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We’ve talked a lot about coping during COVID-19 and getting accustomed to a new shared reality that can feel pretty lonely and paralyzing in many ways – the most obvious one being physical. Committing to a workout routine is now perhaps more important – and doable – than ever. We need to compensate for the fact that our mileage meters are temporarily retired by making a conscious choice to move our bodies. We also really need those endorphins to keep us satisfied and our minds calm and clear. On top of it all, workouts triple as the perfect me-time, while they can be something you involve the whole fam in as well! So, here we are with our Top 10 Free Online Fitness Platforms, and here YOU are with no excuses left not to treat your body right. Get down to it and both your body and your mind will thank you!

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Best Online Fitness Apps And Classes


    Fitness Blender is a fitness goldmine containing some 600 versatile, full-length, completely free workout videos brought to you by Kelli and Daniel. These two are personal trainers who thought fitness should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, and proved that good things happen when you put people before profit. Besides the abundance of free videos, their website also offers meal plans and helpful health, nutrition and fitness information. You can also find them on YouTube!



    According to science, Nike’s Training Club app is one of the best you’ll find. Get free, world-class guidance from Nike Master Trainers who create individual and multiweek training programs. There are over 200 workouts and collections for free, and you can get even more content, including nutrition and wellness guidance, with a Premium plan. The app is both incredibly comprehensive, pretty, and user-friendly. Kudos to Nike - we love a hugely successful brand that’s giving back!

    Nike Training


    Science-based, fast, simple, incredibly efficient, and free, J&J Official 7 Minute Workout is arguably the best free fitness app out there. It was designed and pioneered by Chris Jordan, Director of Exercise Physiology at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute and praised endlessly by users and experts around the globe. It offers 22 pre-set workouts of different intensity and duration but also lets you customize to target focus areas and fit perfectly into your schedule. It’s a simple concept that opens up so many options you cannot get bored of it.

    J&J Official 7 Minute


    FreeTrainers is a free online resource that offers free online personalized fitness and nutritional plans. They call themselves the original fitness social network – they are a community of people who help and encourage each other on their journey towards meeting their goals. Their approach is approved by experts and appreciated by countless users around the globe. There are programs, workouts, and exercises for all experience levels, of all durations, and with various areas of focus. You can also find a fitness guide, a nutrition guide, as well as a Forum where you can exchange experiences and seek guidance!


    Now here’s a local trainer who expanded her Hong Kong studio into an online space via a private group on Facebook called Prioritise Your Body. Stacey Hartley knows self-sabotage is no joke. Not one to compromise on you prioritising your body, Stacey wants all her clients to complete three of her workouts each week, either online or in the studio. She wants you to show up as you are, 100% your natural self and 100% willing to put in the work. You can join her classes and work out with her, or go back to them later when they fit your schedule. Click here to join live every Monday and Wednesday!

    Prioritise Your


    NHS's One You is entirely free and provides tips, tools, support, and encouragement with every step of the way. They teach you how to make better choices, improve your overall wellbeing and possibly prevent diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, and reduce the risk of suffering a stroke or living with dementia, disability, and frailty later in life. Start by taking their eye-opening How Are You quiz to get a taste of what they can teach you specifically!



  • FIIT

    The No. 1 rated fitness app FIIT now offers access to the most active online fitness community with no charge, completely free. The free plan offers over 70 workouts led by the most in-demand trainers, training plans, customer support, and workouts that include HIIT, Pilates, yoga, weights & combat classes for all experience levels. It's structured in a way that makes you keep going by encouraging you to one-up yourself – and yourself only!


    Tracy Anderson’s reputation as one of the best celebrity trainers in Hollywood precedes her. Her method was inspired by dance movements and two decades of fitness research and strategy development. Experiencing arguably the world’s most elite fitness classes – and continuously showing up for yourself and your wellness – is an empowering experience with palpable results! She offers two weeks of free online workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. Tracy is a fitness industry giant so there are also free workouts to be found in other places, like this 10-minute and this 15-minute one!

    T A Online

  • ASANA REBEL (14-Day Free Trial)

    Asana Rebel is a Berlin-based startup that created yoga-inspired fitness, combining the best out of both practices for a holistic approach to physical and mental wellbeing – all in one app. Besides guided workouts, there are quizzes, sleep music and meditation, workout and meditation music, and more. It’s free to download and enjoy for a limited time, but even their paid version for full access is only US$1.99 per month!


  • BARRECORE (14-Day Free Trial)

    The Barrecore Method is a unique approach to fitness that’s proven to safely sculpt your entire body in just a few weeks. The recipe is exhausting your muscles with carefully choreographed low-impact movements that bring your body into the famous “Barrecore Shake.” You can browse for personalized online workout programs by filtering the length, level, body area, teacher or type you’re looking for. The two-week free trial is enough to get hooked and begin seeing a real difference in how your body looks and feels!


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