Best 10 Hong Kong Outlying Islands To Visit With Kids Now!

Family-Friendly Islands In Hong Kong

Top 10 Outlying Islands In Hong Kong

Lantau, Lamma, Cheung Chau… oh my! There are so many islands in Hong Kong, but when you have the kids in tow, you want to know where to go, how to get there, and what options are available for your family when visiting. We have compiled a guide to our top 10 favorite islands in Hong Kong just for you. Whether it’s seafood, arts & crafts, or fun times splashing in the water, you’ll find a day (or 10) worth of fun right here!  Here are the best islands in Hong Kong to visit right now with kids!

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  • Best outlying island in Hong Kong in Cheung Chau

    CHEUNG CHAU: Pirate Cave + Hikes + Beaches + Biking

    If you get tired of pushing through the crowds of people queueing for mango mochi and giant fish balls at Cheung Chau, relax at one of its lesser-known cafes. Rainbow Café is home to a human-sized teddy bear. Head to Seaside Cafe, the alfresco restaurant at the Cheung Chau Windsurfing Centre (CCWC), for the best views on the island.

    You can also stop by shops like nitti-gritti or myarts for fun toys and trinkets. When the kids get antsy, rent a cycle rickshaw and circle around the island, make a trip to Cheung Po Tsai Cave, or have a swim at the beach.


    How to get there: Catch a ferry from Central Pier No. 5. The ordinary ferry takes 55-60 minutes, while the fast ferry takes 35-40 minutes. Click here to view the ferry schedule.

  • Lantau Island, Hong Kong

    LANTAU ISLAND: Biggest Buddha In The World

    Lantau is a tourist’s paradise, and it’ll take much more than a day for you to finish discovering the wonders of this island. Take the Ngong Ping 360 to check the Giant Buddha, Wisdom Path, and Po Lin Monastery off your HK list. Don't miss out on the Vegetarian Kitchen at the monastery. Head to family-favorite Disneyland for a fun day of rides and games, and pop by Inspiration Lake for a more relaxing wind-down, where you can swim, stroll, or play with paddle boats & quad bikes. Visit Tai O—a fishing village of stilt houses, and roam the local markets selling shrimp paste, salted fish, and dried seafood.

    Off the coast of Lantau, the kids are sure to be awestruck by the sight of the rare pink dolphins—learn about how you can join a pink dolphin tour here. For more nature, embark on the 70-km Lantau Trail, which includes Sunset Peak, the third-highest peak in HK, or head to Mui Wo's Silver Mine Bay Beach or Cheung Sha (Lantau’s longest beach). Not sure what to eat? There are plenty of al fresco dining options by the sea!


    How to get there: Because Lantau is so big (almost twice the size of HK island), what transportation you take really depends on which part of the island you're heading to. Options include the Tung Chung MTR line, ferries from Central (to Mui Wo or Discovery Bay, or a number of buses).

  • Lamma Island, Hong Kong

    LAMMA ISLAND: Family Trails + Beaches + Quirky Cafes & Shops

    Lamma Island is well known for seafood, but it’s also perfect for an interactive day with the kids. Visit Herboland, Hong Kong's only organic herb garden, where you can snack in the tea tent, take in the lush greenery, and play with the birds and bunnies. For dining options, check out the colorful and cozy Bookworm Café for vegetarian options and an endless array of books. Dine at Dale Candela, a favorite among the island residents. It offers a cozy indoor area, along with a more spacious alfresco dining area, ideal for tapas and sangria after a day at the beach. To explore the island, head to Hung Shing Yeh Beach. The beach is equipped with showers and changing rooms, or opt for the more peaceful and secluded Lo So Shing Beach.


    How to get there: Catch a ferry from Central Pier No. 4. The journey is approximately 25 minutes. Click here for the ferry schedule to Yung Shue Wan and click here for the ferry schedule to Sok Kwu Wan. There is also a ferry that leaves from Aberdeen to Sok Kwu Wan, click here for the ferry schedule!

  • Peng Chau, Hong Kong

    PENG CHAU: Tiny Island With Heritage Sites

    There is a lots to do at Peng Chau. Visit the temples. There is a unique temple called Lung Mo Temple, dedicated to the Dragon Mother. It's an eye-catching red and gold building on the beach overlooking the ocean. Walk the Peng Chau Heritage Trail to learn more about historical sites, like abandoned schools and factories, or climb Finger Hill for views overlooking the island. Fishermen still bring their fresh catch every day. Grab a seat at a seafood restaurant on Wing On Street, and enjoy!


    How to get there: Catch a ferry from Central Pier No. 6 (Western Pier). The ordinary ferry takes 40 minutes, while the fast ferry takes 25-30 minutes. Click here for ferry details!

  • Park Island, Hong Kong

    MA WAN AKA PARK ISLAND: Noah's Ark + Beaches + Hikes

    Spend a day in nature at Ma Wan AKA Park Island. The Ma Wan Nature Park is home to a solar tower, heritage center, and hilltop lookout, as well as plenty of photo spots, including a fairytale-like flower tunnel and clock-topped grand gate. Through the park, there is a fishermen’s village with over 200 years of history. Head over to Noah’s Ark for life-sized animal sculptures, rope course challenges, and games, stories and activities at Ark Life Education House. End the day at Ma Wan Tung Wan Beach, where Tsing Ma Bridge is the glowing centerpiece of the night view.


    How to get there: Catch a ferry from Central Pier No. 2. Click here for more details and ferry times.

    Alternatively, you can take a bus from Central Ferry Piers (NR338), Tsing Yi Station (NR330), Tsuen Wan Station (NR331), Kwai Fong Metroplaza (NR332) or Hong Kong International Airport (NR334).

  • Sharp Island, Hong Kong

    SHARP ISLAND: Rock Pools + Beaches + Crystal Clear Water

    Sharp Island is known for its “chocolate pineapple buns,” a nickname for the island’s wind-battered rocks. There are plenty of beaches on Sharp Island, from Kiu Tsui Beach that provides BBQ pits, to the crescent-shaped Half Moon Bay, known for its crystal clear water. At low tide, walk along the tombolo, the rocky bridge that connects Sharp Island to Kiu Tao. After crossing over to Kiu Tao, take on a short hiking trail, where you will come across rock pools, perfect for the kids to wade in.


    How to get there: Board a kaito at Sai Kung Public Pier to Hap Mun Bay, a 15-minute long journey that can cost anywhere from HK$20-HK$40 depending on the day or season.

  • Tap Mun Island, Hong Kong

    GRASS ISLAND: Camping + Sea Urchin Dishes + Great Views

    When you arrive on Grass Island, pick up some sun-dried fish or head over to one of the cha chaan tengs in the fishing village for unique sea urchin dishes, like sea urchin fried rice and sandwiches, and ice-less cold milk tea. Once you’ve reached the rolling meadows, spread out a relaxing picnic, take out your kite, and snap a photo of the cows as proof you’ve left the city. Grass Island is the perfect campsite, rewarding campers with panoramic views of the sea and picturesque sunrises.


    How to get there: Opt either for the 35-minute kaito journey from Wong Shek Pier or the 90-minute kaito journey from Ma Liu Shui Ferry Pier.

  • Po Toi Island, Hong Kong

    PO TOI ISLAND: Historical Carving + Unique Seaweed Dishes

    Take a hike at Po Toi Island and check out its historical carvings; unique rock formations, aptly named Turtle Rock, Monk Rock, and Buddha's Palm; a house rumored to be haunted due to giant stones that resemble coffins; and Lighthouse 126, a popular photo and camping spot. Po Toi Island is famous for its seaweed, so be sure to try out their unique seaweed dishes, from charcoal-grilled seaweed with instant noodles to seaweed in green bean dessert soup. Stop by the only seafood restaurant at Po Toi Island, Ming Kee Restaurant, for dinner.


    How to get there: The kaito from Aberdeen Pier is an hour-long journey, available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The kaito from Stanley Blake Pier is a 30-minute-long journey, available on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

  • Tung Ping Chau, Hong Kong

    TUNG PING CHAU: 4 Marine Parks + Cleanest Beach

    Tung Ping Chau is one of Hong Kong's four marine parks and a small island in Mirs Bay that actually lies closer to Shenzhen. It is a sedimentary rock region with wave-cut platforms, spectacular cliffs, and the cleanest beaches Hong Kong has to offer. The island also boasts magical sea life, including coral, crabs, sea urchins, and sea cucumbers. There are plenty of rock pools and interesting rock formations, like Lung Lok Shui, which means "dragon descending into the water.”


    How to get there: On weekends and public holidays, take the kaito from Ma Liu Shui Ferry Pier. The ride is approximately an hour and 40 minutes. The kaito from Ma Liu Shui departs at 9am or 3:30pm, while there is only one return kaito from Tung Ping Chau at 5:15pm.

  • YIM TIN TSAI: UNESCO Heritage Award

    Upon reaching Yim Tin Tsai, you will be greeted by a quaint tea restaurant selling multi-colored Hakka teacakes in flavors like pumpkin, mugwort, almond, and ube. Then, visit the classically beautiful St. Joseph’s Chapel, a Grade III historic building and recipient of a UNESCO Heritage Award. Head over to the abandoned Ching Po School, where visitors can have a look at the classrooms of past students. The school now serves as a Cultural Exhibition Site, with farming tools and household items on display. Lastly, stop by the salt mine ruins (which give the island its name) and observe the mangroves, shellfish, and small crabs. Pick up a tiny sand bottle filled with salt as a souvenir before you hop on a boat back to Sai Kung.


    How to get there: Take a 15-minute-long ferry ride from Sai Kung Pier, which comes hourly from 10am-3pm.

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