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In celebration of Mother’s Day, Little Steps is honoring these inspiring and extraordinary moms who are rockin’ it at home and for some managing one or more businesses too! Read on to discover more about them, their passions, legacy, and what spurs them on every single day. We present, Moms Who Rock Singapore 2022!

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  • Happiness Scientists Sha-En Yeo

    SHA-EN YEO: Founder of Happiness Scientists *Moms Who Rock Singapore

    Positive Psychology Expert & Mom of Two

    Sha-En Yeo has trained more than 10,000 people in schools and organizations in the research and practice of Positive Psychology. She graduated with a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and since then, has been on the path to train organisations, schools, parents, and individuals in this whole business of finding and sustaining happiness. She set up Happiness Scientists in 2019 and has trained over 20,000 people in Singapore and beyond! This number one best-selling author has also been featured in MyExecutive, Chasing Happiness documentary, CNA938, MONEY 89.3FM, and Business Times’ “A Formula for Happiness” and “The Meaning of Life”.

  • Cynthea Lam Little Steps Asia

    CYNTHEA LAM: Founder of Super Farmers *Moms Who Rock Singapore

    The Super Farmer & Mom of Two

    Cynthea Lam founded Super Farmers after her daughter had a life-threatening case of pneumonia caused by food colorings. Her daughter was just three. Not only did Cynthea leave her corporate role, but she started cooking simple, nutritious, and delicious meals with wholesome and organic ingredients. The lifestyle shift brought healing to her 30-year struggle with eczema and chronic insomnia. Cynthea has grown Super Farmers into a movement across Singapore by providing food they can trust, selling urban farming supplies, and conducting workshops for children and moms. She says, "I feel that life is a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see. If we see hope, there is hope. If we see darkness, there is darkness. So I hope that everyone sees and believes in hope. Because “Hope is the only thing stronger than fear!”.

  • WeBarre Anabel Chew Moms Who Rock Singapore

    ANABEL CHEW: Founder of WeBarre *Moms Who Rock Singapore

    Flutist, Ballerina, Barre Enthusiast And Mom of Two

    Anabel Chew is the founder of Singapore's first barre studio WeBarre. Her classes teach ballet-inspired moves with elements of pilates, yoga, and strength training, plus they also offer pre-and post-natal classes too! She's also a beauty and style guru, fitness instructor, and founder of Tiger Moms, a community for moms, to support each other, share tips and ideas, and other valuable resources. She's also a former professional flutist! Wow!

  • Moms Who Rock Ase Wang In Singapore

    ASE WANG: Actress, Model, Entrepreneur *Moms Who Rock Singapore

    Fashion Queen and Mama to a Little Girl, Kaya

    Born of Chinese and Swedish descent, Singaporean actress and model, Ase Wang, has a fertility success story that is truly an inspiration to all moms. She has shared her journey on her Instagram to raise more awareness about infertility in women. After a fertility check in 2017, Ase discovered that she would have difficulties conceiving naturally due to her low reserve of eggs. At the advice of her doctors, she decided to freeze her eggs at a hospital in Bangkok. Although she had wanted to have the procedure done in Singapore, the law states that egg freezing can only be done for medical reasons. From March 28, Singapore allows women to freeze their eggs. The news was welcomed by Ase and many other women facing similar fertility issues.

  • Moms Who Rock 2022 Velda Tan

    VELDA TAN: Founder of Our Second Nature *Moms Who Rock Singapore

    Mom of One and Another on the Way!

    Velda started her entrepreneurial journey with a home-grown fashion label and spearheaded it to become one of Singapore’s leading e-commerce destinations. After leaving her executive position in 2013, Velda pursued other interests and completed various fashion design courses. She founded her first ready-to-wear womenswear line, Collate, in 2015, and launched a lifestyle label, Our Second Nature, in 2016. Velda is mom to a three-year-old who was conceived via Assisted Reproductive Technology. She runs various support groups with a mission to help fertility-challenged women through their journeys. She's currently pregnant with baby number two!

  • Andrea Chong Drea Chong DC Edit Singapore

    ANDREA CHONG: Professional Blogger/Influencer *Moms Who Rock Singapore

    Social Media Star with a Little One on the Way!

    Andrea Chong also known as Drea Chong, is a professional Singaporean blogger and influencer. She's also the brains behind DC Edit, a platform where you will find conversations about, deep dives into, and all the good scoops on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. The site is dedicated to stories that speak to its audience -- the independent, curious, and adventurous. She's mama to a little boy and one more along the way!

  • Ramita Anand Moms Who Rock Singapore

    RAMITA ANAND: Founder of Elevate.RA *Moms Who Rock Singapore

    Encouraging Lightbulb Moments

    Ramita is really rather inspiring. She’s a teacher, mum of two, podcast host, and founder of Elevate.RA. Ramita furthered her teaching career and trained to work with children with learning differences. Her son was diagnosed with autism at the age of four, so she is well-practiced at working with his cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. She loves nothing more than to see the spark in a child’s face during a lightbulb moment. Elevate RA mentors and empowers girls from nine to 13-years-old. She teaches five superpowers - confidence, emotional literacy, kindness, empathy, and resilience and allows children to explore their own capabilities.

  • Tjin Lee Moms Who Rock Singapore

    TJIN LEE: Founder of Mercury Marketing & Communications *Moms Who Rock Singapore

    Entrepreneur, Globetrotter & Mama to Two Boys

    Mom of two young boys, Tyler and Jake, Tjin Lee is the powerhouse behind Mercury Marketing & Communications, a digitally integrated PR and events company offering marketing, event management, public relations, digital and social marketing, and influencer engagement. The company runs some of Singapore’s prestigious key events, such as Singapore Fashion Week. Tjin speaks up against undue educational pressure on children under the Life Beyond Grades movement and advocates support for the events industry during the pandemic. She balances motherhood, home, work and supports young female entrepreneurs who want to make their businesses a reality. She also finds time to spend lots of time with her children and her hugely supportive husband.

  • Love Bonito Rachel Lim Singapore

    RACHEL LIM: Founder of Love Bonito *Moms Who Rock Singapore

    Advocate for Female Empowerment & Mom of One

    Rachel Lim believes that Love, Bonito is not just in the business of fashion, but ultimately in the business of women. She is an avid self-starter whose mantra to live life on the edge has propelled her and Love, Bonito to the forefront of the regional fashion industry. She has spoken and headlined at TEDx, the Asia Retail Leaders Conference, the Great Women of Our Time Forum, the Future is Female conference and more. She is passionate about female empowerment and building communities. Rachel is mom to her little boy, Oliver.

  • Slowhouse Bella Koh Singapore

    BELLA KOH: SLOWHOUSE *Moms Who Rock Singapore

    Supermom To Daughter, Cats And A Dog

    Bella Koh is a supermom to her [human] daughter, six cats, and a dog. She seamlessly manages to juggle her busy life at a slow pace. Since giving birth to Alessandra, Bella has intentionally slowed down to experience moments of pure joy through her tiny person. She runs the lifestyle boutique S L O W H O U S E, which encourages her clients to slow down their pace of life and take time to be aware of their surroundings and be mindful of their five senses. Becoming vegan and practicing yoga allows her to see the big picture. Bella is also a food stylist and has worked with countless clients, including Tesco, Netflix, SMEG, and Dyson. Her workshops feature delicious soups and desserts.

  • Label of Love Studio Audrey Tan Singapore

    AUDREY TAN: Founder of Label of Love Studio *Moms Who Rock Singapore

    Audrey started Label of Love Studio as she was on the hunt for name labels when her first kid was about to start school. As she couldn't find any nice designs in the local market, she decided to design her own labels and the rest is history. Audrey left the corporate world and dived straight into Label of Love Studio. Running her own business meant that she can control and schedule meetings around her family's schedule. Her kids are now 14 and 10, so she has more time to focus on her business. As Audrey says, "It's one crazy ride on the entrepreneur journey, and I've taught myself to enjoy the ride. The journey may not be smooth sailing all the way, but riding it out with the family turns difficult moments into bearable ones and good moments into super ones!"

  • Moms Who Rock Melissa Koh Singapore

    MELISSA KOH: Lifestyle Blogger, Influencer *Moms Who Rock Singapore

    Mom to Two Boys, Social Media Queen & Entrepreneur

    Melissa Koh is a lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur. She started out her career in a reputable bank before deciding to pursue her dreams as an entrepreneur and content creator. In the pursuit of her passion, it has led her to work with many reputable brands such as Moët & Chandon, Hera Beauty, Revolve, Dior, Coach, Kate Spade, Tods, Carolina Herrera, Tiffany & Co, Swarovski, Singapore Airlines, The Belmond Group, Hotels, and Tourism Boards around the world. She recently welcomed baby number two, Asher with her husband, James Chen.

  • Moms Who Rock Aarika Lee

    AARIKA LEE: Marketing Head of Elementary Co. *Moms Who Rock Singapore

    Dreamer And Storyteller

    Creative, musical, dreamer, and storyteller, Aarika Lee heads up the marketing division of Elementary Co. in Singapore. She and her husband, the rapper Lion City Boy are the shining stars of the music scene have two children, Zola Mae and Ari Jon. Aarika juggles her influencer family life with music, fashion, great food, and a love of the outdoors. She puts her motherhood successes down to having a supportive husband and family unit.

  • Moms Who Rock Tammy Tay Singapore

    TAMMY TAY: Founder of Fickle Beauty *Moms Who Rock Singapore

    Online Personality & Mom of Two

    Tammy Tay has worn many hats as one of the first influencers, a lifestyle blogger, an online eCommerce store owner, and an interior designer. Her latest success is Fickle Beauty, a beauty studio that helps women and men learn more about skincare and the necessary routine to maintain a healthy complexion. She also has an online store for an extraordinary range of products that combat acne, scarring, aging, and supply nutrients for healthy skin. The aim is to simplify the buying process for consumers to buy safe beauty products. She has two children, Elroy and Ellie.

  • Moms Who Rock Jill Lim Radio Presenter Singapore

    JILL LIM: Radio Presenter *Moms Who Rock Singapore

    KISS92 Personality and Mama to Lily!

    Jill Lim has a way with words. She's a radio DJ, writer, and storyteller to Lily, her daughter. Jill already hosts her own radio show on KISS92 and writes for various platforms across the city. She's a very real mum, and her Instagram feed shows everything cutesie, messy, and sleepless. Jill is a bag of fun; you can see that throughout her amusing posts and stories. Follow her for some everyday realness.

  • Lily Low Lilo Ikan Bilis Singapore

    LILY LOH: Founder of LILO Ikan Bilis *Moms Who Rock Singapore

    Spicy Business and Proud Mama

    Lily Loh was inspired by her first daughter Lauren and her fussy eating. Her spice business was an offshoot of helping her daughter and friend's children eat better. Ikan bilis is the fishy anchovy that, when dried, is packed full of nutrients and flavor and contains very little harmful sodium. The ikan bilis is carefully crafted in an SFA-licensed factory in Singapore. Lily has experimented with her R&D team with various soaking timings and different temperature variations to ensure the best tasting product. They’ve carried out extensive tests for the nutritional information panel and shelf life of the products to assure parents that the powder is healthy and free of preservatives, salt, and MSG. The powder can be added to soups, stir-fries and used as a base in other dishes. She’s formed quite a community of other moms sharing their recipes.

  • ALT Jewelry Angie-Lai Tay Moms Who Rock Singapore

    ANGIE LAI-TAY: ALT *Moms Who Rock Singapore

    The Mad Hatter and Mom of Two

    Angie Lai-Tay is the founder and creative brain behind jewelry brand ALT. Mom of two is also the co-founder of online accessories store Curated Editions and fashion label Thavia. She’s full of creative energy that knows no boundaries. She champions statement up-cycled jewelry handcrafted by fair trade artisans in Cambodia and made from spent bombshell casings from the Vietnam war. Angie hopes that the collection inspires declarations of peace and personal strength. Angie likens herself to Alice, “Is she crazy? Well, just like what Alice said to the Mad Hatter: “All the best people usually are.”

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Images are taken from individual mama's Instagram page.

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