Ultimate Board Game Recommendations By Age

Here Are Some Ideas For Your Next Board Game Night!

ultimate board game recommendations by age little steps

One of the best activities to develop fun interactions with our kids away from our devices is playing board games. It helps to develop and strengthen critical thinking skills, social interaction, and focus. Playing board games allows our kids to foster and learn important habits – learning how to take turns, teamwork, sportsmanship and sharing.

We’ve rounded up the best board game recommendations by age group – from toddlers to adults!


  • ultimate board game recommendations by age little steps

    Games For Toddlers

    Ultimate Board Game Recommendations By Age: +18 Months

    My First Orchard -  This is a game that has been enjoyed by families for over 30 years. It encourages shape and color recognition and understanding of rules with options for free play.

    Sequence For Kids - This is the children’s version of the popular board game Sequence, and it’s one of the best educational games for 3-year-olds. This version for kids is a matching game with a splash of strategy because you need to get four matches in a row to win.

    Shopping List - This memory game lets kids pretend that they’re at the grocery store filling their cart with everything on their shopping list. A great way to teach your kids about the names of certain types of food and identify what's what as they "go shopping."

    Where's Bear? - Where's Bear combines two favorite activities - stacking blocks and finding hidden objects - in a game! Parents and kids take turns hiding and finding Bear under the sturdy nesting boxes.

  • ultimate board game recommendations by age little steps

    Games For Young Children

    Ultimate Board Game Recommendations By Age: +5 Years

    Catan Junior - Catan Junior takes place on a ring of tropical isles—including the mysterious Spooky Island, home of the Ghost Captain. Each island generates a specific resource - wood, goats, molasses, or cutlasses. Just watch out for the dreaded Ghost Captain!

    Kids Against Maturity - Kids Against Maturity combines the tried and tested fill-in-the-blank game-play, a perfectly enjoyable hilarious way to bring your family together.

    My First Carcassonne - The original Carcassonne is a fairly simple strategy game that’s good for older children and families, but it’s still a bit too much at five. Instead, you can introduce kids to the same concept with this fun junior version.

    Outfoxed - This toddler-friendly board game is like Clue but for younger kids. The player has to move around the board and gather clues to rule out the suspect that has stolen the prized pot pie. Children can learn about detective reasoning through this game.

    The Game of Life Junior - Easy to set up and play, the game includes attractions and action cards that change your path. The player who collects ten stars first wins the game. Children will have to choose from four mini-vehicles and make their own decisions and choices.

  • ultimate board game recommendations by age little steps

    Games For Families With Older Children

    Ultimate Board Game Recommendations By Age: +8 Years

    Azul - A puzzle game with beautiful game pieces and boards where players draft tiles to form their own patterns to score the highest points.

    For Sale - This is a real estate auction game with easy rules to follow. Each game can be played within 30 minutes.

    Incan Gold - This is a betting game with a treasure hunt theme. Will you be able to win more treasure or possibly lose it all? Or will you settle for something small. Definitely a winner in a large family setting where everyone will be screaming with excitement all throughout.

    Point Salad - Point Salad is a card-drafting and tableau-building game for 2-6 players. Players take turns building a salad of veggies and collecting point cards in order to score the most points for the ingredients in their salad! It is super easy to set up and rounds go fast.

    Small World - A game similar to risk with a fantasy theme. You can use wizards, giants, elves and other classes to compete for territory control. The scoring system is very interesting as you get points and rewards from the best combination of moves.

  • ultimate board game recommendations by age little steps

    Board Games For Teenagers

    Ultimate Board Game Recommendations By Age: +15 Years

    Carcasonne - A medieval-themed tile laying game with players trying to score the highest points with the best combinations. There is a natural satisfaction with seeing what you've built at the end of the game. Kids find it easy to follow while adults can enjoy strategic depths.

    Catan - Catan is a building game where players can collect resources to build roads, cities, harbors, and settlements, enabling the kids to create an entirely new board each time they play. The objective is to acquire resources and build better than the other players, while thwarting their plans to rob you or dominate you.

    China Town - A real estate dealing and negotiating game set in 1960s bustling Chinatown. Imagine Monopoly without dice rolling, just pure property buying and dealing with other players. Highly social and engaging game.

    Codenames - A spy-themed word guessing game played in teams where members need to guess the correct words based on limited hints from their teammates. Players will be split into two teams to race and guess all the words. Expect a lot of tense and fun moments in the game.

    Dominion - Dominion is a role-play game, where you are the monarch of a peasant kingdom with beautiful rivers and forests. The objective of the game is to expand your territory and build a Dominion. But, the challenge is to beat the other monarchs with the same plans!

  • ultimate board game recommendations by age little steps

    Classic Board Games

    Ultimate Board Game Recommendations By Age: Adults!

    Clue - A classic "Who, What, Where?" game. In this classic mystery game of whodunit, players figure out who committed the murder.

    Guess Who? - The original guessing game, perfect way to build skills in asking each other tricky questions.

    Monopoly - The classic family game night staple!

    Pictionary - Get your quick-drawing skills on! Play in teams and try to guess the pictures correctly.

    Scrabble - The ultimate crossword board game.

    Uno - The ultimate card game that every family needs to own at home.

    Twister - Keep the energy going by playing this one.

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