Guide To Cheung Chau Island With Kids In Hong Kong *UPDATED

A Family-Friendly Guide On What To Do, Eat, And Where To Stay In Cheung Chau With Kids

What to do in Cheung Chai Island with kids

You have been island hopping from Thailand to Greece; now it is time to turn it home! Cheung Chau Island is a quick thirty-minute ferry ride away and offers a slew of family adventures, from climbing the “mini great wall” to exploring a real pirate cave to biking to temples. This guide will tell you how to get there by ferry or junk, what to do and the must-see attractions for kids, where to stay, where to eat the best seafood on the island, and other key points of interest on Cheung Chau Island! Have fun.

  • Cheung Chau Island - How to get there?

    HOW TO GET TO CHEUNG CHAU ISLAND: Ferry Times + Options


    • Head to Central Ferry Pier #5 and board either the slow (55 minutes) or fast (35 minutes) to Cheung Chau Island. They run every half hour during the day with no booking required.
    • Click here to view the ferry schedule.
  • Cheung Chau Island - Things To Do

    WHAT TO DO ON CHEUNG CHAU ISLAND: Key Attractions For Families

    There is so much to do in Cheung Chau with kids! For those traveling with little ones, you can rent bikes or take a stroll through this charming island packed full of culture. It's a small island which allows for easy walking. For those traveling with older kids and teens, there are many adventurous activities on the island, including hiking, biking, windsurfing, and kitesurfing.  It's one of the best islands in Hong Kong - go and explore! Check out these key attractions and points of interest in Cheung Chau Island!

    • BIKING IN CHEUNG CHAU ISLAND: This is one of the most famous places to rent a bike and explore Hong Kong. When you exit the ferry terminal, you can veer right where you will find loads of bike rental shops. Rent by the hour (or day is around HK$50-100) and take a family cruise all over the island to discover temples, veggie stands, fish stalls, and bakeries. You will find bikes for rent for adults and kids here (including some with training wheels). You can also rent the tuk-tuks. However, do note, that these are considered illegal to ride if someone is riding in the back seat. If a police officer catches you, you'll be fined. People do it all the time - but be warned.
    • HIT THE BEACH IN CHEUNG CHAU: Kwun Yam Wan (just a quick walk from the ferry drop-off) is a great spot where kids can play, run, and relax. The winds are famous here! Jumpstart your professional windsurfing or kite surfing career in Hong Kong! Cheung Chau Windsurfing Center offers rentals for all things water sports - SUPS, windsurfers, and kayaks. After your water activities, be sure to check out their outdoor cafe for some of the best views of the island and good food too. The more famous beach is Tung Wan Beach (right next to Kwun Yam Wan beach) and it is a very pleasant beach where you rent umbrellas, chairs, and just about anything you need to make your day at the beach a great one!
    • PIRATE CAVES AND ROCK EXPLORATIONS IN CHEUNG CHAU: If you are looking for a more secluded beach, head to Pak Tso Wan Beach on the island's south side for beach play and pirate cave explorations. On leaving the ferry terminal, you will veer right and head toward the South of the island, following signs to Cheung Po Tsai Cave (a famous and real pirate cave). This route (1.5km) will take you past a temple on the sea, which is an excellent place to take a photo with your clan. From there, you can go further to the famous "balancing rock" located off the path near the cave.  If the tide is out and your group is feeling adventurous, you can hang on the chains and cross over to the other side of the bay. Otherwise, go back to the path and head to Pak Tso Beach. Take a break on the beach or go further to Afternoon Beach. If you prefer to not walk to the caves, you can hire a sampan for HK$5 near the ferry terminal that will take your family directly to the pirate cave. A good option for those traveling with tots and babies.
    • GO HIKING WITH THE KIDS: Many families head to Cheung Chau Island in search of the "Mini Great Wall" which offers incredible views. Located on the fabulous Cheung Chau Family Trail, it's about 1.2km from the ferry terminal. The island is quite tiny and can be hiked in full between 2-3 hours.
    • NORTH LOOKOUT PAVILION: Head to the highest point on the island, the North Lookout Pavilion! Where you will find breathtaking views of Cheung Chau and beyond. This is about a 40-minute walk, a good one after food! Directions: From, Cheung Chau ferry, turn left and walk along, Pak She Praya Rd.and follow the signs. Pak Tai Temple (5 to 7 minutes walk). Follow the signs to the North Lookout Pavilion. You should soon find yourself on Cheung Kwai Road, which then leads to Cheung Pak Road and the Pavilion.
  • Snacks and Restaurants On Cheung Chau Food

    WHERE TO EAT IN CHEUNG CHAU: Family-Friendly Restaurants In Cheung Chau And Snacks!

    Get ready to feast! Cheung Chau is famous for its tasty snacks, food, and drinks. Choose between local seafood restaurants on the waterfront or visit one of the international restaurants on the island - you have plenty of options.


    • Haiku is a gorgeous modern coffee shop and bakery!  We highly recommend getting your coffee in Cheung Chau here!


    • You can visit the stalls selling frozen watermelon and grilled pineapple along the waterfront. The kids love these healthy treats! You should also try the mango mochi (fresh mango wrapped in rice). Fishballs are famous here and if you want to try the best - head to Gan Yongtai, located in the square across from the ferry pier.
    • Cheung Chau Bing Sutt serves traditional Hong Kong desserts and you simply must signature shaved iced treats, which include BAILEYS or Thai milk shaved ice topped with red bean and taro balls, or opt for the more classic options.
    • You can't go to Cheung Chau and not have a “ping on bao” (peace buns). Kwok Kam Kee has been serving these delicious white buns with red stamps for over 40 years, choose between the flavors of sesame, lotus seed, or red bean paste.


    • Turn left at the ferry pier and follow along the waterfront to find a slew of local seafood restaurants. A favorite here is New Baccarat (Near the Pak Tai Temple, about a five-minute walk from the pier, or call +852 2981 0606 for larger group reservations). It is one of the original seafood restaurants and is run by a fishing family - expect fresh everything! They also have high chairs for little ones.
    • Pick your selection from the tanks and get fresh seafood at Delicious Seafood Restaurant Cheung Chau. The service here is welcoming and efficient, and the grub – as the name suggests – is delicious.


    • Head to Seaside Cafe, the alfresco restaurant at the Cheung Chau Windsurfing Centre (CCWC), for the best views on the island.
    • Pirate Bay is a lovely French restaurant serving family classics like ratatouille, beef bourguignon, and a hearty homemade chicken rillette. If you prefer to snack order their cheese board with a lovely glass of red.


    • Hing Kee Beach Bar is your spot if you are looking for a lazy afternoon by the beach. Hing Kee also offers a craft beer selection from local breweries such as Gweilo, Heroes, and Kowloon Bay. You can eat here too!
    • For those in town, you can also visit The Pink Pig for a local hang with good craft beer.


  • Shopping in Cheung Chau Island


    You will find loads of interesting shops around the island, including some new local designer shops offering cute gifts for friends and families. Most of the cute shops are located along the main Tung Wan Road and more in the alleys of Cheung Chau.

    Here are some of our favorite local shops in Cheung Chau:

    • BNB THE CREATIVE WORKSHOP: This hub of creativity is located opposite the Love Lock Wall on Tung Wan Road. Kids will enjoy painting their heart-shaped love lock at the workshop and snapping it to the wall. They also host regular family-friendly workshops, and kids can get henna done here too! Click here for details.
    • PROMENADE: There are loads of fun trinkets along the waterfront! The kids can get seashell souvenirs, and mom can snap up a sarong or two - on the cheap!
    • ISLAND WORKBENCH: This cute little hidden store sells a stunning selection of Cheung Chau-made products such as bags, cards, jewelry,  and accessories. They also have a quaint cafe serving hot drinks and breakfasts - Click here for details.
  • Hotels In Cheung Chau Island

    WHERE TO STAY IN CHEUNG CHAU: Family-Friendly Hotels

    Cheung Chau is a wonderful place to do a mini-staycation with the kids. It's easy to get to from Central and offers various Airbnb options, bed and breakfasts, and a hotel too!

    • THE WARWICK HOTEL CHEUNG CHAU: Popular with families, this hotel is located right on the beach on the Southern part of the island. They have an outdoor swimming pool (currently closed for renovations over summer) and a spa. Click here to book!
    • LYCHEE SUNSET HOTEL: Situated a mere 5-minute walk from the ferry, this family-friendly hotel is ideal for a staycation. Their rooms are clean and brightly colored, and some rooms have large balconies facing the water. Click here to book!
    • BNB CHEUNG CHAU: Clean, fresh, and ideally located, their rooms are located just next to Tung Wan Beach and close to the Pak Tai Temple respectively. Double, family and group rooms are available. Click here to book!
    • AIRBNB:  Lucky for us, there are loads of options for the weekend and nightly rentals on Cheung Chau Island. Click here to book!  One of the favorites is the Cheung Chau Mansion.
    • CAMPING - SAI YUEN FARM: From the people behind Palm Beach on Lantau, Sai Yuen Farm is new to the island, and this is now home to the new teepee and safari camp for families. The new landscaped space covers more than 400,000 square feet and features various camping options, from teepees and safari bush campers to eco-living domes, cocoon trees, and yurts. It's the perfect spot for everything from parties to events, with a kiosk and bbq pits as well as traditional farming, hydroponics, aquaponics, indoor function areas, ponds with boats, and big fish fishing, and areas for rock climbing, rope climbing, boot camp, biking and more! Click here to book!
    • MIAMI RESORT CHEUNG CHAU - Another budget option on Cheung Chau with 2-Bedroom Apartment and Connecting Room options.
  • KEY FESTIVAL ON CHEUNG CHAU ISLAND: Annual Bun Festival In April/May

    The biggest festival on Cheung Chau Island is the annual bun festival in late April/early May. This festival lasts for three days, but it is only on day three that there is a parade, and it is this day which is a public holiday as well. Expect large crowds, but the festival itself is very entertaining. You can witness a children's parade (think little kids on top of floats) and the famous bun climb (participants claw their way up the side of a 60ft ‘bun tower’ and pluck off bags of plastic buns).

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Please watch this space for more details closer to the date. 

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