Adventures await at this easily accessed island packed full of geological family fun!  Pack a picnic and hop on a sampan from Sai Kung's pier (ask any of the folks selling tickets along the promenade) and in ten minutes you'll be at Sharp Island (Kiu Tsui Chau).  Beach play, rock pools, and hiking await, the perfect outing for all ages.

The Scoop:

*  SNAP: Formed by wave erosion, Sharp Island and Kiu Tao offer loads of picture-perfect opportunities.  

*  SWIM: As you exit the pier at Sharp Island, there are two beaches where you can set up for beach play.  While the water is not Tai Long Wan quality, it is a nice beach with plenty of shade and offers toilets nearby.  We prefer crescent-shaped Half Moon Bay, over Kiu Tsui Beach.

*  TOMBOLO: A unique treat and a must-do, walking along the natural tombolo (a sand levee connecting Sharp Island to Kiu Tao, visible only during low tide), is quite an experience.  250-meters in length, the rocky bridge allows for kids to climb on rocks, search for sea creatures, and catch beautiful views while walking from one island to the next.  

*  HIKE:  After crossing the tombolo to Kiu Tao, you will find a hiking trail. While not stroller-friendly, this walk is toddler-friendly as it is very short and not steep. It should take 10-20 minutes in total.

*  GEOPARK PLAY:  After you go up and over on the trail, you will discover loads of rock pools formed over time. The tots especially love this area as there are limitless baby pools to paddle, explore, and jump in…go on now!