Your one-stop-party shop, Party Hero, is conveniently located on Queens Road East between Wanchai and Admiralty. Expect a wide product selection, ranging from party supplies, balloons, toys, event design and decoration service and more! Their prices are also surprisingly affordable for a physical store, making Party Hero a smart alternative to paying ridiculous retail shop mark-ups, or praying for online stores to deliver on-time and on-quality.

Everything can be tailored to your needs or the wishes of your child, of course. Whether you want the most stunning personalized balloons, or your kid’s latest favorite character themes, Party Hero can help when it comes to custom-designed decor and other bespoke gift ideas. For a hassle-free stylish and affordable party decor service, Party Hero has your back! They offer 7-days-a-week on-site delivery which includes a setup service offer.

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