Food safety can be tricky.  Harmful substances can still be present even if you have read the labels, chosen the freshest produce, and washed and cooked them thoroughly.  With a mission to equip consumers with the knowledge to make informed choices about food production (and avoid all the yuckies out there). ANMEZ has designed an innovative device to safeguard families and individuals against harmful nitrates content.

What Are Nitrates?  

*  As suggested by the WHO, the maximum daily intake of nitrates should be 3.7mg/kg per body weight. But with incorrect agricultural practice and increased fertilizer usage, farm produces are found to contain harmful concentration of nitrates, which may increase the risk of poisoning and serious diseases like blue baby syndrome, diabetes, cancer, or Parkinson’s.

Bring On The Greentest:

*  The portable nitrate detector, Greentest, can accurately identify the nitrate level of fruits and veggies in seconds. The easy to use interface is one that even the least tech-savvy can master: just switch on the device, select the type of product to be measured, insert the probe into the produce and wait for the measurements results: green light: safe to eat, yellow light: eat in moderatio, and red light: avoid eating – just like a traffic light. Once the result is clear, users can know immediately whether produce is safe to eat, and hence take suitable actions to neutralize the substance to ensure fruits and veggies that go into you and your precious ones’ stomachs are the safest and healthiest.  Greentest provides a check on your food’s health and protects the health of your family with this simple 3 second test. Smart…we think so!