In a world with over 6,800 languages, Mandarin is by far the most spoken language in the world. Standardized Chinese is known as Mandarin and is thought to be over 1,200 years old, with around 1.2 billion speakers. It’s the official language of China, Singapore, and Taiwan; it’s not just a language; it’s a culture full of history. There are other variants, such as Cantonese, but speaking Mandarin has many advantages. It doesn’t have to be complicated to learn; there are many classes and online apps so your kids and teens can practice their language skills. If you want to interest your pre-schooler, there are also some playful classes for them. Little Steps has explored the almost endless options and whittled it down to their favorite classes, courses, schools, and apps in this comprehensive Mandarin Language Guide. Kuài yuè xuéxí!

Fun Fact!

Learning Mandarin can activate your child’s brain power! The language uses both sides of the temporal lobe, whereas English speakers only use the left side.