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Travelling In And Out Of Singapore With Kids During Covid

As countries begin to open, travel restrictions ease and new policies are put in place, it can be difficult to know what the most current requirements are to travel. If you’re looking to travel in or out of Singapore in 2022, or perhaps transiting through, you’d be wondering what you need to know. The problem is, not long after an informative article is published, the policies for traveling during COVID change. This is why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of resources and links that you can directly check the most current regulations you need to follow.

For those of you coming to Singapore, once you’re clear on everything that’s required for entering, check out all the interesting activities to do and places to visit.


    What You Need To Know When Traveling To Singapore During COVID

    If you’re looking to enter Singapore, there are requirements you must meet according to the Safe Travel arrangement that will be determined by your travel history. The following policies are in place as of February 11th, 2022 (follow the links for the most updated information on Singapore travel requirements).

    The SafeTravel Lanes

    • Permanent Singapore Residents/Returning Citizens

    If you’re returning to Singapore as a resident or citizen, you don’t need any entry approval. The travel health measures that need to be taken will differ depending on your 14-day travel history. See this table for more details.

    • Long Term Pass Holders and Relatives of Singapore Residents/Citizens

    For people who have a Long Term Pass to stay in Singapore, or are an immediate relative of a permanent resident or Singaporean Citizen, you must apply for approval to enter Singapore. See what health and approval measures apply to you here if you’re a part of this category.

    • Short-Term Visitors To Singapore

    If you are only making a short-term visit to Singapore, the lanes you are able to use for Travel include the Vaccinated travel Lane (Air)The Air Travel Pass, and the Reciprocal Green Lane.

    • Emergency Visits for Death and Critical Illness (DCEV)

    Travelers who are entering Singapore due to a family crisis as defined by the DCEV Overview need to submit an appeal for entry under compassionate reasons.

    • Safe Travel Lane Self-Help Tool
      Depending on your vaccination and health status and travel history, you can self-assess with this tool to see what the safest travel lane is for you to enter Singapore.
  2. VTL information singapore 2022


    Skip Quarantine With New Regulations For Singapore Entry 2022

    The Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL) have been an exciting evolution of travel policies for Singapore, enabling people to travel in and out of Singapore with more freedom and ease. People who qualify for VTL don’t require to adhere to a stay-home notice (SHN)/Quarantine. There are specific requirements to be met in order to qualify for VTL, which will depend on your vaccination status.

    Here's the basic run-down of what you need to know, plus helpful links to the most updated resources that will help you plan your trip.

    Benefits of the VTL in Singapore

    The biggest benefit is the quarantine-free travel by air that people who qualify get to experience. That’s a huge bonus, as you don’t need to spend time on your trip waiting to go out and enjoy your holiday - you can get straight to it!

    A negative PCR test (taken 48 hours prior to departure to Singapore) is required by citizens, permanent residents, and long/short-term pass holders and visitors. There are other requirements needed to follow (these change regularly). Look to the most updated advantages of the VTL here.

    Do you qualify for the VTL?

    If you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, you are eligible for VTL travel. That’s not all, however. Review the list of additional conditions to meet to be sure that you are eligible for VTL Singapore.

    It is also only valid for people who have traveled to or transited via one of the Active VTL (Air) Countries/Regions within the past 14-days. An updated list of the VTL countries/regions can be found here.

    Familiarize yourself with the list of documents needed to submit when you apply for VTL. Review them carefully.

    Apply for VTL here.

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    For All Travelers Departing From Singapore

    There are no set restrictions for vaccinated and unvaccinated Singapore residents to travel, however there are strong advisories encouraging residents not to travel, or to be wary of high-risk regions of the world.

    Refer to the Ministry of Health Travel Advisory for updated information as to which regions are considered high risk.

    Quick Links for Departing Travellers

  4. can I transit through singapore


    Here's What You Need To Know If You Have A Transit Through Singapore During COVID

    Are you sorting out your travel plans and not sure what the requirements are for making transit through Singapore? Even if you aren’t traveling to or from Singapore, transiting during COVID has its own requirements.

    As of February 11, 2022, the current Singapore travel requirements for transiting passengers are as follows:

    • Check with your airlines as to whether it has an approved route through Singapore.
    • If you’re part of the VTL (as shared above), no approvals are needed to transit.
    • Within 2 days before departure on their journey, travelers need to take a COVID-19 pre-departure test.
    • There are different conditions for the COVID-19 tests depending on where you have been 14-days prior to the transit through Singapore.
    • There are no COVID-19 tests needed upon arrival in Singapore for transiting travelers.
    • Entry visas are not required for transiting tourists.
    • Transit travelers who have recently recovered from COVID-19 can produce to the airline their recovery status to be exempt from pre-departure testing. The requirements are different for vaccinated and non-vaccinated travelers. For more details about the information above and updates to recent changes to the policies, be sure to check all updates on transiting regulations on the Travel Singapore Website here.

Additional Info:​

Regularly updated government regulations:

VTL Frequency Asked Questions:

Traveling In and Out Of Singapore FB Page:

Accredited testing Facilities:


**The Ministry of Health in Singapore will only accept PCTR tests that have been administered by approved providers. Check your country/region to see the full list of approved testing facilities.


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