Best Basketball Classes, Leagues, And Training Programs In Hong Kong For Kids And Teens!

Basketball Lessons For Toddlers, Kids, Tweens And Teens!

Best Basketball Classes In Hong Kong For Kids

Are you ready to get your little ones into their jerseys and onto the basketball court? Basketball is a beautiful sport that not only allows kids to meet new friends but also teaches them the value of sportsmanship. Luckily, there are numerous basketball classes and training options available throughout Hong Kong to help your aspiring LeBron James thrive.

In this comprehensive guide by Little Steps, we’ve curated the best basketball classes, leagues, and training options in Hong Kong. Whether it’s youth basketball classes, private training, or even basketball leagues for adults, we have you covered. Get all the information you need, including details about the Hong Kong Basketball Association (HKBA), youth basketball leagues, and exciting basketball summer camps.

It’s time for your kids to embrace their basketball dreams and have a fantastic time on the court. Check out our go-to guide now!

Basketball is a very popular sport in Hong Kong thus making it fairly easy to find an array of basketball gear to suit all needs and ages. Check out our list below to find out where you can find everything you need to shoot some hoops:

  • Decathlon – Basketballs, basketball hoops, clothing, sneakers, accessories and much more!
  • Nike – Sneakers, shorts, jerseys, basketballs, and more.
  • HKTVMall – Basketballs, hoops, finger sleeves and more!
  • Ubuy – Basketballs, hoops, accessories, and more.
  • Premium Sports Square – Basketballs, jerseys, shorts and more


  • ESF Explore Basketball Lessons Hong Kong

    ESF EXPLORE: *Basketball Classes For Kids In Hong Kong Ages 5-18 *ESF Schools Across Hk Island, Kowloon And New Territories

    Where To Find Basketball Classes For Kids In Hong Kong

    ESF Explore's basketball programs cater to children of all ages and skill levels, ensuring everyone has the chance to learn, stay active, and engage in productive after-school activities. Highly qualified coaches provide top-notch instruction and guidance, focusing on developing fundamental skills with age-appropriate equipment in a safe environment. Whether a child is just starting or looking to advance, ESF Explore offers various options to suit their needs. The Development Academy Program provides high-level training with regular Saturday sessions for skill development and friendly competition, while the Elite Academy offers a premium experience, allowing students to compete against other clubs in Hong Kong and overseas. Enroll today and let your child's basketball journey begin with ESF Explore!

    ESF Explore, ESF Schools across HK Island, Kowloon and New Territories, +852 2711 1280, info@esfexplore.org.hk, www.esfexplore.org.hk/program_category/basketball

  • Girls At Beach Minisport Hong Kong

    MINISPORT HONG KONG: Multi Sports Programs (Including Basketball) For Kids Ages 1.5 - 6 Years *Locations All Over Hong Kong

    Where To Find Basketball Classes For Kids In Hong Kong?

    Minisport offers fantastic multi-sports programs that are specially curated for kids aged 1.5 to 6 years. Their programs all build fundamental ball skills and locomotive skills. During the program, they'll focus on one sport per session, which includes basketball, football/soccer, rugby, tennis, and athletics. These sports are rotated on a weekly basis.

    Minisports also offers small group sessions, led by an experienced team of early childhood educators.

    Minisport, https://www.minisport.hk/

  • HONG KONG BASKETBALL ACADEMY (HKBA HONG KONG): Complete Basketball Programs, Private Coaching, Beginner - Elite Classes For Kids And Teens In Hong Kong Ages 5-18 *Locations All Over Hong Kong

    Where To Find Basketball Classes For Kids In Hong Kong?

    The Hong Kong Basketball Academy (HKBA) is a complete basketball academy for boys and girls aged 18 years and younger. Whether you want to introduce your kiddo to the game or help your teen earn a college scholarship, they will help you to succeed. Book a trial class and see if your little one will become the next LeBron James. This is excellent basketball training for kids in HK.  Book a trial class here!

    What Age /Skill Level In Basketball Does HKBA Target?

    Hong Kong Basketball Academy, Locations all over Hong Kong - click here, hkba@hkbaallday.com, www.hkbaallday.com, https://www.instagram.com/hkbaallday

  • KINDERBOUNCE: Basketball Programs For Children Ages 2-8 In Hong Kong *Locations All Over Hong Kong

    Where To Find Basketball Classes For Kids In Hong Kong?

    Kinder Bounce offers a fun and engaging basketball-based program for kids up to 8 years old. Children will participate in different games where they'll learn how to catch, throw, and dribble the ball, improving their hand-eye coordination. It's a great way to learn the basics of basketball while developing essential motor skills and social skills like learning to take instructions and interacting with other children of the same age. All classes are in English.

    Kinderbounce, Offered at Locations All Over Hong Kong, +852 2385 9677, admin@apsoccer.hk, https://www.kinderkicks.hk/basketball-kinder-bounce-hk/

  • GMF SPORTS ACADEMY: Basketball (Nike Sports) Camps + Programs For Kids And Teens In Hong Kong Ages 3-18 *Locations All Over Hong Kong

    Where To Find Basketball Classes For Kids In Hong Kong?

    GMF Sports Academy offers comprehensive sports training in a controlled and safe venue at the schools that they have partnered with, with a special focus on basketball. These school partnerships allow them to provide regular and consistent practice times. Their programs are divided into different age groups, starting from 3 all the way to 18 years old.

    They also have intensive training programs for those who want to participate in more rigorous practice regimes, whether it is for recreational reasons, competition preparation, or self-improvement. Make sure to check out their awesome seasonal camps in basketball and other ball sports.

    GMF Sports Academy, Locations all over Hong Kong - click here, +852 3996 8912, info@GMFsports.com.hk, http://www.gmfsports.com.hk/

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