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Best Basketball Training For Kids And Classes In Hong Kong *UPDATED

Toddlers, Kids, Teens, More!

Hong Kong basketball training, academy, and classes in Hong Kong

Get your toddlers, kids, and teens into their jerseys and on the court! Basketball is a beautiful sport for them to meet new friends and learn the value of sportsmanship. There are plenty of basketball classes and training options across Hong Kong that your little LeBron James can get into. Here’s Little Steps go to guide on the best basketball classes, leagues, and training options in Hong Kong.

  • ESF BASKETBALL: Basketball Training For Kids In Hong Kong

    ESF Tigers Basketball program is open to children of ages 5-16 years and of all abilities. They focus on delivering key fundamental skills using age-appropriate equipment, such as small balls and height-adjustable hoops to stimulate and nurture a child's development in the sport. For those little kids who really enjoy and love playing the sport, there are opportunities to participate in our Development Academy, which includes Saturday sessions. Players in the Elite Academy have the opportunity to refine their skills and athleticism to compete against other clubs not only in Hong Kong but also overseas.

    ESF Tigers Basketball,

  • PARKVIEW BASKETBALL PROGRAMS: Basketball Training For Kids In Hong Kong

    Catering to kids ages 4-6 and 7-10, Parkview offers basketball classes at their indoor basketball court each term. Managed by Sports4Kids, these classes focus on ball skills, teamwork, and understanding the game. Come join the fun!

    Parkview, 88 Tai Tam Reservoir Rd, Tai Tam, Hong Kong, +852 2812 3945,

  • SPORTS4KIDS BASKETBALL: Basketball Training For Kids In Hong Kong

    Sport4Kids have designed a basketball program for boys and girls aged 18 months through to 12 years old. The course emphasis is on skill development in a fun and educational environment. Children will develop strategies for playing against other teams, learn how to play in different positions, learn how to box out and the importance of rebounding. They will also improve their dribbling skills, learn to cross-over, bounce through their legs and around their back.


  • HONG KONG BASKETBALL ACADEMY: Basketball Training For Kids In Hong Kong

    The Hong Kong Basketball Academy (HKBA) is a complete basketball academy for boys and girls aged 18 years and younger. Whether you want to introduce your kiddo to the game or help your teen earn a college scholarship, they will help you to succeed. Book a trial class and see if your little one will become the next LeBron James. This is excellent basketball training for kids in HK.

    Hong Kong Basketball

  • TOP FLIGHT BASKETBALL ACADEMY: Basketball Training For Kids In Hong Kong

    Groups train multiple times a week in a structured and disciplined environment which pushes them to their limits both physically and mentally. They have both a developmental league and an academy.  They are taught the necessary skills required to succeed in the sport. Skills and concepts are developed through lesson plans designed to harness an athlete’s interest and passion for the game.

    Top Flight

  • YWCA BASKETBALL: Basketball Training For Toddlers In Hong Kong

    Kinder Bounce is a fun basketball-based program for young children; learn how to catch, throw and dribble the ball. Experienced, professional & trusted coaches, Kinder Kicks is trusted by parents to provide professional, reliable and fun sessions. Classes are for kiddos aged 2-6 years old. They also run Christmas and summer camps too!


Additional Info:​

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