Top Low-Alcohol Or Non-Alcoholic Beers, Spirits, And Wines In Hong Kong

Cheers With Non-Alcoholic Alternatives: Vegan, Low-Sugar, Or Low-Calorie

Top Non Alcoholic Alternatives Main Hong Kong

While many are bringing their alcohol intake up during this period, many are opting to go the opposite direction. If you’re looking to lower your alcohol intake, are pregnant and need some alternatives for all those parties ahead, or simply looking to lead a healthier lifestyle, there are plenty of options for non-alcoholic and low-alcohol spirits, wines, and beers, too.

  • Ceders Hong Kong

    CEDERS: Non-Alcoholic Gin In Hong Kong

    Discerning gin-lovers who love holding on to that perfect crisp glass of gin will love Ceder’s distilled non-alcoholic alternative from South African botanicals. The refreshing blend of classic gin botanicals such as juniper and citrus combined with cucumber and chamomile make this drinking experience so good, you may never go back to the real thing. Bottled in Sweden after being blended with pristine Swedish water, you’ll get to enjoy all the flavors of gin without the next-day hangover.


  • Le Petit Beret Hong Kong

    LE PETIT BERET: Alcohol-Free Wines In Hong Kong

    Vegan-friendly, low in sugar, and made through organic farming, Le Petit Beret’s still wines such as the Cabernet Sauvignon, sparkling wines like the Blanc de Blancs, and beers are all 100% natural and completely alcohol-free. Tasty and made without fermentation or preservatives, indulge all day long guilt-free. For a girly baby shower, try their Sparkling Rose – a rosy, pink bubbly beverage with aromas of ripe fruit, cherry, and raspberry. To-be-mamas will love their having their little bubbles on hand to cheer their guests.

    Le Petit Beret, +852 2180 9024, [email protected],, Available at

  • Sipfree Hong Kong

    SIPFREE: Non-Alcoholic Drinks Galore - Hong Kong Distributor

    Born in response to a growing appetite for low and non-alcoholic drinks in HK is Sipfree, a leading non-alcoholic drinks distributor and online store. Mindful drinkers don’t have to forego on taste and options with the wide range of premium non-alcoholic wines, spirits, and beers at Sipfree. Try the mildly fruity Elivo Zero Zero Sparkling Deluxe Rose for an al fresco afternoon or the refreshing non-alcoholic craft beers for a picnic day with the kids. They also provide delivery to most places in HK offering you great alternatives with convenience.


  • Lyres Hong Kong

    LYRE'S: Non-Alcoholic Cocktails In Hong Kong

    Celebratory soirees call for a celebratory drink – and Lyre's lets you have your favorite tipples without the sugar and alcohol. Find non-alcohol versions of all your favorites – like Aperol Spritz, Bourbon, Gin, Rum, and Sparkling Wine. With flavors that are distinct and contemporary, you’ll never feel like you’ve swapped the original for anything but itself. The American Malt features generous flavors of vanilla and toasted nuts with herbal notes and can be paired with a premium mixer or cola.


    Available at:


  • Big Drop Brewing Hong Kong

    BIG DROP BREWING CO.: Alcohol-Free Beer In Hong Kong

    Hanging with the buds and having a couple of beers is always a good time – but sometimes you just don’t want those extra calories. Dads and moms who don’t want to miss out on much-needed time with friends can try a drink from the Big Drop Brewing Co. – a company that has perfected the techniques to make alcohol-free craft beer without the need for artificially removing the alcohol. Using barley, rye, wheat, oats, and over 20 other specialty grains to create a variety of flavors and aromas, you’ll get a wide range of beers for every craving – including Stout, Lager, Pale Ale, IPA, Brown Ale, Golden Ale, Winter Ale, and a Sour. We’ll cheer to that.

    Big Drop Brewing Co,, Available at

  • Free Damm Lager Hong Kong

    FREE DAMM LAGER: Alcohol-Free Beer In Hong Kong

    Taking center stage in the non-alcoholic beer scene is Free Damm Lager – a clean and sparkling beer in a transparent amber color highlighted with shades of gold. The clean, intense aroma is enhanced by a delicate taste suggestive of grains and toast with just the right amount of bitterness. Mastering the process to create a flavorsome beer – by losing the alcohol but not the taste – you’ll be genuinely satisfied with their beers. The recommended serving temperature is 4-6 degrees Celsius.

    Free Damm Lager,, Available at

  • Memento-Hong-Kong

    MEMENTO: Non-Alcoholic Wine In Hong Kong

    Italians are serious about their wine – and that’s why Memento, an Italian brand, makes the most perfect non-alcoholic wine to match the refined requirements of true connoisseurs. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or having a pizza night with the kids, the MeMento’s Classic or the MeMento Green is an ideal fix. As an alternative to a Gin-Tonic, Memento can be used as a mix to your favorite cocktail or served neat. Each ingredient is distilled separately to allow each component to maintain its full identity before being blended together for a rich and pure taste. They also make use of recyclable materials for their bottles – remaining eco-friendly while delivering a vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, all-natural non-alcoholic alternative.

    Memento,, Available at

  • Seedlip Hong Kong

    SEEDLIP: Alcohol Free Adult Drinks + Cocktail Book In Hong Kong

    Embraced by some of the world’s best bars, restaurants, and hotels across the globe is Seedlip’s range of sophisticated, flavorful and adult drinks that are either low or non-alcoholic. Along with publishing a cocktail book, they offer three distilled non-alcoholic spirits – the aromatic Seedlip Spice 94, the fresh and herbal Seedlip Garden 108, and the citrus Seedlip Grove 42. Allergy-free, calorie-free, and sugar-free, their sophisticated spirits can be made into a variety of cocktails – and plenty of recipes are available to you on their website. If you’d rather not commit to a bottle, have a taster with their individual cans for sale.

    Seedlip,, Also Available at and

  • Thompson Scott Noughty Hong Kong

    THOMPSON & SCOTT NOUGHTY: Alcohol-Free Prosecco In Hong Kong

    Prosecco-lovers will may never go back to the real thing after trying Thomson & Scott’s Noughty Sparkling Wine – produced with 100% organic Chardonnay grapes, it retains its rich flavors while eliminating about half the sugar content of other non-alcoholic sparkling wines. Your answer to a hang-over free celebration is just a sip away.

    Thompson & Scott Noughty,

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