Top 10 Weaning Tips For Baby From Milk To Solids

From Milk To Solid Foods


You’re ready for the next stage, weaning from milk to solid foods. When and how do you do it? At what age? What can my little one eat? What can’t my little one eat? Purees or baby led weaning? Bottle, cups or breast? How much milk? How much food? How many portions? What is a portion? Little Steps chatted with Conchita from The Nappy Valley about her top 10 tips for weaning! Check them out below.

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Why Little Steps Loves It:​


1. Wait until your baby can sit up and hold their head up unaided.


2. Remember that from 6-8 months weaning is still about learning i.e. hand and eye co-ordination, de-sensitising, the gag reflex, new textures, smells, tastes etc.


3. Milk, be it breast milk or formula is still an important form of nutrition in the early stages of weaning.


4. Use a combination of traditional purees and finger foods.


5. Introduce a cup without a valve to encourage sipping rather than sucking.


6. Make a record of any new foods until you know the child can tolerate the food with no ill effects.


7.  Consider the age of the child when offering new foods (for example - start off with soft easily digestible foods such as boiled carrots rather than raw carrots).


8. Keep portions small and be guided by the child on how much they need to eat, they have a small stomach at this age!


9. Do not use high sugar or high salt foods.


10.  Make meal times a fun and social time.


Who It's Perfect For:

The Nappy Valley

Conchita is available via skype at:  thenappyvalley

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