Woodland Pre-Schools Outdoor Green Playground For Kids

New Outdoor Space + Woodland Wednesdays + Event

Woodland Pre Schools Being Green - Woodland Wednesdays At The Peak

Woodland Pre-Schools, Hong Kong’s largest and longest-established international pre-school group, has a focus on Outdoor Play this year. With both a fantastic new outdoor playground specifically designed for Babies and Toddlers and “Woodland Wednesdays” up at The Peak school, taking the entire classroom outdoors…Little Steps has the inside scoop.

  • FIVE New Outdoor Play Areas @ Woodland On Caine Road

    Understanding the importance of play, Woodland Montessori Pre-School, Caine Road recently sacrificed indoor classrooms to create one of the largest outdoor play facilities, specifically designed for Babies and Toddlers! This impressive space features a toddler-sized football pitch and basketball court, a crawling zone and huge splash play area.

    The school felt that what children indeed lacked in Hong Kong was outdoor space and therefore the school boldly sacrificed classrooms to create the space all children thrive in. In addition to the new outdoor area, the school has also opened a new under 3's classroom, and expanded their state of the art Sensory Room.

  • Woodland Pre Schools Being Green - Woodland Wednesdays At The Peak

    "Woodland Wednesdays" at The Peak

    Woodland Pre-School at The Peak have joined forces with The Backyard Gang to initiate an outdoor classroom programme every Wednesday; this fantastic outdoor club shows the kiddos all the magical things nature has to offer. The Backyard Gang in alliance with Woodland Pre-School aims to help the students understand the wild outdoors in an exciting way, which includes fun excursions in the outback of HK.

    This academic year the school has taken on the theme of "being green", and that includes teaching the kids on where their food comes from, how to minimize waste and what impact that can have on the planet. This is done is a fun and playful way without overloading them with tedious facts.

  • FREE EVENT - Winter Move & Play

    Head on over to Woodland Pre-School and check out the amazing revamped outdoor area on Saturday, January 26, 2019, from 10am to 12pm. Come and join them for fun Outdoor Play! Explore with your munchkins the 5 new playgrounds specifically designed for Babies and Toddlers, one of the largest playgrounds in Hong Kong and learn more about the benefits of play over coffee! Click here for more details.

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Where To Find It?
Woodland Pre-Schools have nine schools in Hong Kong, for more information please visit their website www.woodlandschools.com or email [email protected].

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