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16 Outdoor Water Sports And Activities In Hong Kong To Try Now!

Wakeboarding, Surfing, Kayaking And More In Hong Kong!

Watersports for kids and adults in Hong Kong

If you and your babes are wilting in the summer heat, check out these exciting ways to keep fresh and stay cool in Hong Kong! From surfing to kayaking to skimboarding and kiteboarding, the Little Steps team has rounded up the best of the city’s water adventures to keep your little ones entertained and engaged.  Check out these 10 unique watersports and water activities in Hong Kong.

Want more?  Ocean Park will be opening their huge indoor wave pool (Horizon Cove) soon!  Watch this space!

  • Kids Learning To Surf

    Surfing In Hong Kong: Tai Long Wan And Shek O, Hong Kong

    Surf’s up in many of Hong Kong’s beaches, and while the waves may be mild, it’s the perfect place for your little dudes and dudettes to learn the sport. Try Treasure Island’s five-day, overnight surf camps, including the Grommet Surf Camp for little ones aged 5-9. There’s also an Intermediate Surf Camp (ages 9-12) for confident swimmers, which can be either a one-day lesson or a week-long, overnight program. Surfing Hong Kong also offers kids camps and adult lessons at Big Wave Bay Beach In Hong Kong.

    Treasure Island, Pui O Beach, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, +852 2546 3543,

    Surfing Hong Kong, Big Wave Bay Beach, Shek O, Whatapps +852 6485 1673,,

  • Kayak And Hike Kayaking In The Sea Hong Kong

    Kayaking In Hong Kong: Stanley, Sai Kung, Tai Po, More!

    Hong Kong is loaded with kayak options for families with kids of all ages,  For the full guide by Little Steps, please click here (Best Kayaking Trips With Kids In Hong Kong).  Adventure-seekers are taken to a geological cove, where kayaks are set up to maneuver around the rock formations – this is truly a unique back road to seeing Hong Kong’s hidden natural beauty. Wild Hong Kong offers Kayaking tours and customized tours across Hong Kong. Also, check out all things water at Aqua Bound Centre at Stanley Beach. They offer all kinds of water-based activities and classes.

    Guide To Kayaking With Kids In Hong Kong,

    Sai Kung Kayak Tours And Rentals In Hong Kong:

    Stanley Kayak Tours And Rentals In Hong Kong:

    Family-Friendly Klook Kayak Tours In Hong Kong

    • Tai O Kayak Tours, Tai O, Hong Kong, Book here!
    • Cheung Chau Night Paddle, Cheung Chau, Hong Kong, Book here!
    • Sai Kung Kayakation (Kayak And Camping), Sai Kung, Hong Kong, Book here!
  • Windsurfing

    Windsurfing In Hong Kong: Cheung Chau And Stanley

    Cheung Chau Windsurfing Centre (CCWC) was established in 1975 by Mr. Lai Gun, one of the first ‘Windies’ in Hong Kong. Cheng Chau is also the birthplace of Olympic gold windsurfing medalist Lee Lai San; perhaps your little dudette will take be the next Olympic winner! CCWC is a fully equipped water sports center, offering windsurfers, SUP, and Kayak rentals. You can also opt for one of their windsurfing courses, all taught by experienced coaches.  For Windsurfing in Hong Kong, Cheung Chau is the best but Stanley also offers the sport and lessons too.

    Windsurfing In Cheung Chau:

    Windsurfing In Stanley: Season: September ~ April

  • People Doing Yoga At The Beach

    Stand Up Paddleboarding And SUP Yoga In Hong Kong: Lantau, Sai Kung, And Stanley

    Stand-Up Paddleboarding is becoming one of the hot go-to activities for kids, teens, and families in Hong Kong.  You can read the full guide here on where to go and where to buy and stand-up paddleboards in Hong Kong.  Are you and your little ones very much into yoga? Try something new, and check out SUP Yoga in Hong Kong. It is yoga on a paddleboard! You can experience a true connection to nature, your body and have some water fun. Even the most seasoned yogis will find a new perspective on the board. For the beginners out there, whether on a paddle or practicing yoga, they have an excellent beginner's class.

    Stand Up Paddle Board Guide To Hong Kong,

    Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga In Hong Kong:

  • Kiteboarding

    Kiteboarding In Hong Kong: Cheung Chau, Lamma, And Lantau

    Kiteboarding is great for families who want the thrill of flying up in the air and gliding on the waves. The most popular places to learn are in Cheung Chau, Lamma, and Lantau.  Participants will need to be strong swimmers and mature enough to handle strong, breaking waves, though life-jackets are available.  In Lantau, Davy Tang from Hong Kong Kiteboarding School is your man - he has the experience to help you and your kids learn the art of kiteboarding.  Jerry from Kiteboard Hong Kong is very popular with teens and rates safety as top priority.  He offers great beginner classes too!

    Kiteboarding In Hong Kong:


  • Little Girl Wakeboarding

    Wakeboarding And Wakesurfing In Hong Kong: Sai Kung, Tung Chung, And Tai Tam

    Stay active this summer by grabbing your adventurous bunch and go wakeboarding for the day! The most popular places to wakeboard are Sai Kung, Tung Chung, And Sai Kung. Book up wakeboarding lessons for groups of 4-6 people and can take you out on the water for the day with a qualified instructor that can teach you all the tricks and provide you with all the equipment you need. Kids aged five and up can join in the fun but will need to be accompanied by their parents. Goofy Waves in Sai Kung offers private coaching and summer camps for wakeboarding in Sai Kung! Go on and hit the waves!

    Wakeboarding And Wakesurfing In Stanley / Tai Tam, Hong Kong:

    Wakeboarding And Wakesurfing In Sai Kung, Hong Kong:

  • Scuba Diving

    Scuba Diving In Hong Kong: Sai Kung

    Scuba diving opens up an exciting world of underwater destinations around Asia. Kids aged 8-10 learn basics in the safety of a pool, meanwhile, the Junior Open Water Diver certification course is for tweens aged 10-15 and includes pool work and four one water dives. There are also advanced lessons and first aid classes for those who want to brush up on their skills. For the kids, try Bubblemaker (minimum age is 8 years) at Sai Kung Scuba!

    Scuba Diving In Hong Kong:

  • Skimboarding Hong Kong

    Skimboarding In Hong Kong: Lantau

    If you have no idea what skimboarding is – you’re not alone! Very much like surfing, except the board is smaller and there’s no fin, skimboarding starts on the beach where they rely on the pull of the wave to lead them out onto the sea. Among the many boardsports on offer, Long Coast Seasports in Lantau offers a range of private and small group classes for wee ones starting from 7 years old and even runs a range of competitions for kids under 15, and overnight camps for kids and parents.

    Skimboarding In Hong Kong:

    • Long Coast Seasports, 29 Lower Cheung Sha Village, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, +852 8104 6222/ 2980 3222,
  • More Fun Water Sports Ideas In Hong Kong?

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