Pre-Teen & Teen Empowerment DayFest

7 Fun Workshops Led By 7 Different Experts!

2020 Feb 08

Sign your 11-15-year-old child for the Tweens & Teens Empowerment DayFest! For a full day, Michelle Harris International will host an event that will be led by seven experts in 7 different fields.

This DayFest will provide pre-teens and teens with the tools needed to navigate obstacles and will unlock their full potential. Also, participants will be guided through wellbeing practices that will cultivate balance, self-acceptance, inner peace, joy and connection!

Here’s a rundown of the seven workshops:

– Yoga for grounding, balance, and trust led by Helen Channie

– Movement for expression led by Clare Lim Martin

– Cooking for good health & nourishment led by Ayelet Idan

– Instinctive Art to decode your intuition led by Katie Larson

– Aromatherapy to connect with nature for emotional health and change led by Lilian Fung

– Kirtan sacred sounds for inner peace led by Miya Dunets

– Meditation & Crystals for empowerment & unique self-led by Michelle Harris

If this sounds like an event that would interest your child, then email to reserve a spot! The price is HK$1,500 and is inclusive of the entire day’s activities as well as a healthy lunch and snacks, art-work and essential oil products. Click here for more information!

What Else:​

Have your kid join this Empowerment DayFest to partake in exciting and fun activities that will make for good memories as well as cultivating essential skills!

Where To Find It:​

Additional Info:​

February 8, 2020 from 9:30am to 5:30pm.

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