Nomi is the next generation of highchair that features an ergonomic design that stimulates the child’s freedom of movement whilst providing the needed support.

Peter Opsvik designed the Nomi Highchair for babies and toddlers to be able to sit together with their parents on the main dining table. The Nomi Highchair’s ergonomic features enable a stable platform that inspires many different positions for the child, just so that the child can sit safely and with free movement on it. Evolving with the child’s changing needs for support at the family table, the Nomi Highchair allows the child to stay active and mobile in many different sitting positions.

Made of a mixture of FSC certified wood and recyclable plastic that is entirely free from harmful substances, the use of plastics made it possible to create a chair with organic forms, thus ensuring the optimal fit for small bodies. The molded shape of the frame ensures that the seat always has the correct depth in relation to the seat height. The seat and footrest also have a light rough surface to prevent the child from slipping down.