DIY Rainbow Bubble Snakes For Kids

A New Way To Blow Bubbles!

Summer holidays are meant for fun in the sun, but the pandemic has placed quite the damper on numerous fun activities. This, however, should not deter you, there are countless fun DIY crafts you can do at home to keep the kiddos entertained, make sure to check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration!

One craft we love to create for fun in the sun is the Rainbow Bubble Snake. A new and wonderful way to blow colorful bubbles. This easy craft is ideal for the younger kids and ideal for siblings of different ages to create something together. This unique DIY activity for the kids that is guaranteed to “blow” them away this summer!



– 1 empty disposable water bottle

– Duct tape or rubber band

– 1 sock (you can finally use the sock missing its match)

– Dish soap

– Food coloring (optional)

– Scissors

– Shallow container



1. Cut the bottom of the water bottle off.

2. Slide the sock over the bottom of the water bottle.

3. Use the tape or a rubber band to secure the sock.

4. Mix dish soap into a shallow container filled with water.

5. Add desired food coloring(s) into the solution.

5. Dip the sock into the solution and gently blow.


And voila, beautiful colorful bubbles should be placing a big smile on your children’s faces!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

A new and unique way to blow bubbles! This fun DIY activity will have the entire family entertained this summer with just a few household items.

Who It's Perfect For:

Anyone is into blowing bubbles, one of the few children’s activities we all still love!

What Else:​

Be sure to remind the kids to exhale, not inhale! This way no bubbles end up in their little throats.

Additional Info:​

You can find the items you need at the online grocery stores in Hong Kong

For food coloring, check out buying baking supplies online in Hong Kong

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