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“I want sole custody of my child” – this is the most common phrase that solicitors Payne Velasco hear when they meet a client for the first time… but it’s not always as easy as that.

If you need help navigating complex family issues related to marriage, divorce, and children, contact family litigation specialist Jaerey Velasco. First meetings for matrimonial matters are free! 

But first, read on and get to grips with the basics of custody…

What is custody?
A parent granted custody of children is responsible for safeguarding and promoting the children’s health, development, and general welfare. It includes, but is not limited to, decisions as to whether or not the children should undergo a medical operation, their religion, what school the children should attend, and what extracurricular activities the children should pursue. Nowadays, joint custody is often ordered, enabling both parents to make important decisions about the upbringing of their children.

Care and Control
A parent granted care and control of the children has the physical control of the children and is responsible for the children’s immediate care and day-to-day decisions.

The parent who does not have care and control of the child usually has access to the child. He or she will be given the right to spend time with them on a visiting or staying overnight basis. There are different types of access arrangements depending on the family’s circumstances.

“Shared” Care and Control
Instead of an order whereby one parent is given “care and control” of the child and the other parent has “access” to the child, the Court might order “shared” care and control of the child, more commonly known as “shared care”. A shared care is where the parents share time caring for the children.

Navigate the complex issues around custody, care and control of children with Payne Velasco.

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