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When faced with a brave new world, every parent and educator has to come up with brave new answers. Sweeping technological changes have made many traditional skills irrelevant – and others essential. So what should innovative education look like?

Baker & Bloom offers a research-based answer by striking a balance between structure and choice, tradition and pioneering practices. They do this by preparing students for external qualifications such as IGCSEs and A-Levels while also offering flexibility through other modes and ways of learning that develop passions, strengths, and purpose in life. Education should not just cater to “the average student”.

Instead, they respect and celebrate individual interests, aptitudes, and learning paths. Their future-minded program inspires deep learning, personal development and an adaptable entrepreneurial mindset that emboldens students to navigate a complex and unpredictable future with confidence. The program is led by a professional and innovative team united by a mission to cultivate future innovators who will have the compassion, confidence, and capability to shape a better world.

Program Highlights

Curriculum & Interdisciplinary Learning: The Bloom Innovative Program combines rigorous academics with project-based learning using the International Middle Years Programme Curriculum (IMYC). This interdisciplinary curriculum is underpinned by up-to-date neuroscientific research, which recognizes the distinctive needs of the teenage brain. It bridges the academic and personal developmental needs of primary and secondary and fosters an international-mindedness. The IMYC combines single subject teaching with collaboration around a central concept that links multiple subjects. This resembles real-life learning and problem-solving, encouraging students to develop critical thinking, learn to and present ideas using multimedia tools, and gain global competence. The program builds the confidence and ability to make meaning of the challenging yet amazing world students live in.

They prepare students for IGCSE and A Levels assessments, which gives students the freedom of pursuing subjects that are closely aligned (e.g. Maths, Physics, Computer Science) or combinations that allow for a breadth of subjects (e.g. English, Chemistry, Music). A Levels gives students the option of studying in universities around the world, including the UK, US, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Entrepreneurship Education: Entrepreneurship education is a forward-looking and central part of their program. In addition to the academic and project-based curriculum, they offer many opportunities to cultivate entrepreneurial skills and mindsets. They teach Design Thinking, a human-centered problem-solving approach used by innovative companies and organizations around the world. They present students with real-world problems like water pollution, secure cyberspace, food insecurity, climate change, inequity and also show them how new tools and fields of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, data science, economics and moral reasoning can empower each of them to create solutions. Their goal is to help them see problems as opportunities to create value.

Partnering with CoCoon Foundation, a non-profit organization that has run entrepreneurship programs in over 40 secondary schools and taught over 11,000 students, they offer students direct engagement with entrepreneurs, startups, innovative ventures and social enterprises in Hong Kong. Students have opportunities for service learning and civic engagement through local partners in Hong Kong and the GBA. This is an integral way to connect them with their local and regional communities, understand global challenges and opportunities, and importantly, give authentic context to learning. Collaborating on projects and pitching teach our students the essential skills of research, ideation, prototyping, project management, and persuasive communication, which will position them well to contribute to our society and the future economy.

Flexible Learning & Timetabling: Each student, in coordination with their individual tutor, chooses from a series of courses based on their interests and ability levels. Because our program calendar and timetable are designed in a modular way, courses can be moved around and repeated as necessary to allow students to develop at their own pace with maximum flexibility.

Personalized Learning: In small-group setting where each student receives individual attention from expert teachers, students can extend their personal interests, work at their own pace to master vital skills and core concepts, and develop portfolios of learning and creative projects which help them find direction and purpose in their lives.

Off-Site Learning: Hong Kong is an exciting metropolitan city in an economically and culturally vibrant part of the world. From world-class museums and traditional monasteries to farms to geoparks, there are excellent opportunities for learning . Baker & Bloom designs multiple opportunities for students to amplify their learning through field trips, site visits, off-site learning spaces, internships, and extra-institutional partnerships, creating better ways to stimulate young minds.

They invite you and your child to join us and experience what educator Dave Perkins calls a “Futurewise” education. Find out more by contacting admissions!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

At Baker & Bloom, students can extend their personal interests, master vital skills and core concepts, and develop portfolios of learning that help them find direction and purpose.

Who It's Perfect For:

Teenagers looking for an innovative approach to learning!

What Else:​

Parents can book one-on-one coaching sessions or form their own group of 3-6 students for tailor-made classes that suits your child's interests, schedule and learning needs.

Where To Find It:​

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