Top Places To Buy Mooncakes 2023 In Singapore

Traditional + Snowskin + Unique Flavors

Best-Places-To-Buy-Mooncake-InterContinental Singapore

The main highlight of the Mid-Autumn Festival is no doubt the Mooncakes! From the flaky Teochew mooncakes and crispy Shanghai mooncakes to modern variations like ice cream and chocolate mooncakes, there is an endless variety of Mooncakes available. The most commonly found versions in Singapore are the traditional baked lotus paste Cantonese mooncake and all-time favorite snow skin mooncake. In line with ongoing sustainability efforts, many bakeries are now offering exotic and beautifully crafted mooncake boxes and pouches that can be repurposed into organizers and bags for daily use. Check out some of the best places to buy mooncakes and grab your hands on early bird specials!

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  • Best-Places-To-Buy-Mooncake-Ginger.Lily

    GINGER.LILY: Orchard *Best Places To Buy Mooncakes In Singapore

    Early bird and bulk purchase discounts available 

    Immerse yourself into an interactive garden experience while savoring on the assortment of traditional and contemporary mooncake flavors with Hilton Singapore Orchard! Their botanical-inspired packaging features a two-tired emerald drawer wrapped in a furoshiki cloth, which unveils an enthralling display of animated flowers when you use your mobile device to hover over the box. Featuring classics like white lotus with yolks, the team also offers asian-inspired flavors like matcha black sesame and gula melaka with azuki.

    Early Bird discount available for orders made by 27 August 2023

    Ginger.Lily, 333 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238867, www.sevenrooms.com/hsogingerlily 

  • Best-Places-To-Buy-Mooncake-Peach Blossoms

    PEACH BLOSSOMS: Raffles *Best Places To Buy Mooncakes In Singapore

    Pretty looking and useful mooncake boxes

    Popular for their elegant and multi-purpose mooncake boxes, this year, Peach Blossoms presents 2 unique boxes - Celestial Chest and Moonlit Pavilion - which can be transformed into a storage box for watches and a bedside lamp respectively. Their mooncake collection features various traditional flavors like double yolk with lotus paste and single yolk with white lotus, as well as their popular charcoal black sesame paste with melon seed and gold dust.

    Super Early Bird discount of 30% off available for orders made by 28 July 2023, Early Bird discount of 25% off available for orders made by 28 August 2023 and regular discounts of 20% available for orders made by 29 September 2023

    Peach Blossoms, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039594, www.panpacific.com 

  • Best-Places-To-Buy-Mooncake-5 ON 25

    5 ON 25: Bugis *Best Places To Buy Mooncakes In Singapore

    Incorporates Singapore’s heritage and nature

    Specially curated by upscale Cantonese restaurant Head Chef, indulge four handcrafted baked mooncakes at 5 ON 25 at Andaz Singapore and flavors and decors inspired by the hotel’s neighborhood, Kampong Glam. Indulge in interesting flavors like Citrus Surprise, which includes a trio of caramel, miso and yuzu and Gula Galore which infuses lotus paste, gula melaka and pecan nuts for that extra crunch. The mooncakes are carefully packed in a two-tiered box resembling a shophouse in the 1840s to 1900s.

    Early Bird discount of 35% off available for orders made by 31 July 2023

    5 ON 25, 5 Fraser St, Level 25 Andaz, Singapore 189354, www.andazsg.com

  • Best-Places-To-Buy-Mooncake-Janice Wong Pure Imagination

    JANICE WONG PURE IMAGINATION: Multiple Outlets *Best Places To Buy Mooncakes In Singapore

    Combines art and design into edible creations 

    Dedicated to all things sweet, this versatile confectionery brand features a huge selection of innovative desserts. This Mid-Autumn festival, the brand offers 3 variations of mooncake - snowskin, baked and chocolate. Their snowskin and baked mooncakes feature Japanese inspired flavors like Osmanthus Figs, Kuromitsu Sea Salt and Kinako Macadamia. Or opt for their signature chocolate mooncake which comes with familiar flavors like peanut brittle and vanilla biscoff, and each is marked by intricate hand-dripped paint.

    Available for pick up from 14 August 2023

    Janice Wong Pure Imagination, Check website for locations, www.janicewong.online 

  • Best-Places-To-Buy-Mooncake-Pulse Patisserie

    PULSE PATISSERIE: Clarke Quay *Best Places To Buy Mooncakes In Singapore

    Unique snow skin mooncake flavors

    This Mid-Autumn festival, Pulse Patisserie is offering a touch of luxury to your mooncakes with their Imperial Doors box. Packaged within a stunning red box, their snow skin mooncakes come in four versions including adventurous flavors like Fizzy Popping Candy and other unique varieties like Yuzu and Imperial Osmanthus Tea and Peanut Butter and Crunchy Chocolate. Enjoy early bird discounts when you order before the end of July!

    Early Bird discount of 15% off available for orders made by 31 July 2023

    Pulse Patisserie, 42 North Canal Rd, Singapore 059298, www.pulsepatisserie.com 

  • Best-Places-To-Buy-Mooncake-InterContinental Singapore

    INTERCONTINENTAL SINGAPORE: Bugis *Best Places To Buy Mooncakes In Singapore

    Snowskin mooncakes with chocolate truffle center

    Infusing delicate floral notes and tea profiles in every bite, InterContinental Singapore’s snowskin mooncakes are thoughtfully crafted into Man Fu Yuan’s iconic rose shape to complement the flavors. You can look forward to refreshing flavors like Honeysuckle Flower with Chrysanthemum, Magnolia Flower with Osmanthus Honey and Rose Flower with Chamomile Tea. The mooncakes come with a striking red leatherette box that can be repurposed into a cosmetics or multipurpose box.

    Early Bird discount of 35% off available for orders made by 23 July 2023

    InterContinental Singapore, 80 Middle Rd, Singapore 188966, www.singapore.intercontinental.com 

  • Best-Places-To-Buy-Mooncake-The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore

    THE CAPITOL KEMPINSKI HOTEL SINGAPORE: City Hall *Best Places To Buy Mooncakes In Singapore

    Petite mooncakes packed in a tin box and canvas bag 

    Welcome the Mid-Autumn festival in style with their new enchanting Celestial collection which features a limited edition canvas bag available in soft blush pink and neutral dusty rose. Savor on classic favorites like Egg Yolk with White Lotus Paste and Mao Shan Wang Durian and unique premium flavors like Champagne Truffle and Pistachio in snowskin. The Mooncakes are packed in a beautiful two-tiered tin box showcasing the glorious design of the Capitol Building and Stamford House.

    Early Bird discount of 30% off available for orders made by 31 July 2023

    The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore, 15 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178906, www.kempinski.com 

  • Best-Places-To-Buy-Mooncake-Golden Moments

    GOLDEN MOMENTS: Geylang *Best Places To Buy Mooncakes In Singapore

    Premium Mao Shan Wang Durian Mooncake 

    Celebrate with the king of fruits this Mid-Autumn Festival with Golden Moments’ durian mooncakes! Savor their Signature Mao Shan Wang (MSW) Durian Snowskin Mooncake made with luscious durian puree, silken charcoal Snowskin and finished with premium gold dust. Their collection features other flavors like Docello Hazelnut Mao Shan Wang, Premium Lychee Martini and Classic Pandan. Enjoy 1 for 1 bundle deal when you purchase a box of 4 mooncakes!

    Golden Moments, 110 Lor 23 Geylang, Victory Centre, Singapore 388410, www.goldenmoments.sg 

  • Best-Places-To-Buy-Mooncake-Hotel Indigo

    HOTEL INDIGO: East Coast *Best Places To Buy Mooncakes In Singapore

    Peranakan inspired packaging and mooncakes

    Hotel Indigo’s Moonlight Sonata collection features artisanal baked skin mooncakes, inspired from the iconic shophouses and vibrant Peranakan heritage culture in the neighborhoods surrounding the Hotel. Packed in an elegant box adorned with Peranakan-inspired motifs, indulge in traditional mooncake flavors like double yolk, single yolk and macadamia nuts. Their limited edition charcoal skin mooncake features a delectable blend of Long Jing tea infused lotus paste and melon seeds.

    Early Bird discount of 30% off available for online orders made by 31 August 2023

    Hotel Indigo, 86 East Coast Road, Katong Square, Singapore 428788, www.ihg.com/moonlight-sonata

  • Best-Places-To-Buy-Mooncake-Mdm Ling

    MDM LING BAKERY: Ang Mo Kio *Best Places To Buy Mooncakes In Singapore

    Free mooncake delivery for order above S$88 

    This homegrown bakery prides themselves in offering trendy and premium self-baked goodies at pocket-friendly prices! This Mooncake Festival, Mdm Ling Bakery is offering 5 types of gift sets with 6 flavor combinations, including Halal and vegetarian options. From Mooncake tin boxes and sustainably designed moncake bags, add a fun twist to your celebration with their Monopoly mooncake game box! Each gift set comes with a choice of classic baked mooncakes and assorted flavors including black sesame peanut butter and belgian double chocolate.

    Early Bird discount of up to 40% off available

    Mdm Ling Bakery, 38 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 #01-05 Singapore 569511, www.mdmlingbakery.com 

  • Best-Places-To-Buy-Mooncake-Shangri-La

    SHANGRI-LA SINGAPORE: Orchard *Best Places To Buy Mooncakes In Singapore

    Unique multi-purpose mooncake boxes

    Enjoy the huge variety of classic favorite and unique mooncakes with Shangri-La this Mooncake Festival! You can savor on reduced sugar versions of the classic white lotus seed paste with single or double yolk and plant-based shanghai mooncake. The hotel also has a Mooncake Brick Set specially curated for the little ones, which includes mini chocolate mooncakes with chocolate chips. Not forgetting the older “kids”, their Cocktail Snowskin Mooncakes includes alcohol infused varieties including a Negroni Cocktail from Origin Bar.

    Super Early Bird discount of 30% off available for orders made by 31 July 2023

    Shangri-La, 22 Orange Grove Rd, Singapore 258350, www.boutique.shangri-la.com 

  • Best-Places-To-Buy-Mooncake-Emicakes

    EMICAKES: Multiple Locations *Best Places To Buy Mooncakes In Singapore

    Multiple locations islandwide

    Established since the 1990s as one of Singapore’s top Durian Cake Maker, check out Emicakes’ snowskin durian mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival! Handcrafted with 100% premium D24 and Mao Shan Wang, each mooncake is encased with a striking yellow and green snowskin, resembling the king of fruits. In addition to the traditional single yolk lotus mooncake, the bakery also offers other assorted flavors like Choco Truffle, Peach Mango, Salted Caramel and Strawberry.

    Emicakes, check website for locations, www.emicakes.com.sg 

  • Best-Places-To-Buy-Mooncake-Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

    WAN HAO CHINESE RESTAURANT: Orchard *Best Places To Buy Mooncakes In Singapore

    Premium baked and snowskin mooncakes

    Indulge in handcrafted mooncakes from award-winning Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant this Mid-Autumn Festival! Their collection features a selection of all-time classic baked favorites with a touch of luxury, including flavors like Imperial Long Jing Tea with Walnuts and their premium Golden Black Truffle Baked Mooncake with Dry-Aged Parma Ham, Pistachio and Single Yolk. Prefer snowskin mooncakes? Wan Hao also offers unique variations like Yuzu Honey Peach Passionfruit Praline and Irish Cream Latte with Baileys Praline.

    Early Bird discount of 25% off and additional 10% off for self-collection available for orders made by 31 July 2023

    Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, 320 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238865, www.wanhaochineserestaurant.com 

  • Best-Places-To-Buy-Mooncake-Gin Thye

    GIN THYE: Sembawang *Best Places To Buy Mooncakes In Singapore

    Traditional and modern flavors

    Well known for their traditional Asian bakes, get swept off your feet with their exclusive range of mooncakes varieties this festive season. Their collection includes traditional baked mooncakes like Salted Egg Yolk, Teochew Flaky mooncake And Shuang Ping Pastry mooncake. For something unique, check out their Lava Treasures series which features sweet and savory gooey centers in each mooncake, or their Nut Fusion Snowskin mooncakes which features Macadamia Yuzu and Pistachio Mint flavors. Super Early Bird 1 for 1 discount available

    Gin Thye, 427 Sembawang Road, Singapore 758394, www.ginthye.com

Additional Info:​

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Ritz-Carlton, www.summerpavilion.com.sg

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, www.celebratorydelights.com/mooncakes

The Westin, www.wsingapore.oddle.me/en_SG

Gardens by the Bay, www.gardensbythebay.com.sg/mooncake

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