Best Personal Fitness Trainers In Singapore

Get Your Body, Mind, And Diet Back On Track!

Personal Fitness Trainers In Singapore

Heading to the gym is easier said than done. Sometimes, we need that motivational push from someone else. That’s where a personal fitness trainer comes in, to get our body, mind, and diet back on track. Whether it’s for virtual classes or sessions in the comfort of your own home, check out this list of the best personal trainers in Singapore.

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  • Ezfit Singapore

    EZFIT: Orchard *Best Personal Fitness Trainers In Singapore

    Personal Training For Kids Available

    If you’re looking for some motivation to kickstart your exercise journey, engage a personal trainer from Ezit, who can plan a curation routine from SG$130 to SG$170 per session. On top of normal fitness regimes, they also offer personal training for kids, pre and post natal exercise and boot camps.

    Ezfit, 9 Ardmore Park, Singapore 259955, +65 9007 9742,

  • Smartfit

    SMARTFIT: Tanglin *Best Personal Fitness Trainers In Singapore

    Specializes In Pilates

    Smartfit is a cozy fitness studio that specializes in pilates. They hold personalized private sessions for rehabilitation and for those who prefer a more one-on-one session. With the help of modern equipment and curated programs, you will build your confidence level step by step to reach your ultimate fitness goals.

    SmartFit, 91 Tanglin Rd, #01-01 & #04-03, Tanglin Place, Singapore 247918, +65 8571 8549,

  • Donna O Shea Fitness

    DONNA O’SHEA FITNESS: Multiple Locations *Best Personal Fitness Trainers In Singapore

    Exercise In The Comfort Of Your Home

    Known to be one of the top personal trainers in Singapore, Donna O’Shea hails from London and is also certified as a pilates instructor. She caters to her clients by offering training services at their home or in a gym. She also ensures her sessions are personalized to each person’s concerns and requirements. In no time, you’ll be breaking a sweat and getting your optimal exercises in!

    Donna O’Shea Fitness, multiple locations,

  • Freddy Personal Training

    FREDDY PERSONAL TRAINING: Multiple Locations *Best Personal Fitness Trainers In Singapore

    Complementary Nutrition Advice

    With plenty of client testimonials, Freddy Personal Training has successfully transformed the body and fitness of many in Singapore. Training is done anywhere that’s convenient for the client, whether it’s at the park or at home. On top of the exercise sessions, clients are also given customized nutrition advice to best complement their fitness journey.

    Freddy Personal Training, multiple locations,

  • Ultimate Performance

    ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE: Downtown *Best Personal Fitness Trainers In Singapore

    Personal And Online Training In The CBD

    Ultimate Performance offers personal training in a nice clean well-equipped gym with friendly trainers. They understand how to get lasting results by integrating exercises and focussing on nutrition and structured bespoke gym programs. There is even an online program available if you can’t make it to the gym, which is 6 weeks of workouts, diet reviews, and plans, as well as direct access to your personal trainer.

    Ultimate Performance, #01-01 Manulife Tower, 8 Cross Street, Singapore, Singapore 048424, +65 6536 8649,

  • Urban Active Fitness

    URBAN ACTIVE FITNESS: Multiple Locations *Best Personal Fitness Trainers In Singapore

    At Your Doorstep Personal Training

    Urban Active Fitness is a unique online community that puts you in touch with a diverse portfolio of experienced, certified, and trusted personal trainers in Singapore, that will train you at your convenience. Their personal fitness instructors bring their expertise alongside an arsenal of training equipment to ensure a holistic workout experience. What’s even better? Private personal training helps with time-saving, transport costs, and membership fees!

    Urban Active Fitness, multiple locations, +65 9145 0605,

  • One Personal Training

    ONE PERSONAL TRAINING: Raffles Place *Best Personal Fitness Trainers In Singapore

    Science-Based Personal Training In Singapore

    One Personal Training is well known for its personalized plans backed by science. These plans include a 12-week high-intensity training program and diet plans to suit your needs. One Personal Training also offers a 4-step plan that makes it easier to provide personalized training and fitness programs for you. It includes an assessment, nutrition planning, and training, and a follow-up.

    One Personal Training, 137 Cecil Street, #12-02/03/04/05, Cecil Building,
    Singapore 069537, +65 6226 2128,

  • Ufit Singapore

    UFIT SINGAPORE: Multiple Locations *Best Personal Fitness Trainers In Singapore

    Over 40 Personal Trainers

    UFIT Personal Training boasts an experienced and trained team of over 40 personal trainers that hail from different athletic backgrounds like bodybuilding, professional boxing, and MMA. You can also work with their staff of health coaches, rehab specialists, nutritionists, and physiotherapists to get you in the best shape possible. There are also specifically tailored fitness plans available based on your lifestyle, diet, medical history, and injuries.

    UFIT Singapore, multiple locations, +65 6250 2944,

  • My Fitness Comrade

    MY FITNESS COMRADE: Kakit Bukit *Best Personal Fitness Trainers In Singapore

    Tailored Fitness Plan

    My Fitness Comrade offers training for a range of people and their personal goals, spanning senior citizens and  new mums. You pick your requirements for the training session, how much you are looking to spend, and whether you want a home trainer or online trainer. My Comrade Fitness will then match you with a suitable personal trainer, which will grant you a tailored plan and regular reviews to keep your progress in check

    My Fitness Comrade, 18 Kaki Bukit Road 3, #02-13, Kaki Bukit, Singapore 415978, +65 8776 6850,

  • Mums In Sync

    MUMS IN SYNC: Multiple Locations *Best Personal Fitness Trainers In Singapore

    Effective Fitness Training For Mums In Singapore

    Mums In Sync, was created by Kareen Lai in 2013 as a way for mums to learn about sustainable nutrition and exercise, and to give them confidence with their post-baby bodies. There are a number of different ways to learn with Mums In Sync - from one-on-one in-person sessions, to live classroom learning, as well as an online classroom.

    Mums In Sync, multiple locations, +65 9880 0510,

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