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Where To Buy Scooters, Blades And Skates In Singapore

All For Your Wheeling Needs & Outdoor Fun!

Scooter And Skate Shops In Singapore

Even though overseas travel may not be a viable option at the moment, there are many fun activities for young families and children to do! Picking up a new hobby is an excellent way to expose your young one to varied learning experiences. An excellent option to work on gross motor skills would be a ride-on, scooter, rollerblade, or skateboard! Young children are surprisingly quick at learning how to find their balance on two, three, or four wheels. Little Steps has gathered a list of the best shops to purchase scooters, rollerblades, or skateboards in Singapore!

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Skate, Rollerblade, and Inline Hockey Lessons For Kids

Best Skate Parks In Singapore

  • Best-Shops-To-Buy-Scooters-Roller-Blades-And-Skateboards-In-Singapore-InlineX

    INLINEX: Kallang *Where To Buy Scooters, Blades And Skates In Singapore

    Regional Leader In All Things Skate

    InlineX carries most if not all of your roller sporting needs. As a regional leader for high quality sporting goods, InlineX offers a wide range of skating options at competitive prices. Carrying popular brands such as K2, Micro, Powerslide, Zycom and Globber, it is hard not to feel like a kid in a candy store. To help you navigate through their extensive selection of products, InlineX’s webpages are filled with tons of helpful information to choose what is right for your family. That’s not all, InlineX offers free delivery within Singapore and the chance to exchange within 60 days of purchase!

    InlineX, 37 Kallang Pudding Road #09-06 Bldg, B, Singapore 349315, +65 8123 3425,

  • Best-Shops-To-Buy-Scooters-Roller-Blades-And-Skateboards-In-Singapore-Pancit-Sports

    PANCIT SPORTS: Off Sembawang *Where To Buy Scooters, Blades And Skates In Singapore

    Supporting The Needs Of Weekend Warriors

    “Pancit” meaning extreme fatigue and exhaustion following a tiring workout. From their name, we can tell that Pancit Sports is a true Singaporean brand, and they are committed to supporting the sporting needs of all weekend warriors in Singapore. Pancit Sports mainly carry Micro inline skates, Micro scooters and Penny skateboards for budding skaters and skating enthusiasts. For younger children interested in scooters, Pancit Sports also brings in three wheeled scooters for a gentler learning curve into the scootering world. For those who prefer roller blading instead, Pancit Sports carry many attractive designs of inline skates specifically for kids.

    Pancit Sports, 50 Gambas Cres, #09-11B, Singapore 757022, +65 8749 7699,

  • Best-Shops-To-Buy-Scooters-Roller-Blades-And-Skateboards-In-Singapore-One-Up-Skates

    ONE UP SKATES: Ang Mo Kio *Where To Buy Scooters, Blades And Skates In Singapore

    The Pioneers In Skates

    The folks at One Up Skates are passionate about skating. Formed when skating was less popular in Singapore, One Up Skates have since made it their mission to make inline skating accessible to the young and old in Singapore. One Up Skates offers a large variety of well-known as well as lesser-known inline skating brands to Singapore. Apart from carrying a wide range of inline skates, they also carry a small selection of skateboards. Given the extensive choice of products, it is hard to believe that One Up Skates views itself as a skating school first. A testament to the dedication One Up Skates has to everything skating in Singapore.

    One Up Skates, 3 Ang Mo Kio St 62, LINK@AMK #02-13, Singapore 569139, +65 9456 8346,

  • Best-Shops-To-Buy-Scooters-Roller-Blades-And-Skateboards-In-Singapore-Skate-Xtreme

    SKATE XTREME: Ubi *Where To Buy Scooters, Blades And Skates In Singapore

    Introducing Inline Skating To All Ages

    Another premier skate shop cum inline skating school is Skate Xtreme. As experienced skaters themselves, the founders of Skate Xtreme aspire to introduce inline skating to people of all ages. The founders believe in creating a safe and enjoyable environment, working on technical skating skills with creative and fun skill lessons. Boasting 13 different kid specific inline skates from Micro, Skate Xtreme has both the goods and the expertise to help your child pick the perfect skates to learn skating in.

    Skate Xtreme, 10 Ubi Cres, #06-85, Singapore 408564, +65 9452 3955,

  • Skateboard Shop Spitfire In Singapore

    SPITFIRE SKATEBOARDS: Off City Hall *Where To Buy Scooters, Blades And Skates In Singapore

    The Stylish Lifetstyle Skateboard Shop

    Spitfire Skateboards Spitfire Skateboards is a lifestyle skateboard shop in the heart of Singapore. Recognized as one of the original skate shops by the skateboarding community in Singapore. Spitfire Skateboards is an institution for skateboarding. It is where one would go to view, purchase, and discuss anything related to skateboarding. A quaint little shop tucked away in Peninsula Shopping Center, it almost feels like a little adventure making your way to and finally entering a treasure trove of unique products and designer items. Oddly, there is a sense of home with a hint of excitement when one enters the shop, even for those new to skateboarding.

    Spitfire Skateboards, 3 Coleman Street #02-23 Peninsula Shopping Center Singapore, Singapore 179804, +65 6337 4295,

  • Best-Shops-To-Buy-Scooters-Roller-Blades-And-Skateboards-In-Singapore-Hvper-Sport

    HVPER SPORT: Pasir Ris *Where To Buy Scooters, Blades And Skates In Singapore

    Personalized Skates

    Looking to stand out from the skating community with a different skate brand? Hvper Sport has got you covered with high quality alternative brands like Seba, Freestyle, Impala and Takino. The Hvper Sport is synonymous with high-quality items which comes from their commitment to the sport of skating. If nothing in the market suits your taste, Hvper Sport offers customisation of your skate design. Including choice of material, colour and shape. Apart from inline skates, Hvper Sport also sells roller skates, a.k.a “quad skates” which have two parallel wheels in front and another two at the back.

    Hvper Sport, 1 Pasir Ris Close, Ehub @Downtown East #05-103/104 Singapore, Singapore 519599, +65 9694 4094,

  • Best-Shops-To-Buy-Scooters-Roller-Blades-And-Skateboards-In-Singapore-Decathlon

    DECATHLON: Multiple Outlets *Where To Buy Scooters, Blades And Skates In Singapore

    One Stop Shop For All Things Skate & Scoot

    In 2016, the active lifestyle of Singaporeans took a turn for the better when Decathlon set up its first flagship store in Chai Chee. Decathlon has made its mark as the go to shop for cheap but well-built sporting goods in Singapore. Perfect for anyone who is keen to try out a new sport without investing too much into the sport before deciding if they like it or not. A one-stop shop, Decathlon has everything. Inline skates, roller skates, skateboards, longboards, cruisers, and all accessories that you may need for it. You might even have a look around the endless rows of shelves and leave with skating shoes, protective skating gear, and tools to switch up the wheels of the skates yourself!

    Decathlon, Multiple Locations,

  • Best-Shops-To-Buy-Scooters-Roller-Blades-And-Skateboards-In-Singapore-Freeskate-Inline

    FREESKATE INLINE: Ang Mo Kio *Where To Buy Scooters, Blades And Skates In Singapore

    Caters To Specific Needs & Modifications

    Learn how to skate as a family in the heartlands with Freeskate Inline. Freeskate Inline is located conveniently opposite Bishan Park two, with an exclusive level surface in the park reserved for their lessons. Being former professional inline skaters, Freeskate Inline distinguishes itself from others as a shop that can cater to specific needs and modifications that you may require. When COVID-19 measures limited outdoor skating sessions, the instructors at Freeskate Inline conducted lessons through Zoom! With this level of commitment to skating, we can expect the best from the recommendations of the instructors when it comes to choosing the right pair of inline skates.

    Freeskate Inline, 338 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, #01-1649, Singapore 560338, +65 6452 2838,

  • Best-Shops-To-Buy-Scooters-Roller-Blades-And-Skateboards-In-Singapore-Toys-R-Us

    TOYS"R"US: Multiple Locations *Where To Buy Scooters, Blades And Skates In Singapore

    Scooters & Skates For Younger Kids

    Toys”R”Us holds a special place in the hearts of many in Singapore. For a majority of Singaporeans, it was the store that grew old with us. Entering Toys”R”Us brings excitement to both kids and adults alike and for good reason. Bringing in a carefully selected range of products designed to spark interest in kids to explore and learn through play. Apart from being an official distributor of Globber in Singapore, Toys”R”Us boasts a selection of inline skates, skateboards, and ride-ons. If you do decide to head down to your nearest Toys”R”Us store to get a pair of skates, be prepared to leave with more than just that!

    Toys”R”Us, Multiple Locations,

  • Best-Shops-To-Buy-Scooters-Roller-Blades-And-Skateboards-In-Singapore-Mothercare

    MOTHERCARE: Multiple Outlets *Where To Buy Scooters, Blades And Skates In Singapore

    Scooter Options For Younger Kids

    Young parents looking to introduce their child to a ride-on, look no further! Mothercare Singapore has scooter options including Globber’s Go Up Sporty. Go Up Sporty is a versatile 3-wheel scooter with three interchangeable modes. Allowing your child to progress through the stages as they develop their motor skills to eventually scoot around independently. Head down to one of the 11 stores in Singapore to check out their range of ride-ons before committing to the purchase.

    Mothercare, 1 Maritime Square #03-05/06/07, Harbourfront Centre, Singapore 099253 (Flagship), Other Locations,

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