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Top 10 Pet And Dog-Friendly Beaches In Hong Kong

Dog Friendly Beaches From Stanley To Discovery Bay And New Territories!

Our furry, four-legged family members who made our home-bound days a little brighter deserve to enjoy some of the more relaxed social-distancing measures along with us, too! So, while summer is out and the temperatures continue to soar, why not throw on a swimsuit, pack some human snacks and doggy treats, and bring along your sweet pups and dogs to the beach to cool down. Check out our Top 10 Pet And Dog-Friendly Beaches in Hong Kong!

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  • Long Ke Beach, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

    LONG KE WAN: Dog-Friendly Beach In Sai Kung, Hong Kong

    Pet And Dog Friendly Beach In Sai Kung

    Starting from High Island Reservoir East Dam (you’ll need a taxi to drive you into this point), take your dogs for a short 25-minute walk downhill on the trail towards Long Ke Wan Beach. Then, be ready to enjoy all the beauty of Long Ke. The beach offers white sands, crystal clear waters and is boasted to be one of the most beautiful in the world. There are no restaurants or shops, so be sure to pack plenty of snacks and drinks for you and your dogs. Soak it all in for a little longer and camp the night with your furry pals – you’ll have to bring your own equipment to the campsite, however, so this requires a little more prep work.

    Long Ke Wan Beach, Click Here for More!

  • SHEK O BACK BEACH: Dog-Friendly Beach In Shek O, Hong Kong

    Pet And Dog Friendly Beach In Shek O

    Also known as Rocky Bay Beach, Shek O Back Beach is a smaller, less-crowded version of its more popular counterpart – Shek O Beach. Although not as glamorous, it is known to be dog-friendly – and that’s what counts. The quieter vibe allows your dogs to run and roam on the sands and splash in the water. When dog moms and dog dads need a little refresher, turn towards the back of the beach where there is a small bar called Back Beach Bar where you can get some refreshments while watching the sunset into the ocean.

    Shek O Back Beach, Click here for the Little Steps Guide!

  • Tap Mun Island Adventure In Hong Kong

    TAP MUN: Dog-Friendly Beach In New Territories, Hong Kong

    Pet And Dog Friendly Beach In Sai Kung

    Tap Mun, an island home to several beaches,  also known as Grass Island. It does take a while to reach this part of Hong Kong. However, it's well worth the journey for the beauty and peace you’ll experience once there. You can also take a ferry or on-demand sampans to the island from Wong Shek Pier in Sai Kung. Once there, choose from several beaches. To know if your beach is dog-friendly, the general rule is that if there are no lifeguards towards or netted areas, you’re in the clear to bring your dogs as it's not a gazetted beach.

    Tap Pun/Grass Island, Click here for the Little Steps Guide!

  • Power-Station-Beach-Dog-Friendly-Hong-Kong

    POWER STATION BEACH: Dog-Friendly Beach On Lamma Island, Hong Kong

    Pet And Dog Friendly Beach On Lamma Island

    Although Hong Kong Electric’s coal and gas-fired power station sits as the backdrop of this beach, Power Station beach is still a favorite in Lamma Island. As a more secluded and quieter beach with clear blue waters, Power Station Beach is a great space to play catch with your four-legged friends. Although there are no facilities on the beach, it’s a fairly short walk away from Hung Shing Ye Beach, where you can use the toilets, showers, or changing rooms.


    Power Station Beach, Click here for the Little Steps Guide!

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  • Cheung-Chau-Beach-Dog-Friendly-Hong-Kong

    KWUN YAM BEACH: Pet And Dog-Friendly Beach On Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong

    Pet And Dog Friendly Beach In Cheung Chau Island

    A favorite for dogs and their human companions is the Kwun Yam Beach in Cheung Chau. Unlike most of Hong Kong’s gazetted beaches that don’t allow for dogs, this one is totally dog-friendly and welcomes your furry family members with open arms. Rated as having some of the cleanest waters of Hong Kong, you won’t mind your dear pets splashing about. With a nearby sports center, the Cheung Chau Windsurfing Centre, you can rent equipment to head into the seas with your pets in tow. Nearby are plenty of seafood restaurants for when you’re feeling hungry. There are also changing rooms, showers, toilets, and a kiosk for light refreshments – giving you everything you need for a perfect dog’s day out.


    Kwun Yam Beach, Click here for the Little Steps!

  • HAM TIN BEACH: Dog-Friendly Beach In Sai Kung, Hong Kong

    Pet And Dog Friendly Beach In Sai Kung

    Recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong, Ham Tin Beach serves up all the feels of resort life without having to take a flight. The soft white sands, clear waters, and remoteness of this beach have recently made Ham Tin grow in popularity. Accessible by walking (over 2 hours) or via sampans (which can be choppy), the journey might be challenging, but you’ll undoubtedly be rewarded once you sit back on this gorgeous beach. Though there are two restaurants towards the back of the beach, you may still want to pack up your own snacks and some dog-friendly treats too! Dog-friendly, you’ll find plenty of company for your pets too.

    Ham Tin Beach, Click here for the Little Steps Guide!

  • SHARP ISLAND: Pet And Dog-Friendly Beach In New Territories, Hong Kong

    Pet And Dog Friendly Beach In Sai Kung, Hong Kong

    Adventurous dog families will love Sharp Island, which has two main beaches as well as a tombolo and plenty of hiking routes. The gazetted beach does not permit dogs. However, the beach behind does and features beautiful emerald waters. The tombolo reveals itself only during low tide and connects to an island called Kiu Tau. Venture onto the revealed path for an exploratory dogs-day but be sure to check what time low tide ends so that you have enough time to get back safely. Then hop back onto the Kaito at the Sharp Island pier to make your way back to the Sai Kung waterfront.


    Sharp Island, Click here for the Little Steps Guide!

  • Hairpin-Beach-Dog-Friendly-Beaches-Hong-Kong

    HAIRPIN BEACH: Pet And Dog-Friendly Beach In Stanley

    Pet And Dog Friendly Beach In Stanley, Hong Kong

    Small and pebbly, Hairpin Beach sits next to Stanley’s main beach. A 5-minute walk from the main beach simply follows the shoreline to reach Hairpin. As it is a gazetted beach, there are showers, toilets, and barbecue facilities. However, due to the strong currents at this beach, there are no longer any lifeguard services here, and swimming is no longer permitted. That's why this beach is not recommended if you or your pets want to swim or cool down in the waters. However, it's still a fitting place to play fetch with your loving dogs if you have a good command over them.


    Hairpin Beach, Stanley Beach Road, Stanley, Hong Kong

  • SHA HA BEACH: Pet And Dog-Friendly Beach In New Territories, Hong Kong

    Pet And Dog Friendly Beach In New Territories, Hong Kong

    Dog-friendly and popular amongst the local community in Sai Kung, Sha Ha beach is an easy place to bring your pets, meet other dog-moms and dog-dads or have a paws playdate. Melt into the laid-back vibe with your pets in tow and enjoy the sound of the waves and playful pets. Or rent some paddle boards or kayaks and enjoy the water sports that are easily accessible here. When you need a little refueling, you’ll be glad to know that most of the nearby restaurants and patio bars are also dog-friendly.


    Sha Ha Beach, 743-751 Tai Mong Tsai Rd, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

  • Silvermine-Bay-Beach-Dog-Friendly-Hong-Kong

    SILVERMINE BAY BEACH: Pet And Dog-Friendly Beach On Lantau Island

    Pet And Dog Friendly Beach In Lantau, Hong Kong

    Enjoy the picturesque 15-minute walk along the coastline from the Mui Wo Ferry Pier before making your way to Silvermine Bay Beach with your furry besties. At the far end of the beach is where you can let your dogs run freely on the white sands and play to their heart's content. There are also plenty of dog-friendly cafes and restaurants in the area for when you’re feeling a bit peckish, so you don’t need to leave your pets alone while enjoying some yummy grub. Make sure to note that only the slower ferries allow for traveling with your pets, so time yourselves accordingly.


    Silvermine Bay Beach, Mui Woman, 14 Tung Tau Wan Rd, Mui Wo, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

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