Top Spots For A Memorable Parent-Teen Date In Singapore

Includes Sports, Workshops & Even Brunch!

Parent-Teen Date Singapore

Sometimes, when your child turns into a teenager, they start spending more time with their pals and less time with their parents. If you’ve been thinking of bringing your teen on a one-on-one date to strengthen the bond you have, you might want to take them to this list of fun places we’ve compiled. They’re suitable for youths and parents alike, and allows both parties to kick back and have an exciting time together.

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  • MEGA ADVENTURE PARK: Sentosa *Best Places For A Parent-Teen Date in Singapore

    Conquering Obstacle Courses With Your Kiddo

    If you and your child are major thrill seekers, maybe a trip to Mega Adventure at Sentosa might be perfect for a bonding session. There are so many activities you can try out together, such as the Megaclimb, where you and your teen get to try out a treetop obstacle course. Although it may look easy from the ground, once you both get up there it takes some nerves of steel to conquer the entire course. With support from each other, there's no doubt that you'll both be able to have an exciting time completing the obstacle course together! You can both also end the adventure with the Megazip, a long zipline that takes you flying over Sentosa's jungle, beach and sea.

    Mega Adventure Park, 10A Siloso Bch Walk, Singapore 099008,

  • VINTAGE SHOPPING: All Over Singapore *Best Places For A Parent-Teen Date in Singapore

    Add More Pre-Loved Clothes To Both Your Closets

    Retail therapy might be wonderful for a parent-teen date if you and your kiddo are shopaholics or fashionistas. There are so many vintage stores popping up all over Singapore, and you can spend the day with your teen heading from one shop to another. For starters, the Haji Lane area itself already houses a few of such stores, such as Vintagewknd, NONMAINSTREAM, and FibresFriction, and other notable vintage shops that are relatively nearby include Loop Garms and Stakeout. It'd be cute to even choose outfits for each other, and then wear the chosen pre-loved items to your next parent-teen date!

  • TRIFECTA SINGAPORE: Orchard Road *Best Places For A Parent-Teen Date in Singapore

    Surf, Snow & Skate!

    Parents and teens who have a big love for sports might enjoy spending the day at TRIFECTA Singapore together. Here, you'll be able to catch some waves or attend surfing lessons, hone your snowboarding and skiing skills, as well as skateboard in their free-to-use skate bowl. Whichever sport you choose to indulge in during your parent-teen date, the most important is to relish in learning and improving together. Since TRIFECTA Singapore is located in Orchard road itself, it's also fairly convenient to get to, and you can even wolf down a hearty meal at the mall after all that intense working out.

    TRIFECTA Singapore, 10A Exeter Rd, #01-01, Singapore 239958,

  • BRUNCH & CAFE HOPPING: All Over Singapore *Best Places For A Parent-Teen Date in Singapore

    Brunch, Desserts & Some Chit Chat

    A parent-teen date doesn't necessarily have to be about crazy or intense activities. You can also enjoy a slow day with your child by going to brunch and cafe hopping the whole afternoon. Joo Chiat is a lovely neighbourhood for that, and there are many amazing brunch places like Cafe Natsu, Common Man Coffee Roasters, Two Men Bagel House, and many more. The area is also littered with different novelty stores that you can explore together, before taking a coffee break or having desserts at cafes like Plain Vanilla, Olsen Bakehouse, and Awfully Chocolate. These brunch and coffee dates allow both parent and child the space to leisurely chat about things and have in depth conversations where you can bond with one another.

  • GLASS DECAL WORKSHOP: The Cozy Cabin *Best Places For A Parent-Teen Date in Singapore

    Learn A New Skill Together

    Joining a craft workshop with your teenager can be lots of fun. Instead of the usual art jamming or pottery classes, why not try out a glass decal workshop by The Cozy Cabin? You'll both be able to put your artistic caps on and use glass decal papers to decorate and personalize your very own glass cups. The workshop itself is not difficult, and it allows you and your kiddo to create customized cups for your home. It also lets the both of you have a chance at bonding during the 1.5 hour class while working on your own creative projects.

    Glass Decal Workshop,

  • CLIMB CENTRAL: Multiple Locations *Best Places For A Parent-Teen Date in Singapore

    Experience Rock Climbing Together

    Another activity for parents and teens who love sports! Climb Central allows even beginners to experience what it's like to rock climb up a wall, and it'd be fun for you and your kiddo to even compete against each other if you want to! It's also a great bonding activity since you can encourage one another to reach the top of the wall - something that's not easy especially when you're tired in the middle of the session. No prior booking is needed either, so you can simply walk in on the day itself and they'll slot you into the next available safety briefing before you can start climbing!

    Climb Central, Multiple Locations,

  • SLOW BOAT: Tanjong Pagar *Best Places For A Parent-Teen Date in Singapore

    Enjoy Music With Your Kiddo

    Visit Singapore's first vinyl listening cafe with your teenager. There, you'll be able to enjoy a slow afternoon while plugged in to some of your favorite tunes. Slow Boat has a curated library of records that guests can choose from, and you can even introduce your teen to music you used to listen to back in the day. In return, they can introduce you to their current favorites, allowing you both to understand each other's music tastes better. You can even spend time discussing music while you're there.

    Slow Boat, 45A Craig Rd, Singapore 089683,

  • RYDERS SINGAPORE: Punggol *Best Places For A Parent-Teen Date in Singapore

    For An Adrenaline Boost

    Another incredible date idea for thrill seekers, a visit to Ryders Singapore lets you both experience wakeboarding or wake surfing together! Even beginners are welcomed, and you only need a minimum of 2 people to begin a session. If you have more than one teen who'd like to come on this little wakeboarding adventure, you can all try this new activity together and have fun bonding and laughing at each other's funny fails. Once you get the hang of it, it's going to feel wonderful having your kiddos there to support and cheer for you as well.

    Ryders Singapore, 11 Northshore Drive Marina Country Club, 828670,

  • KF1 KARTING CIRCUIT: Turf Club Avenue *Best Places For A Parent-Teen Date in Singapore

    Race Each Other Around The Track

    For parents and teens who love an adrenaline rush, head down to KF1 Karting Circuit for an exciting time together. You'll get to race each other around the track, bringing out your kiddo's competitive spirit, and it'd be fun to keep score and have your own friendly competition going on. Do note that your teenager needs to be at least 140cm tall to participate, and covered shoes are required as well. Their go karts also operate whether it's sunny or rainy, so you don't have to worry about gloomy weather ruining your parent-teen date at all!

    KF1 Karting Circuit, 1 Turf Club Avenue, 738078,

  • K BOWLING CLUB: Somerset *Best Places For A Parent-Teen Date in Singapore

    Enjoy A Game Of Cosmic Bowling

    Bowling is a great way to bond! You and your teen can play a few rounds of bowling while having a friendly competition with one another, and the winner can even be given a prize of their choice if you'd like. K Bowling Club is conveniently located at Somerset, in the heart of our city, so it's relatively easy to get to. What's fun is that this bowling alley is dimly lit with many neon lights and neon furniture, providing you with the cool experience of cosmic bowling. They also have dart boards, karaoke booths and an arcade there, so you're spoilt for choice when it comes to bonding activities at K Bowling Club.

    K Bowling Club, 313 Orchard Road, #03-27, 313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Rd, #03 - 27, Singapore 238895,

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