Best Language Learning Programs In Hong Kong For Kids And Adults *UPDATED

Spanish, French, Mandarin, English And More!

Best Language learning programs in Hong Kong

Learning a new language has never been so easy. In Hong Kong, there is an abundance of choice of tutors, centers, private lessons for when wanting you or your kiddo to get to grips with a new language. If you want your child to start young, various playgroups for ages 6 months plus taught in English and Mandarin. Prefer to learn or brush up on your Spanish or French, you can opt for go-to hubs of learning or hire private instructors to visit your home on a regular basis.

Top Language Programs In HK,

  • Mandarin Classes And Learning Programs For Kids In Hong Kong


    Mandarin is one of the more popular languages for kids and parents alike to learn. Luckily in Hong Kong, it isn't hard to find an excellent tutor, class, or even an app to get you started. If you wish to start your child getting familiar with Mandarin at an even earlier age, why not try one of the many options of playgroups taught in Mandarin. We have made a comprehensive list to inform you where all the best and the latest Mandarin learning options are.


    Top Mandarin Language Learning Programs In Hong Kong: Click here for the full guide!


    Featured Program Picks:

    The C Club @ Southside

    Hong Kong Institute Of Languages

    VivaLing *Online 1-2-1 Learning


    Mini Mandarins

    ITS Tutorial School 

    Mulberry House Academy - Mandarin

  • English Classes And Learning Programs For Kids In Hong Kong


    English is still the fastest-growing language in the world, thus the demand for learning the English language has definitely not diminished. Luckily living in Hong Kong means that there is no lack of options for wanting to improve or learn English. Colour My World offers Speech and Communication Skills workshops that aim to foster independent thinking, self-confidence, and autonomy through multi-faceted courses that coach critical thinking, techniques, and strategies in persuasive writing, public speaking, presentations, conversation & listening. Hong Kong Institute Of Languages has been providing language courses from beginner level to advanced, as well as exam preparation courses for all levels in Hong Kong for 34 years offering comprehensive classes to kids, teens, and adults! ESF Language and Learning offer popular programs for tots on up. Choose from their English language playgroups, drama classes, and more.

    Featured Program Picks:

    Colour My World

    Hong Kong Institute Of Languages

    ESF Language & Learning


  • French Classes And Learning Programs For Kids In Hong Kong


    The fastest-growing community in Hong Kong is the French, meaning that you will have plenty of people around you to practice with when opting for learning to speak French. Start creating those playdates with your French friends. Little Steps have made life a little easier for you when needing to look for the right French class or tutor that matches your needs or the ones of your child. The link below takes you straight to all the info you need to make the right match.


    French Classes For KidsClick here for the full guide!

    Featured Program Picks:

    Lou Pichoun

    VivaLing *Online 1-2-1 Learning

    Alliance Française Hong Kong

    My Little French

    Hong Kong Institute Of Languages



  • Spanish Classes And Learning Programs For Kids In Hong Kong


    Over 572 million people worldwide speak Spanish, of which 477 are native speakers. Learning this beautiful language is becoming steadily more popular all around the globe! For those looking for Spanish classes, tutors, courses, and playgroups, Little Steps has put together this handy guide to find the best Spanish language classes and lessons for kids here in Hong Kong!

    Spanish Instructors In Hong KongClick here for the full guide!

    Featured Program Picks:

    The Spanish Academy

    VivaLing *Online 1-2-1 Learning

    ESF Language & Learning - Spanish

    Viva Spanish Language Centre

    Spanish Tutors

  • Japanese Classes And Learning Programs For Kids In Hong Kong


    Japanese has become quite a popular language to learn in recent years. However, it must be noted that this language can be pretty tricky to master.  But fret not; there are many Japanese learning course options in Hong Kong that will help your child learn to speak the language. Little Steps has put together a helpful guide on the best Japanese language schools in Hong Kong. Whether it is a playgroup, a course, or a full Japanese school, this guide will help you along the way.


    Japanese Classes For KidsClick here for the full guide!


    Featured Program Picks:

    Hong Kong Institute Of Languages


    For those seeking to learn the beautiful language of Italian - there are a few go-to places for kids and adults in Hong Kong!  Learn the language through art and culture at Ladante (they also teach Latin).  Manzoni is also a popular place for kids and teens looking to learn Italian in Hong Kong.  enjoy!



    VivaLing, Link *Online


    COLOUR MY WORLD (Speech and Communication Skills Workshops)

    Speech and Communication Skills workshops at Colour My World foster independent thinking, self-confidence and autonomy through a multi-faceted, comprehensive course that coaches persuasive writing skills, critical interpretation and analysis of information, public speaking, presentations, interviews, conversation & listening skills. This ‘Write & Speech’ dual challenge covers critical skills, techniques and strategies for both written and spoken language in key areas of communication. Operating as an official Trinity examination center, we prepare young speakers for examinations in Communication Skills, as well as speech festivals and public performances.


    Colour My World, Rm 108-110, Floor 1, Marina Tower, 8 Shum Wan Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, +852 2580 5028, info@colour-my-world.comwww.colour-my-world.com



    Hong Kong Institute of Languages (HKIL) has been teaching 7 languages to Hong Kong’s families for 34 years and is providing After School Language Courses for children 3 to 12 years old. The school offers a highly engaging teaching method that supports language learning at all levels, including foundation to advanced as well as mother tongue support. The language instruction the School provides includes English, French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese. Groups are organized by age and level to ensure a homogenous class dynamic and optimal linguistic progress. Students are grouped according to their age, level, and area of interest. Classes are limited to 8 children only, providing your child with greater teacher attention and quality learning opportunities. HKIL provides flexible and safe learning modes: your choice of private lessons, online or home-based tuition. Children are free to switch between these learning modes at any time!

    Hong Kong Institute Of Languageswww.hklanguages.com


    ESF LANGUAGE PROGRAMS (Variety Of Languages)

    They provide progressive learning experiences for students from the early years through secondary. With an extensive schedule to choose from, their fun and friendly approach enables students to flourish as they develop their skills and interests. They foster curiosity from a young age and nurture young minds to be creative and independent in a safe and fun learning environment. They deliver a progressive curriculum to educate and build confidence.

    ESF Language Programs, Locations All over Hong Kong, +852 2711 1280, language@esf.org.hk,  https://www.esf.org.hk/program_category/language/

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