Experiment, Discover and Play With Curiosity Kids’ Science-Themed Parties

Innovate and Create With A STEM-Themed Party!

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With eight years’ experience of putting on science-themed parties in Hong Kong, Curiosity Kids are the experts in organizing fun, interactive celebrations where children can engage in exciting science experiments and creative activities. What’s more, there’s a host of different party themes available, including Ultimate Slime and Wizard’s Academy!

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Their dedicated team is renowned for their friendliness and enthusiasm for all things science. You can expect them to create a warm and welcoming environment that ensures  every child feels comfortable and has a positive experience throughout the party.

Curiosity Kids STEAM parties are memorable, educational, and fun-filled celebrations that will leave children and parents equally delighted!

  • Science Workshop Curiosity Kids Singapore

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    Birthdays are about making memories that last a lifetime. Give your child the gift of a hands-on STEAM party that sparks their creativity, cultivates their skills, and leaves them beaming with joy.

    During the party, you can expect hands-on experiences where children can explore and learn about science in a fun-filled environment with plenty of intriguing experiments!

  • Test Tube Curiosity Kids Hong Kong

    A Science Party For Every Occasion

    Curiosity Kids specializes in organizing engaging and interactive educational activities for children aged 3 to 11 years, catering to both large and small group parties. Each child is provided with their own tray and equipment to ensure a personalized, immersive learning experience.

    Whether it's a birthday party, school event, or any other gathering, Curiosity Kids is dedicated to creating memorable and enriching experiences for children.

  • Paint Activity Curiosity Kids Hong Kong

    Choose From Different Themes

    Curiosity Kids STEAM parties have a whole host of various themes and topics to choose from, including Wizard's Academy, Spa Science, Personalized Perfume Party, Bath Bonanza, Ultimate Slime and Mad Science!

    Let Curiosity Kids plan a STEAM party that sparks curiosity, promotes learning, and ensures a fantastic time for everyone involved.

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