are simple and sleek. Designs with hard to find patterns will be tougher.