Top 10 Family Friendly Food Tours Around Asia

Culinary Classes In Asia & Beyond

Best Food Tours In Asia

There are some fabulous culinary tours where you can learn new cooking skills and get tips from some of the best in the biz. From street food in Thailand to sushi markets in Japan and beyond, there are many tours tailored to suit your needs. Here are some of our favorite food tours.


    Tours last from a couple of days to over 11. Choose from Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, China, Indonesia, and Japan. Cook with top chefs and dine with local families. Visit tea shops, see the best street food vendors, and slurp noodles with locals. Visit some of the best, colorful and strangest food markets in Asia. Don’t ask what some things are, just try them!




    Here you can go on all sorts of culinary tours. You will also get to go on behind-the-scenes tours of bakeries, wineries, farms, orchards and artisanal food workshops. You can also visit some of the best specialty markets, gourmet shops, farmers and much more. Tour regions, learn about local specialties and traditions. As well as visiting restaurants, you’ll go to local street vendors too.


    Artisans of


    Pack the stretchy pants for these food tours! Choose from India, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Korea, Thailand, and Sri-Lanka. If you like to eat, this is the tour company for you. Taste the local delicacies of each country. Visit temples, markets, restaurants, and local vendors. Speak to local fishers and devour their fresh catch of the day. This is an excellent tour for proper foodies.




    From one-day cooking classes to culinary vacations, there’s a tour to suit you. Cook with local ingredients in stunning locations with expert chefs. They will vary from top chefs to local farmers who will all share their local knowledge and family secrets. You’ll also get to visit local attractions and stay in some fantastic hotels.


    The International


    This is a high-end food tour for those who like the finer food in life. Tours include going to some of the best restaurants, staying in luxury accommodation and learning from some of the best. Some of the countries you can visit include; China, Japan, Hong Kong & Macau, Thailand Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar, Malaysia & Singapore, Indonesia, India, Nepal & Bhutan, Korea & Taiwan.



    These food tours take place all over the world. Choose from countries such as Peru, China, Morocco, and Japan. Their teachers include top chefs, local experts, and even village locals. Visit markets, buy fresh ingredients and hone your culinary skills. You’ll also combine culture and cooking on these tours too, so you’ll get to see some of the most beautiful spots in the world.


    On The Go


    Travel through Thailand, Indonesia or India and learn from some of the best. Tours are for eight people only and absolute foodies. No buffets in sight! As well as cooking lessons, you’ll explore many of the local views. Take in the local history and culture. As well as tours, they also do individual cooking classes. Take the road less traveled and learn something new.




    Their food itineraries can be tailored to your individual needs. Fish with the locals and eat sushi with the Japanese! Eat, drink and eat again. Visit countries such as Borneo, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. Visit 5-star restaurants, dine with famous chefs, eat from local food vendors and much on some of the best street food. Learn some of the skills needed to recreate local dishes at home.




    Here you will explore cooking through local culture. Their tours include trips to, Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand. Enjoy street food tours, visits to temples, take part in local cooking classes and tea ceremonies. There are great evening dinners and maybe a scooter ride around town too. Mix with the locals and use their expertise and knowledge on creating the best dishes.





    These culinary tours are small and tailor-made. Visit countries including; India, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Morocco, Mexico, Lebanon, Italy, Spain, Portugal and more! Cook in beautiful locations, work with top chefs, dine with local families, shop in local markets and taste some of the best street food.



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