Learning Phonics With OWIS In Singapore

Virtual Tour At One World International School

One World International School (OWIS) understands that phonics develops confident readers and prioritizes phonics for their early childhood students. Starting at age 3 and continuing through Grade 1, they teach children phonics facts with fun and interesting games and activities.



– A building block of language, phonics is the relationship between letters and their sounds.

– Through the study of phonics, children learn letter names, identify letter sounds, and then string sounds together to make words.

– Learning phonics allows children to more become confident readers and writers.



With phonics instruction, students at OWIS learn to read and spell with accuracy and confidence. They decode the words they read in books at school and at home, and they eventually become equipped to read and write fluently.

Early phonics instruction also gives children other benefits. The ability to identify sounds, read phonetically, and pronounce words properly boosts a child’s vocabulary, comprehension, and confidence.



In addition to learning phonics at school, early learners can develop phonetic skills as they hear poetry and rhyming books, sing songs, and play games.

One engaging phonics game parents and their children can play at home is Stepping Stones.

1. On colored paper stepping stones, write the letters of the alphabet.

2. Tape the stepping stones to the floor in a straight or winding line.

4. Your child will roll a die, jump that number of steps, and identify the name and sound of the letter on that stone.

5. Older children may also say or spell a word that uses that sound.



To learn more about OWIS’ approach to phonics instruction and how your child can benefit from it, book a virtual tour of their school, and get to know their teaching approach.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

One World International School (OWIS) believes that it’s important for children to begin learning phonics between the ages of three and four.

Who It's Perfect For:

Early Childhood and Grade 1 students benefit the most from Phonics.

What Else:​

Make sure to join their Virtual Tour, where in just under an hour, OWIS will walk you through the school’s vision, values and approach to teaching from Early childhood and Primary to Secondary school.

Where To Find It:​

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