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Time to scuba! Get the gear out and head to one of the many family-friendly scuba resorts and outfitters offering camps, family-friendly lessons, and more. If you’re experts and the kids are keen to learn, some great schools will take them under their wing and get them started. If you’re all just beginning and want to get your PADI, many of the schools can offer this while on your holiday. Get ready to explore the ocean, with these amazing scuba diving schools in Asia.

  • Top-Scuba-Diving-Destinations-For-Families-Asia-All-Cities-Tioman-Island

    Pulau Tioman is located in the east coast of peninsular Malaysia and surrounded by numerous coral reefs is a popular scuba diving spot. It has tropical weather, clear crystal water, and great white sandy beaches, which provide the relaxing environment you need to calm your stressful nerves down. Its almost a year-round location to visit except during the monsoon season from November to February due to high water currents. Scuba diving can be arranged through the following resorts:





  • Top-Scuba-Diving-Destinations-For-Families-Asia-All-Cities-Koh-Samui

    Koh Samui and the surrounding islands have some of the best dive spots. From Sail Rock, Angthong National Marine Park, Southwest Pinnacle, Chumphon Pinnacle, and Koh Tao, among others. Enjoy your underwater world and see what fantastic sea life you will discover. Scuba diving can be arranged through the following resorts & schools:


    Koh Phangan Beach,


    The Dive Academy,

    Discovery Divers,


    Ko Samui,

  • Screen_Shot_2018-11-06_at_5

    For big fish and diverse marine life away from the crowds, Lombok is an excellent choice for families! Top areas for diving in Lombok include Belongas Bay, Kuta, Tampah and Gerupuk Bay with diving options including caverns, walls, and gentle reef dives packed with turtles and clear water. For ease, book a stay at Novotel Lombok which has a PADI certified dive center on site (Scuba Froggy) and can arrange dives, Bubble Maker for the kids, and snorkeling too.


    Novotel Lombok,

  • Top-Scuba-Diving-Destinations-For-Families-Asia-All-Cities-Maldives

    Pack up the kids and head to this island paradise! Dive, surf and snorkel in crystal clear water, swing in a hammock on white sandy beaches and bask in the warm golden sunshine after a day of diving. The Maldives has become one of the world's best scuba diving destinations because of its pearly white beaches and stunning coral reefs. It has numerous scuba diving sites, rich with marine life. Scuba diving can be arranged through the following resorts:




  • Top-Scuba-Diving-Destinations-For-Families-Asia-All-Cities-Kerama-Islands

    You would not imagine it, but Japan is an excellent spot for scuba diving and other aquatic fun for the family. Kerama Islands is a mere ferry ride away from Naha Okinawa. Take a day to dive or snorkel into the crystal clear waters around the Kerama Islands. Travel through stunning coral reefs, catch tropical fish and keep and eye out for sea turtles. These waters are also the home of humpback whales who are known to migrate to the warm waters of Kerama to give birth and raise their calves. Beginners and experienced divers are welcome! Scuba diving can be arranged through the following companies:


    Veltra City

    Diving School Marea

  • Top-Scuba-Diving-Destinations-For-Families-Asia-All-Cities-Palau-Redang

    Visiting Redang is ideal for those with active tykes who are competent swimmers. Viewed as one of the top vacation destinations in Malaysia, the island is open for tourism from March until October. Be prepared to see some amazing sea creatures such as sea turtles, friendly sharks and puffer fish. These crystal clear waters are a treat for any scuba loving family. Scuba diving can be arranged through the following resorts:


    Redang Island Resort

    The Taaras


  • Top-Scuba-Diving-Destinations-For-Families-Asia-All-Cities-Cebu

    Cebu is a small island in the Philippines. It has become very popular over the past few years with families. It is great for water sports, diving and relaxing on their white sandy beaches. From underwater caverns, freshwater cave diving to shallow shipwrecks, Cebu is a must to dive. Scuba diving can be arranged through the following resorts:



    Sipalay Easy

  • Top-Scuba-Diving-Destinations-For-Families-Asia-All-Cities-Bali

    Bali has some great water surrounding it. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or just a beginner, there are some great schools no matter what your level. You might even see the odd shipwreck or two! Bali is a year-round diving destination with warm temperatures. During the colder months, the water is around 29°C, so you don’t have to worry too much about getting chilly, and the dry season in Bali runs from April to October. Scuba diving can be arranged through the following schools:




    Adventure Scuba



  • Top-Scuba-Diving-Destinations-For-Families-Asia-All-Cities-Phuket

    Around Phuket are many islands which have some great places to dive. This is the place to come if you’re wanting to get your PADI. There are some top-notch schools here, waiting to help you discover the ocean below. In Phuket, the diving is mostly done as day trips by boat. Because most dive sites are situated offshore and are only accessible by boat. There are also a few dive sites which can be reached directly from the beach or with the longtail boat. Scuba diving can be arranged through the following schools:


    Aussie Divers


    Sea Fun

    Super Divers Phuket,


  • Top-Scuba-Diving-Destinations-For-Families-Asia-All-Cities-Nusa-Lembongan

    The reefs around Nusa Lembongan are ideal for diving and snorkeling. It is an island about 30mins off the south-east of Bali, and so is really easy to get to! There are plenty of dive shops offering scuba diving instructions and spectacular night dives. For kids, snorkeling around Mushroom Bay is safe, fun and guarantees an amazing display of rainbow-colored marine life. Scuba diving can be arranged through the following schools:


    Two Fish

    Lembongan Dive

    Big Fish


    Blue Corner


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