The Best Fitness Rental And Gift Companies To Support Quarantine Time in Hong Kong

Exercise And Fitness Equipment Rental, Gifts, Food Delivery, And WIFI Equipment In Hong Kong

Healthy Quarantine Hampers Hong Kong

For you or your loved ones in Hong Kong who need to take a 14 or 21-day quarantine in a hotel or at home, it helps to know where to get items, food, and other equipment you’ll need. Beyond the essentials, entertainment and gift packs are a great idea to treat your loved ones who are isolating.

This is a comprehensive list of Quarantine Rental And Gift Companies in Hong Kong that provide you with lots of options for keeping healthy, happy, and sane. All jokes aside, quarantine can be a trying time for all of us, so it’s important to have the support of having access to good food, activities, and products and equipment for our wellbeing.

Additionally, if you want to explore more ways for you or your loved ones to keep positive and calm during quarantine in Hong Kong, check out our wellbeing guides here.

Our list of Quarantine Rental And Gift Companies Hong Kong
In this article, we cover…

  • Quarantine Exercise Rental Hong Kong
  • Quarantine Gifts For Friends and Family
  • Food Delivery Hong Kong
  • WIFI Rental Hong Kong
  • Q Fit Rental Equipment Hong Kong

    QFit: Quarantine Exercise And Treadmill Rental Hong Kong

    Smart Fitness Technology Rentals

    Staying fit and healthy whilst in your quarantine is easy with this quarantine workout rental company. QFit has a big range of exercise equipment for people who like to do more than just use a treadmill. The company delivers your equipment to your hotel and picks it up, doing all the heavy lifting (literally) for you. You can choose from boxing sets, skipping ropes, treadmills, bikes, and even ellipticals, and other smart wellness products. The most popular option is the 4-in-1 Gym Set which gives you a whole-body workout.

    QFit, +852 6600 6445,,

  • Exercise Equipment Rental For Quarantine Hong Kong

    OtelFitness: Quarantine Exercise And Treadmill Rental Hong Kong

    Rent Or Buy The Equipment You Love

    This exercise equipment rental company makes it easy to rent your gear for either 14 or 21 days, depending on your quarantine experience. They have rowing machines, treadmills, spinning and assault bikes, and different dumbbell sets. They have some equipment with special discounts, and if you really enjoy the workout you get from their machines and equipment, you can even purchase the same models you use to take home after your quarantine. For more information about the rentals and service, contact OtelFitness through their website.

    OtelFitness, +852 6474 4265,,

  • Gym Rental Hong Kong For Quarantine

    Gym Rental Hong Kong: Quarantine Exercise And Treadmill Exercise Rental Hong Kong

    Quality For Free Delivery

    This exercise equipment rental company in Hong Kong specializes in treadmills, exercise bikes, dumbbells, and something that other company’s don’t have: pull up and dip stations. They don’t have a lot of products, but the models they do have are high-quality and come in great condition when you rent them. Additionally, when you choose a special quarantine rental package for the set amount of time you have to stay indoors, you can qualify for free delivery.

    Gym Rental Hong Kong, +852 5211 3334,,

  • Gymporter: Quarantine Exercise And Treadmill Rental Hong Kong

    Great Spin Bike Rentals

    Gymporter is another favourite quarantine rental company for exercise equipment in Hong Kong, with the added bonus of being quite cost-effective with the different rental options, even having free cancellation if you change your mind. The company focuses solely on spin bikes which are lightweight and easy to set up and move around your home or hotel. Sit in front of the window and imagine yourself riding through the streets of Hong Kong, and you’ll forget you’re stuck in quarantine!

    Gymporter, +852 5430 7917,, 

  • Great Exercise Rental Equipment Hong Kong

    Strongether Rental: Quarantine Exercise And Treadmill Rental Hong Kong

    Serious About Sanitizing

    Strongether prides itself on the in-depth sanitizing procedure of its equipment used as quarantine rentals. They disinfect with Dermodacyn Disinfecting Solution, which will give people who are more concerned with cleanliness plenty of confidence. To show how serious they are about safety, they also include a HEPA Air Purifier along with every exercise bike or treadmill rental. They have rental packages from 7 to 21 days, as well as an option to buy their products if you love them.

    Strong Together,, Contact Here

  • Quarantine Hamper For Friends and family hong kong

    Gift Hampers: Quarantine Gifts For Friends and Family In Hong Kong

    Huge Range Of Big Hampers

    The Gift Hampers specializes in hampers for every occasion. Choose one for your friends in quarantine from the many categories, like the gourmet hampers or fruit and vegetable baskets. They do also have a hamper that is dedicated to being quarantined, called the “Quarantine Favourites.” This one has a ton of healthy (and some naughty) snacks to get through this long stay at the hotel/home. The shop makes it easy for you to order online, even if you’re in a rush, as it offers same-day delivery on most purchases with free delivery to metropolitan areas.

    The Gift Hampers, +852 6767 5714,,

  • Healthy Quarantine Hampers Hong Kong

    The Cakery: Quarantine Gifts For Friends and Family In Hong Kong

    Sweets And Treats With A Twist

    This bakery is a little different from the usual sweet shops you’re used to. It’s just as delicious as any other bakery, but the twist is that the bakers use healthy ingredients, replacing refined sugars/flours with healthier options. The quarantine hamper from the bakery features vegan treats like a savoury puff pastry and a sweet chocolate croissant, as well as other snacks and drinks. This hamper is great for your healthy friend in quarantine who also loves to indulge and will appreciate the gift of some yummy treats.

    The Cakery, +852 6683 3833,,

  • Chocolate Gift Pack Quarantine Hog Kong

    Podarona: Quarantine Gifts For Friends and Family In Hong Kong

    Luxe-Looking Gift Packs

    The gift boxes at Podarona are packaged beautifully, making for a luxury-looking gift that’s filled with practical, delicious, and pretty ornaments and objects. The gifts are great for any occasion, like birthdays and holidays, or simply the occasion of sending your friend or family something sweet to help them make it through quarantine. The Chocolucky box gift hamper is a favourite, filled with sweets, drinking chocolate, and even a ceramic cup. When you head to the site and input your email, you can also get 10% off your first order.


  • Quarantine Care Pack Masked Gifter Hong Kong

    The Masked Gifter: Unique Quarantine Gifts For Friends and Family In Hong Kong


    This popular gift store in Hong Kong has a few different quarantine care packs to choose from, including one for him, her, the kids, or multi-purpose snack packs. The Cuppa Pack is a favourite, because who doesn’t love a good cup of tea or coffee? This pack contains a fine china cup, tea bags, coffee drip bags, delicious chocolate, and some coffee chocolate bites. You can include a short message on a greeting card to send to your loved ones and they can also take into account any dietary restrictions when making the packs.  Editor Note - this brand is taking a break right now - watch this space.

    The Masked Gifter,, .

  • Gin Gift For Adults Hong Kong

    Ginsanity: Wine And Booze Quarantine Gifts For Friends and Family In hHong Kong

    Adult Luxuries And Celebration

    For the gin-loving adult stuck in quarantine, this gift set is a special treat. It’s also a great option to choose if anyone is celebrating a special milestone in quarantine - one where they’d usually go out for a special drink. This way, they can have their gin delivered straight to their door in a beautiful gift box. It includes Tonis, coasters, and glasses, and of course, a bottle of Ginsanity’s exclusive gin. The company offers same-day delivery on most orders, too, and when you sign up to their club, you can get 10% off all products in the store.


  • Activity Box For Adults Hong Kong

    QBox: Essential Home Quarantine Box In Hong Kong

    Creative Activities For Adults

    These boxes are great for a gift for your loved ones, or for yourself! They’re more than just a box full of delightful treats. Rather, there are specific boxes for different everyday essential needs, like a workout box full of equipment, a wellness box with personal care products, snack boxes, and more. The Activity Box is a nice option to entertain yourself, stimulate your brain, and get creative. It includes paint-by-numbers, a colouring mandala image, a jigsaw puzzle, and a brain teaser game.

    QBox, +852 7075 9590,

  • Qaurantine Activity For Kids Hong Kong

    The Petit Pelican: Kids Quarantine Gifts In Hong Kong

    Keep Kids Occupied

    The Quarantine Mega Kit for Kids is a perfect solution to children getting bored in quarantine. Rather than put them in front of a screen, you can help them have fun (while stimulating their learning) with this popular gift play box. It’s suited to kids aged 3 up to 8. The quarantine edition of their regular kid's boxes includes supplies for multiple arts and science projects, giving them all they need for creative and educational play. Parents will appreciate their kids being occupied with these boxes during their 14 or 21-day hotel/home quarantine.

    The Petit Pelican, Contact Here, Gift Box:

  • Food Delivery Hong Kong

    Deliveroo And Food Panda

    The two most popular food delivery services in Hong Kong are Deliveroo and Food Panda. They are similar in their service, offering food, drink, and snack deliveries to your door. They both let you browse special offers on their app, featuring sales on delivery fees and food on every cuisine you can think of. Food Panda is also a grocery delivery service, which is great for when you’re stuck at home or a hotel in quarantine and craving some home-cooked food but need someone to get your groceries and other home essentials for you.

    Food Panda:

  • Portable Wifi Device Rental Hong Kong

    WIFI Egg: WIFI Rental In Hong Kong For Quarantine

    Stay Connected In Quarantine

    This WIFI rental company lets you choose from a huge range of service providers, depending on your need and the area that you’re in. WIFI Egg offers Swisscom, Telkomcel, MTC, dtac, Vodafone, and many more data service providers. It’s easy to order online for fast delivery, and you can choose a plan that suits your budget. You can get short terms plans and rentals, there are corporate options, family packages, and yearly rentals. If you have a question you can call the company to get their advice, or fill out the contact form.

    WIFI Egg, +852 3175 2776,

Additional Info:​


  • Spark Sauces are great gifts -  these sauces can be delivered directly to the hotel, by ordering on their website. They can even include a gift note and delivery takes less than 2 days.
  • G.O.D. Gifts - Click here for their amazing survival gifts in Hong Kong.
  • ByDeau - Click here for cute family-friendly gift hampers.
  • Naked Lab - Click here for curated care packages

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