Unique Ways To Recharge Your Mind And Body In Singapore

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Feeling stressed out? Overwhelmed? Looking to enrich your regular routine? Or just itching for a change of pace? There are just so many things we need to handle each day and it is challenging to find time to keep our body, mind, and soul healthy at all times. Don’t wait until you’re entirely burnt out before you seek ways to recharge your mind and body. These wellness, mindfulness, and creative programs use stress-releasing creative expression and invigorating intentional movements to help you – and/or your kids – recharge, realign, and develop nurturing skills and practices with invaluable long-term benefits for your body, mind, and soul.

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  • Unique Ways To Recharge in Singapore Blue Sky Escapes

    BLUE SKY ESCAPES: Emergence of Self – Finding Stillness Retreat for Adults

    This one is for the parents whose batteries are so strained and drained, they yearn for a factory reset. Though we humans may not come with replaceable parts and reset buttons, there are invigorating, perspective-shifting wellness retreats that allow you to hit the pause button, find stillness and get back to your (rediscovered) self. Our favorite one is Blue Sky Escapes’ ongoing series of incredible solo or couple 3-day, 2-night Emergence of Self Retreats.

    Taking place periodically at the gorgeous, century-old Villa Samadhi nestled within the lush flora of Labrador Nature Reserve, the retreat combines embodied movement sessions, active meditations, mindful silences, sound healing, interactive journeys, nourishing food and more to teach you the art of awareness and re-align you inside-out.

    Blue Sky Escapes,

  • Unique Ways To Recharge in Singapore Urban Yogis

    URBAN YOGIS: Specialty Yoga Sessions for Adults + Kids

    Maybe what you need – or all you can afford – is a weekly time slot reserved for honoring your body and yourself. Besides sharing Villa Samadhi for incredible and versatile yoga retreats, Urban Yogis offers a range of workshops and events, classes and explorations. Check their calendar for specialty yoga sessions like Urban Yoga, free Yoga by the Beach, Yoga in Bloom, Yoga and Brunch at Mount Faber Peak and in-person workshops like Sound & Singing Bowl Fundamentals. They also sporadically organize the wondrous Sound & Mindfulness for Kids workshop for kids aged 3 to 8 that promotes everyday mindfulness, deep listening and interactive sensory play.

    Urban Yogis,

  • Unique Ways To Recharge in Singapore COMO Shambhala

    COMO SHAMBHALA URBAN ESCAPE: Mindfulness & Therapeutic Arts for Kids

    This one is for your kiddos, though COMO Shambhala offers something for everyone – from mindfulness to physiotherapy, this wellness center derives knowledge from both East and West to help you discover the infinite possibilities of a rebalanced body, mind and spirit. But what we like the most is their kids’ class that combines art, mindfulness activities and movement exercises that stretch young bodies and minds. Also check out the 3-day Awaken Joy Holistic Kids Camp running from June 21 to August 11, 2021, on a weekly basis.

    COMO Shambhala Urban Escape,

  • Unique Ways To Recharge in Singapore Artist Tique Co Art Studio

    ARTIST TIQUE CO ART STUDIO: Achieve Well-being through Art for Adults

    This biophilic art studio aims to create a better world by enabling people to discover a fulfilling purpose and meaning in their lives – by using art as a way for achieving wellbeing and attaining life goals. If this sounds like something you’re missing, sign up for one of their Art for Wellness classes that include mind-shifting experiences, artistic explorations with silk painting, pet painting with watercolor, creating moss gardens, glass décor and more!

    Artist Tique Co Art Studio,

  • Unique Ways To Recharge in Singapore RE:QI

    RE:QI: Retreats for Conscious Living & Holistic Wellbeing for Adults

    RE:QI brings one-of-a-kind retreat experiences designed to help you reconnect with your whole self. Their retreats are immersive, multidimensional and intimate, exposing you to a wide range of practices across multiple disciplines. Join their beautifully balanced 3-day 2-night Nature Getaway at Villa Samadhi and treat yourself to an acupressure massage, forest bathing, movement medicine, Tai Chi, mindful journaling, barefoot walking meditations and more. Upcoming retreats worth checking out include Urban Revival (2D1N) and Art Remedy (1 day).


  • Unique Ways To Recharge in Singapore Creative Classes

    CREATIVE CLASSES: Hands-On Activities for Families

    Getting crafty with your loved ones is therapeutic, confidence-boosting and a perfect opportunity for meaningful bonding time. Roll up your sleeves and learn how to prepare Western and Asian comfort food, make leather pocket money pouches, build your own terrarium, create a piece of homeware from resin and let your imagination and hands run wild in a family pottery class. These activities are fantastic for your kid’s development and perfectly soothing for your sore soul!

    Creative Classes for Families,

  • Unique Ways To Recharge in Singapore Mindfulness Classes

    MINDFULNESS CLASSES: Practicing Mindfulness for Kids

    Just because they aren’t the ones paying the bills, it doesn’t mean that our kids are leading stress-free lives – on the contrary. Even if your kids don’t struggle with anxieties and insecurities, giving them the tools to navigate them when they do arise, in whatever form, is arguably the best thing you can do for your kids in this ever-changing world. Here’s our choice selection of mindfulness classes and workshops that will show your kiddo how to cope with challenges – and fully enjoy the present!

    Mindfulness Classes for Kids,

  • Unique Ways To Recharge in Singapore Family Friendly Staycations

    FAMILY-FRIENDLY HOTELS: Book a Family-Focused Staycation

    Sometimes a change of scenery (and a bit of indulgence) is all you need. Take a breather – or go on an adventure, depending on what charges your batteries – at one of Singapore’s best family-friendly hotels. Let the hotel take care of your needs as you reconnect with yourself and your family. Enjoy kid-focused packages that will keep your kids entertained while you relax in a pool, catch up on your reading or explore the city from your temporary home-away-from-home base.

    Family Friendly Hotels,

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