Introducing a new 12,000 sq ft kids entertainment hub at Pasarbella@Grandstand! Said to be one of Singapore’s largest indoor play areas, the place boasts to be an integrated playground for parents-kids, to enhance your kiddos enrichment physically and intellectually. The play hub focuses on eight aspects of developmental skills, namely verbal-linguistic, interpersonal, logical-mathematical, naturalist, musical-rhythmic, intra-personal, bodily-kinesthetic, and visual-spatial.

There is a wide range of interactive game machines, self-exploration zones, a performance stage and a gigantic castle to cater to the needs of all types of children, ranging from tots to kids aged 10 years. The Forest is the indoor playground area, with a jungle theme and 3-level climbing frame. There’s even an amusement center filled with arcade games, a beach play space and craft area! Looking for a full day of amusement for your kiddos, Kidzland is definitely it!