Top Birthday Party Themes In Hong Kong

Birthday Theme Inspiration For 2020 + The Classics!

Every parent wants to make their child’s birthday a day filled with fun, surprises and, of course, cake! With only one time a year to truly go all out, you want to make your kid’s party unforgettable. Why not spice up your little ones’ fantastic day with a fun and fabulous themed party? Themes are a great way to liven up a classic party, and there are some very funky ones on offer! We at Little Steps have found the trendiest and coolest themes of 2020, all so that you can create a unique and awesome day for your kiddo. From classic themes such as Disney, pirate and unicorn, to crazier themes like llama and flamingo, we’ve got all the resources for you below, check it out!

  • Party themes in Hong Kong - mermaid theme


    Imagine your child’s delight when they come face to face with a real-life mermaid. Purple Turtle’s mermaid character will take your child on an adventure, providing them with a once in a lifetime experience. For those looking to get a real sea adventure, Ocean Park's dolphin encounter is a hit for kids aged 8+ where they feed and hug these amazing animals. For edutainment, you could arrange a visit to the Maritime Museum followed by a party at Cafe 8 next door (it has a fantastic outdoor terrace. Simply Love has adorable tableware and banner for mermaid themed parties. Partytime has an awesome mermaid piñata and plenty of extras including balloons and mermaid-themed party wear. Swoon Soirees has a fantastic decor selection and shell goodie bags.


    Dolphin Encounter At Ocean

    Hong Kong Maritime




    Matteo Party


    To infinity and beyond! Make your kid’s party out of this world with an inter-galactic space theme, full of rocket ships, astronauts and intriguing aliens! Parteezi have the perfect outer space set, including pens, erasers, puffy space stickers and more, that will all fit into a perfect party bag for your kids and their friends! Simply Love has incredible rocket ship centerpieces, ‘dizzy danglers’, children’s hats and pretty much all you could need for a fully decked out space themed party! Partytime have the cutest space shuttle pinatas and foil balloons. The Party Boutique provides space party packages complete with cups, plates, napkins and utensils. They also have cool mini LED space projectors, space buntings and personalized space photo frames.


    The Party


    Flamingos are some of the cutest animals, and they have become all the craze now at birthday parties! Brighten up the room with adorable pink and yellow flamingo themed decorations. Your little ones can even stand on one leg and pretend to be a part of the family! Partytime provides pinatas, snow globes, balloons, and plate and napkin sets. Get giant flamingo pinata’s and AirWalkers at Simply LoveThe Party Boutique have the cutest pink and gold flamingo balloons, as well as flamingo food toppers for that final detail!


    The Party

  • Chef Mickey


    Mickey Mouse is one of the world's most recognizable characters and just an icon of the happiness that cartoons bring into our existence. And this all-time classic has become quite popular with regards to birthday themes this year. To get your own merch, check out the Mickey balloons at Toys 'R' Us and this insane collection of Mickey merch at Matteo Party (direct your direction to the classic headband and these amazing costumes!!!) will, therefore, fit into any birthday party, but especially if you take your party kiddo to feast on Chef Mickey's delicacies at Disney's Hollywood Hotel!


    Toys R



    Llama is the latest trendy creature in town! Stock up on these adorable cups, plates, napkins, banner, and balloons at Partytime! Need more decoration ideas? No prob-llama! They have some gorgeous string lights too. Add a few cactuses, vivid colored solid balloons and some pompom garlands to your decor and you’ll be all set! Amazon also has everything you need llama related, from removable tattoos to cake toppers and piñatas!

  • Unicorn Birthday Party


    Although some might argue that unicorn theme is so 2018, pastel colors are hugely popular this year unicorns match that color palette perfectly. So for those who are still hooked on the unicorn theme visit the gorgeous Swoon which offers cake toppers, unicorn balloons, plates, cups, and party bags too. Unicorn-themed cake pops, donuts, cakes, and more - these cake companies will handle it! Partytime has a slew of pinatas including an awesome Unicorn (you can pick up candy to stuff it here too)!



    Want more unicorn games, ideas, cake inspiration? Click here for our unicorn party board on the Little Steps Pinterest Page!


    Getting back to the classics, a Dr Seuss theme is perfect for a dress-up party! Let your kiddo and all their friends dress up as their favorite, wacky Dr Seuss character, such as Thing One and Thing Two, Cindy Lou Who, The Cat In The Hat and even The Grinch. Get your wild costumes in the Lanes on Pottinger Street, they definitiely offer any costume you could think of. For a great Cat In The Hat costume, see Fishpond's kids costume. Also check out their Cat In The Hat balloons!

    Fishpond Cat In The Hat Kids

    Fishpond Cat In The Hat


    Need a princess or prince to visit? Princess Pandora is always a treat. Elsa has gained its popularity once more with part 2 coming out in 2019. From Frozen and other Disney Princesses, book up through Purple Turtle. Need a castle, Bouncy Kids has you covered. For a cool venue - head to Disneyland's Bibbity Bobbidi Boutique where little ones can transform into their favorite Princess. For Princess pinatas, head to Partytime. For cheap party bags, Parteezi offers affordable options. For cute DIY activities, Seedling has design your own crowns and more. For little ones, you can hire a plastic castle from Dreams Party.



    Bibbity Bobbidi

    Simply Love,


    Frozen Decorations At


    By now, everyone must have heard the baby shark song! This classic kids song has become a staple in many children’s lives, so what better way to give the kids what they love than having it as a party theme! Get adorable baby shark cups and plates from Simply LoveThe Party Boutique have all the balloons you could want for this cute theme.


    The Party

  • Emoji Piñatas


    Have a modern and trendy party theme with the emoji characters! Emojis have always been an online craze, everyone uses them in texts and they are super fun and expressive! Get your emoji-on with emoji cups, plates, napkins and balloons from Simply Love. They even have hilarious emoji photo booth props, such as the funny poop emoji and the heart emoji! Partytime have great foil balloons of all the most popular emoji characters, and also provide confetti, paper cutouts and candles. For emoji balloon bouquets galore, check out Amazon's offerings!


  • Zebra Cake Pops


    Jungle theme parties are very trendy this year with new Jungle Book coming out on Netflix. If your kid is a little more adventurous and wants a proper animal party then reach out to Jurassic Garage. From creepy crawlies to fluffy ducks, with a large variety of animals from all over the world, they can accommodate kids of different ages and preferences. Snap up some safari balloons at Simply Love. They also have tableware and more decor.  Animal masks, buntings, and more...head to The Party Boutique. Get some Mowgli Balloon bouquets at Amazon. For warm days, you can rent out the Jungle Jane boat - a sure hit on the water.


    The Party Boutique,


  • CREATE YOUR OWN FLIP FLOPS: Lavulous Workshop

    Have a summer-themed party with Lavulous Workshop, an ideal kids party where everyone is invited to get creative. This workshop has only recently arrived in Hong Kong and kids are loving it! You can design and build your own Flip Flops into wonderful and fashion-forward designs completely unique to your style! The ultimate themed party for any occasion - birthdays, team-building, charitable events and more. Only HK$290 per person which includes unlimited charms and a drawstring bag for the kids to decorate, check them out the Pulse at Repulse Bay.

    Lavulous Workshop, Kiosk 2, Peek-A-Boo at The Pulse, 28 Beach Road, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, +852 9753 0556,

  • Happy Little Girls Baking


    Gather your little chef and friends for a private cooking class. They will have a blast tossing, rolling and baking at their very own private party at The Patsy or The Mixing Bowl. Choose between a Cake Jam, Bake Jam, Pizza Jam, and Cupcake Jam at Complete Deelite. Or head to FRITES for some cookie decorating parties which is also a favorite for kids big and small! Baking Maniac offers private birthday parties, bridal shower, baby shower or any special occasion baking workshops! Top it off with personalized aprons from online party supplier The Party Boutique.




    The Patsy,


    The Mixing Bowl,

    The Party Boutique

  • painting-Panda Pottery Hong Kong

    POTTERY PARTY: Panda Pottery

    Looking for a fun, creative and hassle-free party? Then Panda Pottery is just for you. Panda Pottery takes the pain of birthday logistics out of your hands and ensures both you and the little ones have an unforgettable time in the comfort of your own home. Panda Pottery is a totally mobile paint-your-own pottery studio. They come to your venue, with all the supplies (all eco-friendly), so your guests can hand-paint their own masterpieces. All you need to provide are tables, chairs and a little guest creativity to bring out their inner Picasso!

    Panda Pottery, +852 9823 7970,

  • Pirate Birthday Party


    The pirate theme is definitely a classic and will never go out of fashion, this year treasure hunts are a popular theme and they go excellently with pirates. Pick up fun pirate accessories (for kids and parents!) on good ‘ole Pottinger Street or online from Swoon Soirees. Create your own Treasure Map, and leave clues at home or at the park out a day ahead. Board Aqua Luna's cruise to Stanley and on arrival, complete the day at the pirate ship playground in Stanley Plaza (free)! For pirate coins and pinatas, Simply Love has you sorted. Need a cool pirate to entertain your gang, Pirate Pete is your man. Treasure Island on Lantau offers an awesome Pirate Birthday Party package complete with a famous treasure hunt. Arrrrrgggh ya ready?! Let's go, captain...




    Pirate Ship Bouncy


    The Party

  • Outdoor Adventure Parties


    Outdoor theme birthday parties are very popular this year with the little ones. For adventurous kids, look no further than organizing with Treasure Island on Lantau! Depending on the age group of your explorers, your party can be tailored accordingly, including relay races, birthday games, kayaking, and surfing to name a few. If you just don't want it to end, overnight packages are also available! Or contact Backyard Gang who can throw your kiddo and friends an awesome outdoor party or even outdoor movie screening. Another fun outdoor adventure option is to head to Shek O where you can rent kids surf gear and organize a beach picnic.

    Treasure Island, Pui O Beach, Chi Ma Wan Peninsula, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, +852 2546 3543,

    The Backyard

    Surfing In Shek

  • Superhero Kid


    Superheroes are all the rage this year with so many action-packed superhero blockbusters coming on the silver screen this year! Lucky for you, Superheroes are very popular so finding decorations, characters, and games is easier. If you are looking to take the party up a notch, hire a Mechanical Man from Purple Turtle - he is big, strong, and impressive. They also have a very cool Spiderman! For Superhero decorations in Hong Kong, head to The Party Boutique, Swoon Soirees, and Partytime (we love the POW! balloons).



    The Party


    Want to make your own capes? Click here for an awesome DIY option.

  • Jurassic World/Dinosaur Birthday Party


    You can now have real-life dinosaurs at your next party! Hireasaurus brings your imagination to life with their realistic dinosaur creatures complete with the Dino keepers in safari gear! This adventurous addition to the party scene in Hong Kong will wow the kids. Get all your dinosaur decorations online from Swoon Soirees and Partytime. Want to spend the night with the dinosaurs, book the Dinosaur themed room at Gold Coast Hotel for the ultimate slumber party. Grab some dinosaur walker balloons at The Party Boutique. Want a free venue? Check out Hong Kong's very own - dinosaur playground in the New Territories. You can also buy a plastic pool, fill it with sand, and create your own dino dig. It will be a hit for hours.


    The Party Boutique,

    The Gold Coast




    2020 is bringing in some quirky birthday themes, one that caught the Little Steps team off guard was the donut theme that has got quite the search online this year. So if your kiddo is fashion-forward and wants this theme for their birthday, then head over Matteo Party for the awesome party Donut Shoppe Truck Photo Booth Prop so that everyone can take some great birthday snaps. Or check out Amara for their beautiful pink and baby blue placemats. Amazon is always a great go-to for big packs, they have a great donut theme Party Supplies Pack for 16 little donut enthusiasts. And what would the party be without actual delicious donuts, check out the Top Donut Shops list down below.


    Best Donut Shops In Hong

  • Robot Party Favors


    Throw a fun science birthday party with Science Workshop where they will lead loads of hands-on science activities. Age-specific activities for kids age 4 and up include making cotton candy and ice cream, building airplanes, and making slime. The Science Explorer is also a hit with kids and pre-teens. For LEGO brick building parties, Bricks4Kidz is awesome. Get your brick themed tableware and banners at The Party Boutique. Want LEGO man to join the fun? The Purple Turtle can arrange it for you.




    The Party

  • Sleepover Party


    Intimate, cozy, implying snacks and unlimited time, the sleepover party is the timeless party theme classic and a frequent favorite. You can always opt for the ultra-customizable and money-saving stay-at-home option, but we advise you to take a peek at our fresh guide to 10 unique sleepover parties in Hong Kong which put an adventurous twist on the old classic. These overnight adventures range from sleeping under the sea through camping indoors to sleeping under the stars and are guaranteed to bring the party-goers closer to each other and their unique surroundings!

    10 Unique Sleepover

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