Best Skateparks In Singapore

Where To Whizz About With The Kids!


Skateboarding has grown in popularity, and there are plenty of parks, small and large that are great for beginners and experts. So if your child is trying it out for the first time and is all padded out, or your teen is quite the expert, there is a park near you where you can watch your kid whizzing around. Check out Singapore’s best skate parks right here!

  • Skateboarding Trick

    Orchard/Somerset Skate Park

    Conveniently located on Somerset road, the Orchard/Somerset skatepark is perfect for kids with experience. There are stairs to slide down, ramps to test your balancing skills, and show off your tricks. The park is often busy at the weekend, so make friends and share tips on the best new moves!


    Somerset Skate Park, 1 Somerset Rd, Singapore 238162

  • Skateboarding Trick

    Xtreme Skate Park

    Xtreme SkatePark is designed to synergize with the beach setting and to give users and spectators a unique 'by the sea' experience. The entire skate park occupies an area of 1.4 ha and comprises a combo bowl, a vertical bowl and a streetcourse covering 0.4 ha. The Streetcourse caters to all riders. The Streetcourse consists of a mix of street obstacles, including stairs, handrails, ledges and gaps to enable progression from lower level ramps to more advanced areas.


    Xtreme Skate Park, EAST Coast Park, Car Park F1.

  • Skateboard Park

    Bishan Harmony Park

    This park was built in 2009 and is located at Bishan Road and Braddell Road. It is open to the public and skaters of all ages and abilities. The park is opposite Raffles Institution and is a short 10-minute skate ride from the MRT downhill. There’s a bowl and plenty of ramps for skating around.


    Bishan Harmony Park Skate Park, Bishan Road

  • Little Girl At A Skate Park

    Woodlands Skatepark

    The skatepark consists of SkateWave obstacles, SkateWave is modular skatepark brand, owned by a playground manufacturer. The park is extremely small so it’s good for beginners. There is a mini ramp which is great for first time skaters. SAS kids will love its convenient location.


    Woodlands Skatepark, located along the park connector

  • Girl On Skateboard

    Skate Park Indoor Stadium

    The Sports Hub Skate Park is located near the northern sector of the 100PLUS Sports Promenade (Level Three) featuring a park course with rails, a fun-box and a mini-quarter pipe. The Park boasts a variety of basic ramps and obstacles for action sports enthusiasts. This facility is open to action sports enthusiasts to skate, roller-blade or ride their BMXs on a daily basis.


    Skate Park Singapore Indoor

  • Chinese Gardens Lakeside Skatepark

    Chinese Gardens Lakeside Skatepark

    Located within the Chinese gardens, this is a small skatepark. It’s perfect for beginners who are looking to perfect their moves. There are a couple of ramps, benches and small steps to get young skaters on the right track. It’s also good for BMX riders too!


    Chinese Gardens Lakeside Skatepark, 1 Chinese Garden Road, Singapore 619795

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