Giving Students Future-Ready Skills With IMS, Hong Kong

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Giving Students Future Ready Skills With IMS - Hong Kong

Little Steps has joined forces with the International Montessori School (IMS) to explain 21st Century Skills and why children need them. The first article of this series explains these skills and the pivotal Four C’s and the second article of this series explains ‘The Future Ready Adolescent’, its benefits, how it is implemented and describes the incredible project of Wilfred to help children in Guyana is also described.

Now in our third edition, we will discuss “How to Give Students Future-Ready Skills Through Community Service”. 21st-century skills are fundamental for the future adult. A key trait of the future is the capability of complex problem-solving and that is precisely what happens at IMS on a daily basis and below the three ways in which the school is ensuring it. The goal of the Montessori method of education is to allow children to construct themselves as adaptable, educated, responsible, independent, and conscientious adults.

The founders of Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, all presented innovative solutions to issues we didn’t even realize existed. All these entrepreneurs, have a trait in common, they are all Montessori graduates, and their problem-solving skills is precisely what happens at IMS on a daily basis.



At IMS, students have the opportunity to work on projects according to their interests for nearly four hours each week. These “creativity, action and service” projects allow students to be active contributors in their community. Some classes are working to reduce their carbon footprint at school while others are working together to create a recycled paper business. Acting in the same way entrepreneurs would, they must formulate plans and delegate tasks in order to achieve their goal.


One issue every entrepreneur must face is how to find a market for their ideas. After all, what good is a product if there is nobody that wants it. Students at IMS must undergo the same stage of business development. The “compost” group is busy visiting classes to clarify what can and can’t be composted while urging their younger classmates to get more involved. Eventually, the class will have a larger audience as they begin petitioning support from the wider Stanley community.


Many entrepreneurs will claim that they are hardly “experts” in their chosen field. Instead, they are experts at finding problems and solving them. Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Airlines says, “To launch a business means successfully solving problems. Solving problems means listening.” Through interviews, surveys, and collaboration, students at IMS are learning how to listen. The composting group decided to create a recycling team but then, after their research, decided to tackle the more urgent matter of food waste.


In the following months, in collaboration with IMS, the last article of the series 21st Century Skills and how IMS uses them in their curriculum will come out. This article will be about “Building Student Ownership Through Community Mapping” will be explored in detail. Stay tuned for the last article explaining the 21st Century Skills with IMS!


The International Montessori School will hold their Open Day this Saturday, January 19 on their Stanley campus with activities for the children, meaningful discussions and a glimpse to the school! It’s the perfect opportunity to join & learn more about IMS, the Montessori method and philosophy, and their Dual-Language curriculum. These Open Houses will be a glimpse into all four campuses. RSVP here. 

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How to help your child become a young entrepreneur with IMS and 21st-century skills!  

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Parents who want to know more about the relationship between Montessori Education and Entrepreneurship.

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Stay tuned for our next topic "Building Student Ownership Through Community Mapping"!  

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